Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima Reveals Cover Art & More at SDCC

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Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima Reveals Cover Art & More at SDCC

First looks at cover art, SteelBook art from San Diego Comic-Con.

Master storyteller and game creator Hideo Kojima surprised attendees of his San Diego Comic-Con panel by revealing the final cover art for Death Stranding. The art features Sam Bridges, who must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding, and save mankind by reconnecting a fractured society.

Check out the Death Stranding official cover art below:

We also have our first look at the SteelBook:

This collectible SteelBook is included in the Death Stranding Special Edition ($69.99 USD MSRP/ $89.99 CAD MSRP) and the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition ($199.99 USD MSRP / $249.99 CAD MSRP). to pre-order either edition.

Hideo Kojima was joined at the panel by renowned film director, Nicolas Winding Refn, who has a special guest appearance in Death Stranding as the character, Heartman. The two discussed their approach to narrative, their inspirations as creators and what excites them about the future of entertainment. Mr. Kojima also shared a short clip from the game featuring Heartman and shed some light on his role. There’s still a lot to learn about Heartman and what role he’ll play in Sam’s journey, but in signature Hideo Kojima style, you can bet an engaging story like no other awaits when game comes out on November 8th.

Stay connected to our official channels for more details as Death Stranding’s November 8th launch date nears. Remember… tomorrow is in your hands.

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  • Where’s the “only on PlayStation” logo?

    • does it matter?

    • @ Branden_Lucero – Of course it does.

    • It’s a timed exclusive, it’s coming to PC (but not Xbox) at a later date.

    • uma coisa é certo para xbox não sai !

    • Yeah that’s why I asked. It’s a console exclusive.

    • It’s not a timed exclusive, it uses Sony’s own “Guerrilla Games” Decima engine, and Sony is the publishers if they were ever to release it on the PC it would be like 2 to 4 years after the original release…
      And by then you can get it for cheap on the PS4/PS5 and it wouldn’t be worth it anymore…

    • The lack of it means that this will be a timed exclusive. Games like Crash Bandicoot released without it, made no mention of other ports, and then got them later on.

      I would be very surprised if that wasn’t the case here.

    • Probably stock pic, it’ll be added later. It’s a PS4 exclusive with a minimal chance of hitting PC a year or 2 later. Thing is, i can’t recall any Sony published game using a Sony game engine ever hitting PC. Until Dawn uses the Decima engine and the developer has gone multiplatform yet Until Dawn will never hit PC.

      There were also rumors of Death Stranding getting a PS5 version which wouldn’t correlate with a PC version releasing 1-2 years later as they wouldn’t compete against themselves. Regardless, i’m not waiting for spoilers, Day 1 PS4 Pro. Mark Cerny helped design Death Stranding to take advantage of PS4 Pro, it’ll be great on Pro, no need to wait on a possibly non existent PC version. God of War looks better than anything on PC, you’ll be fine with Pro.

  • Disappointed with the cover art…was expecting to be that one where Sam is holding the baby,the one we see on the Store…that one would be perfect.This one looks kinda fan made lol and his face is a bit off I must say.Oh well.

    Time flies for me so I won’t even say “can’t wait”,november will be here and I won’t even notice.The hype is real!!!!

  • Only on Playstation???

    • Good luck finding it on anything but PS4. Wait a year, maybe you get lucky with a PC port, but i have the steelbook waiting November 8th.

  • where is the “Only On PlayStation” mark? is this game a “timed exclusive” ? will it come to PC 6 months/1year/two years later?

  • Uh guys, they announced waaaaaaay back in 2015 that it was coming to PC too. It’s a timed exclusive. That’s why there’s no “only on Playstation” logo.

    • they didn’t, STOP LYING, on E3 2018 Europe youtube channel there is a PS4 Exclusive mark, in Jim Ryan’s investor financial report it is listed as a PS4 Exclusive in between Ghost Of Tsushima and The Last Of Us 2, there are cover art versions on some stores in different regions that have the “Only On PlayStation” mark

  • It’s a rumor what’s been going around for a couple of months that it’s a time exclusive and this game wasn’t announced in 2015 its was 2016 bud.

  • Jogo do ano… Dobradinha do PS4 2018/2019 GOTY !

  • It uses a Sony international game engine from Guerrilla Games and Sony is the publisher, it’s 100% not going to come out on the PC very soon because Sony wouldn’t be that stupid and if they were to ever release it hypothetically it would be 2 or even 4 years after the original PS4 release and by then it wouldn’t even be worth it anymore since the PS5 would be out and they will probably upgrade it for the PS5 a little…

    This is just stock art and all the other crap will get added to it for whichever country it gets released in, this is not shipping yet so that stuff isn’t on the boxart yet…

    • Thx bro that what I was trying to say

    • Thx bro that what I was trying to say

    • You do have to remember the fact that Quantic Dreams released all of their games on PC a while ago. Taking that into consideration it would take maybe 2-3 years for it to arrive on PC. I don’t believe that they would actually upgrade it on the PS5 unless if they go the Xbox route in terms of them in improving backwards compatible games ever so slightly.

    • @Venom_RedFox those games are antique by now, they weren’t released within 6 or even 12 months after the original launch…

  • Jogos cada vez mais caros, assinatura que com todo respeito não é das melhores, infelizmente não vai dar pra renovar essa assinatura, vou migrar pro Pc

  • Amo jogar videogame mas com esses preços cada vez mais altos não vai ter condições de continuar mantendo a assinatura e a compra de jogos

    Jogos cada vez mais caros, assinatura que com todo respeito não é das melhores, infelizmente não vai dar pra renovar essa assinatura, vou migrar pro Pc

  • Love it! My most anticipated game of the generation.

  • 2 years later on pc is my guess
    Didn’t mean to reply as a comment if I did to anybody

  • Only on PlayStation – I would totally play this on PC if I could earn trophies or even achievements. Yeah Sony needs a GamePass for PC bad! Remote play and PSNow is cool but being able to run Ultra settings on a high framerate without requiring a fast internet connection would be even better. Anyways making a digital license for Cross-Buy include the PC platform would help fill the void that lost PS3 and PSVita. Let’s not retire PS4 next. Keep some open choices on the table to help sell us some games.

  • Mediocre cover, but hey it’s their choice. I hope for secret reversible cover with only the game title with plain view in the distance as in placeholder image which was in PS Store.

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