MLB The Show 19 Introduces the Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig

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MLB The Show 19 Introduces the Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig

Today's free MLB The Show 19 update adds three new 99 overall diamond player rewards and more.

A new free update is available for download (internet connection required) starting today after 1pm PT in . For the 5th Inning Program, you get to choose from three new 99 player rewards, including Legend Lou Gehrig.

New content has arrived weekly since launch in MLB The Show 19, and this Diamond Dynasty update comes at no additional cost once you own the game. Updates include:

  • New Challenges in single-player Conquest mode and in the multiplayer Ranked Seasons where you bring your best team to the field.
  • New Rewards to grab like Diamond choice packs, customized equipment and much more.
  • New Moments to relive some of the most notable baseball memories spanning across the last century.

5th Inning Program Bosses

Battle the new bosses and then play with them in fast-paced Moments. As you complete Program challenges and games, you will earn Program Stars to unlock a special choice pack that lets you add one of the three Bosses to your Diamond Dynasty squad. Who will you choose?

New York Yankees – Signature Series Lou Gehrig (1B)

Lou Gehrig is not just a historic Yankee, he’s one of the greatest hitters of all time. Choose this Legend if you want an incredible first baseman with out-of-this-world hitting stats.

Toronto Blue Jays – Signature Series Josh Donaldson (3B)

Do you need a third baseman with a big bat? Then consider Josh Donaldson, the two-time Silver Slugger and 2015 MVP.

St. Louis Cardinals – Signature Series Bob Gibson (SP)

If you’ve been tempted away from the pitchers in the last few Boss Choice Packs, then Bob Gibson is the right choice for you. This Hall of Famer won the Cy Young and MVP for his historic 1968 season with a 1.12 ERA and 22 wins. He also pitched 28 complete games that year.

Earn Program Stars

The 5th Inning Program brings new Moments featuring major events in each Boss’s career as well as opportunities to battle against them in fantasy situations with your Diamond Dynasty team.

Earn Program Stars by:

  • Playing games in Diamond Dynasty
  • Completing daily Missions
  • Completing all goals in the new 5th Inning Conquest Map
  • Completing 5th Inning Moments

Earn Program Rewards

On the journey to 300 Program Stars where you can claim your Boss Choice Pack, you will unlock a number of unique rewards. There are more choice packs with Diamond players, custom equipment, bat flip animations, a unique fireworks bat skin to equip to your Created Player or your Diamond Dynasty squad, and much more.

Look for more great content to arrive each week of the season. Play ball!

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  • The downside of using Lou Gehrig is that if you put him in your line-up, he’s there permanently.

  • MLB The Show is the best sports game on the market. Donaldson looks so accurate and Gibson is fantastic. If u like Baseball how do u not buy MLB The Show? Road to the Show is still better than NBA 2K’s My Player nonsense. The Show doesn’t absolutely cripple u with microtransactions in order to have fun either. VC is worse than loot boxes in Battlefront. NBA 2K has turned into something ugly. Having to grind for 1000 hours, use glitches, or spend hundreds just to improve your player is insane. Luckily The Show allows u to have fun without tapping your wallet. Every year The Show is great keep it up.

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