FFXIV’s New Raid Recreates One of Final Fantasy VIII’s Most Legendary Summons

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FFXIV’s New Raid Recreates One of Final Fantasy VIII’s Most Legendary Summons

Errr… Guardian Forces. Spoilers ahead!

Heads up — this post features a really cool scene from the new raid just added to Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers. If you’re planning to play it but haven’t yet, go do that before reading any further!

For weeks, the FFXIV community has been scratching its collective head about the premise of the game’s newest 8-player raid, titled simply “Eden.” Of course, there’s a summon Guardian Force players can use in Final Fantasy 8 with the same name, but is that what the team is referencing here? If so, how the heck will that work?

Last week, the new raid finally dropped and players got to see firsthand what exactly is going on here. And yep — they went for it. I won’t detail the story developments that put you up against the most ridiculous, overpowered Guardian Force from FF8, but it’s a thing that happens and it’s glorious. The moment you drop into the first fight of the new raid, a newly orchestrated arrangement of Final Fantasy VIII’s excellent boss theme kicks in and you find yourself face-to-face with an entity called “Eden Prime.” It’s an engaging fight with plenty of fun mechanics and attacks for players to work around, but the coup de grace kicks in about halfway through the encounter: A nearly shot-for-shot recreation, in FFXIV’s engine, of the “Eternal Breath” attack from Final Fantasy VIII. Behold:

In case it wasn’t obvious — Left: Final Fantasy VIII // Right: Final Fantasy XIV

I won’t talk about where the raid goes after you finish this particular fight — but it’s good. If you went ahead and spoiled yourself on this despite my warning at the top of the post, just know that this is but one of many ridiculous things that happen over the course of Shadowbringers — and Final Fantasy XIV as a whole, which you can sign up for right now.

Anybody else playing through the new Shadowbringers content right now? What do you think? Let’s chat in the comments! (But let’s stay away from talking endgame spoilers.)

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  • FFXIV looks great, but that monthly fee is too much for a single game. Pretty excited for FFVII though. Hopefully FVII Remake has a substantial PS4 Pro patch.

    Also, where is the latest Share of the Week – Spider-man Far From Home suits?

    • “but that monthly fee is too much for a single game.”


    • Yikes? The game is $40 and the monthly price is 12.99 to 14.99 so the absolute cheapest price i’d pay if i got FFXIV and wanted access to it for a year is about $200. YIKES indeed.

      Imagine if i got FFXIV when it launched on PlayStation this gen and continued paying for access the past 6 years and buying the expansions? Over $1000. Yikes indeed. People been playing Warframe on PS4 the past 6 years for free and i’m supposed to pay $1000 for Final Fantasy? Bethesda is cheap but even they don’t charge monthly.

    • You know you dont have to sub after first month. Sub is like dlc content just like every other game out there has dlc these days. At least the game is worth it with all the content and can easily last than playing for months and more than purchasing a full price 1 game and be done in ooo say 40hrs, and move on to buy another game at full price. A year of content for 200$ is bad…I could easily spend 180$ on 3 games that probably wouldnt even last a month.

    • Regardless of what others are saying, i agree……. the monthly fee the ONLY reason I never got into playing FFXIV. Whether it’s “too expensive” or not, doesn’t really matter. I can play plenty of other games with just as much content, even more, for less money or even FREE altogether. When you compare FFIXV to other MMOs ( or any game really) that charges a monthly fee, than you can justify it’s fee (which is how people tend to try and justify it)…. but the truth is it depends on the kind of person you are and your preferences. I never feel like I’m missing out on FFXIV because of all the other free MMOs i play. The money I save (which is hundreds of dollars) can go toward regular retail games. So really, im experience MORE content (all those different games) than i would if i just stuck with one game. —-sorry for any typos, i proof read, but fast.

    • First off that username, big Yikes. Second off, you don’t have to sub every month, if you pay for even just the base game for 20 bucks it comes with 30 days game time. You still wont finish that in a month, and thats just story alone along with the patch content leading up to Heavensward, which you also get free now btw. You’re telling me 200 hours worth of content isnt worth 20 bucks? Get real.

    • Big yikes.

      12.99 a month is nothing, if you can’t justify $200 a year for pure entertainment than I don’t think you can afford gaming in general, considering the cost of games that have very little replay value. I think publicly complaining about the fee downplays MMOs in general. There is a reason it’s one of the most popular games in the past decade; and everyone that loves RPGs should give it a shot (Free trial could provide easily 30+ days of entertainment.

      The story is extremely expansive, and good. F2P games have destroyed the quality and goal of MMOs in general. Subscriptions are what encourage developers to continue making quality content month to month. F2P models encourage addictive gambling and monetary value items that have very little development cost. F2P games have absolutely killed development quality and I’m grateful FFXIV has the current king of MMOs mantle. Hopefully it encourages more developers to change models.

  • The fee is typical for a mmo, I’ve had a blast with the game so far just got shadowbringers today. Sony needs to buy back the Everquest IP or give us more MMORPGs in the future.

  • When is the release date for FFVIII Remastered?

  • I usually don’t comment on threads but here goes.

    FFXIV is a subscription based MMORPG. Same as FFXI and WoW before it.

    The money coming from subs go to stuff that make the game great. Quarterly patches with new and amazing content and server management. I am very into paying these people to keep making this game amazing.

    $14.99 is not a bad price to pay to have access to so much content every month. I do not mind paying that much money because I know that by paying, I get content that is so much better than free MMOs.

    Also, SE does not have to “rethink” their sub prices because they’re still thriving with users who play on a regular and an on and off basis. It’s a growing community of players who love the game and love the franchise in general. They do their best to cater to people who are busy with work and irl responsibilities. It’s a great system that works and is definitely worth giving up a measly $14.99 a month which is equivalent to 1 movie ticket, 2 lunches or a week’s worth of gas.

    • Not to mention the production value of the game in general.

      These fully voiced cutscenes are amazing we have to be sure we pay the voice actors/actresses well so we keep getting quality work.

      The music in the game is breathtaking as well and makes the game twice as good.

      The dedication of the developers and writers to keep giving us content that is meticulously made that even sidequest banters sound very entertaining is so wonderful. I don’t want to rob them by not paying them…

  • $14.99 a month is a steal for a game i’ve gotten over 7000 hours out of so far. The production quality is miles above most MMOs, the music is amazing, and there is plenty to do.

  • Yikes… People complaining about the monthly fee? ” I never pay monthly, bla bla bla…”^^
    But on the other hand, they´re paying 15-20 bucks per month in Ingame-Shops for worthless stuff….
    Double-moral… *cough cough….!^^

    • No they’re paying $15-20 a month for great, entirely new games on sale every month. Subscription fee MMOs are only worth the cost if you’re an unemployed poopsocker who plays that one game to the exclusion of all other games

  • A reminder that the $15/month fee keeps out toxic people who flood most free MMORPGs and basically turn the games into 4chan.

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