Days Gone: Tips to Survive This Week’s Combat Challenge

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Days Gone: Tips to Survive This Week’s Combat Challenge

A new Challenge drops today in Bend Studio's open-world survival epic. Heed these strategies from the devs for your best shot at survival.

Hello, fans! It’s been a thrill to watch all your posts and videos sharing winning strategies for our first three challenges. I’d like to share some of our own tips for this week’s new Combat Challenge, Ambush Camp Rush. This should seem familiar to Days Gone players, but the addition of a ticking clock and sub-objectives gives this challenge a degree of intensity and tension not seen in previous camps. The main goal is to take out the enemy camp as fast as possible. But in order to get the best score you’ll have to earn a high combo chain while completing the following sub-objectives:

  1. Kill X Marauders before alerting the camp: You can go in quiet for stealthy kills on most enemies, but armored heavies need to be taken down hard and fast. Molotovs or explosives are perfect for heavies; just make sure you’re not around to get spotted once things get loud.
  2. Get X kills from Berserked enemies: You’ll start the challenge equipped with three Residue Bolts, with plenty of crafting materials to be found throughout the camp and on dead bodies. A sniper to the right of your starting position is the most strategic enemy to hit first. He’ll use his high position and powerful rifle to kill your enemies and create confusion for you to move through the camp.
  3. Kill X enemies with traps/distractions: Loot dead bodies and scavenge the environment to find ingredients to craft these tools of destruction. Since collecting items increases your combo chain, focusing on this sub-objective early can drastically increase your overall score for the challenge.
  4. Defeat the camp within X time: At first glance, this sub-objective seems at odds with the others. However, running and gunning by itself isn’t a viable strategy. You’ll have to move so fast you’ll just wind up stumbling into trip-wires and bear traps that slow you down and alert nearby enemies. It’s best to mix-and-match strategies from other sub-objectives to succeed; Soften up the camp with a few stealth kills, create confusion with a few strategic residue bolts, eliminate clusters of enemies with single explosions on your race to beat the target time.

Each sub-objective has multiple reward tiers that are increasingly difficult to achieve, so choose the appropriate gear. The following rings are well suited for Ambush Camp Rush:

  • Bullets: Rolling will reload your equipped weapon with a portion of its ammo.
  • Fleur de Lis: Reduces crossbow bolt falloff, with an added bolt penetration bonus.
  • Vampire: Successful stealth kills suppress your next few shots.
  • Reaper: When you’re near death and your health bar is flashing, your next few melee attacks are insta-kills.
  • Joker: Sliding picks up items within a certain distance from you.

Each challenge allows players to earn more credits and reputation that can be used to upgrade ring strength at the Challenge Shop. And finally, getting a ranked score in Ambush Camp Rush awards the “Condemned” patch whose perk is increased bullet penetration, which will allow you to score much better at Surrounded, possibly even take the top of the leaderboards.

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