Horizon Chase Turbo: Summer Vibes DLC Out Today

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Horizon Chase Turbo: Summer Vibes DLC Out Today

The horizon is sunnier than ever.

Today’s new Horizon Chase Turbo update is all about enjoying a vacation full of thrill and speed. We’re really excited to show you the update’s brand new car: a convertible called Breeze, which just might seem familiar to old-school arcade veterans. This roadster comes in six different flavors. Take a look:

Horizon Chase Turbo aims to capture the heart and thrill of 80s and 90s classic arcade racers in a modern, upgraded chassis. Summer Vibes adds a balmy new set of content to the game, including 12 remixed races based in the main campaign, one new car with five unlockable skins, and a leaderboard for each race.

Thanks for reading. We hope the Horizon Chasers out there love the fresh new Summer Vibes DLC — we can’t wait to see your name on the leaderboards. Leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them. Have a nice Coast to Coast trip!

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  • Any new trophies included in this DLC Team?

  • Pero que clase de TOP GEAR es este?

  • Outrun, Miami Vice, Thelma & Louise, ???, Orange is the new black? , and Ferris Bueller?

    • The white car is modern family, Ferris Bueller I think its a bug because after the patch, it was removed.

  • Lovely bit of Outrun there. Looks good.

  • How much did you love Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge on Amiga 500? Cos your (excellent) game gives me strong nostalgia for that (also great) game.

  • o novo carro será necessário para o trofeu cegonha ?

  • This is a quite nice add-on, BUT you really need to fix how this is activated!

    I own the NA release of the game, so I bought the NA DLC through my NA account, but intended to play it with my main account which is EU region – but I can’t! Apparently the DLC is locked to just the account you bought it with, any other will block you from using it with “you need to validate by buying it in the PSN store” which obviously isn’t posssible cross-region. And I aleready tried restoring licences to no effect.

    I can’t remember having this particular problem with any other PS4 game yet :( Surely there must be a way you can change this, I’d hate not to be able to get any future DLCs because of such a problem.

    • so you illegally downloaded content from another region, then demand they “fix it”.

    • Funny enough I pulled this for “outrun” on ps3 when they only launched it for UK and here you are doing it for the same modern twist

  • I am loving this PS Plus free title. This is right now my favorite arcade racer this console gen (this gen has been lacking). Enjoy the fast intense races, near enless tracks, visuals and music. Quick load times to retry and solid frame rate greatly appreciated. Stategy in using nitro, fuel and picking up tokens for super trophy. Just super!

    $1.99 is a low tip for a fun racer. Cheers! :)

    • Yeah the arcade racers have been lacking this Gen for sure. It was nice getting the Wipeout (which is free for everyone this month!) but I need an old school burnout with a proper crash mode!

      Sometimes these developers just get caught up with modern graphics but the actual game play element is missing, I knew when I saw this game I was in for treat if done right and they did a great job

  • I wonder if this new car will be a advantage in World Tour? hmm?

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  • I don’t suppose this will have any of the original music from Outrun will it? Guessing SEGA owns the rights.

  • Oh, no wonder this was put on Plus. All the previous content updates for this game were free, so nice work selling out a bit. It’s not the worst thing to come from the gaming industry, but it is what it is. The only real new content here is one vehicle. Whee.

  • My son, who just turned 6, and recently started playing video games with me has been asking for a racing game for his birthday. Fortunately I remembered I just downloaded this on ps+. We just started playing this yesterday and he says it’s his favorite game already. First race he didn’t even finish, and ran out of gas. I showed him how to pick up gas. Second race he finished, and came in 10th. Third race, 5th! Forth race he played, he came in 4th place. A couple more races then he started coming in 3rd and unlocking new tracks. He was so excited. And I was so excited to see him actually get better (not crashing into everything). It was pretty amazing to see him progress, more so in his skill. Anyway, as a former game developer I though you’d like to hear that little story of someone really enjoying your game. Him and I switched off so I can unlock a new car, and I enjoy playing as well. I plan to purchase this dlc after we get through the main game a bit. I love the aesthetic and style of it. Thanks!

  • Already got all the gold trophies, liked some of the skins looking forward to the next DLC.

  • forward to the next DLC

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