PlayStation at San Diego Comic-Con: PS Gear Store Collectible Mystery Boxes Revealed

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PlayStation at San Diego Comic-Con: PS Gear Store Collectible Mystery Boxes Revealed

Stop by Booth #121 to purchase a different Mystery Box each day.

For those of you heading out to San Diego Comic-Con, we’ll have some mysterious treats on hand!

This year, PlayStation Gear Store is offering Limited Edition PlayStation-themed Mystery Boxes. Each box includes five new limited edition PlayStation-branded items, averaging at a total value of $90 MSRP, and is available to San Diego Comic-Con attendees for the price of $60.

Each day, a new Mystery Box design featuring five new PlayStation items will be offered, so you have a chance to collect a total of 25 limited edition items, with 500 or less units manufactured for each item, when you swing by our booth throughout the duration of the show.

Check back at the booth every day for a peek at one of the new limited edition items. And if we haven’t sold out of each Mystery Box by Sunday, July 21 (the final day of the event), we plan to reopen sales for all of the remaining boxes available from start to finish.

If you would like to stop by, we’ll be at the PlayStation Gear Store, Booth #121 at the following times:

  • Wednesday: 6pm-9pm
  • Thursday: 9:30am-7pm
  • Friday: 9:30am-7pm
  • Saturday: 9:30am-7pm
  • Sunday: 9:30-5pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • “Surprise mechanics!”

  • Thanks for showing the vast majority of us what we cant get :P

    • It’s the largest comic convention, open to the public. Anyone can go. Plan a trip yourself next year. Myself and my family are traveling out of state to go. We do it every year.

    • Sure, just spend $300 or so per ticket assuming you can get one at normal prices before they sell out, thousands on airfare for everyone, and potentially thousands more for the jacked up hotel prices nearby around that time…all so you can spend more thousands shopping for toys. IT’S EASY!

    • jUSt PlAn A trIP

  • I’ll be there and I’ll be buying Friday and Saturday, for sure. Love my annual SDCC trip.

    • Comic con is not open to the public. You have to register with comic con and buy the tickets if you are lucky to go in October for July. The outside stuff is open to the public. But to get inside you have to buy the comic con badges.

  • I want to go to SDCC so bad to get 2 of the mystery boxes but I cant go. So mad about that. Is there s possibly that its gonna be online so I can buy them online?

  • Please never do this again. It is really annoying that game conventions now are wall to wall mystery boxes filled with unsold inventory nobody wants.

  • My son bought the Saturday’s mystery box and no way in hell did hey get $90 worth of stuff. He wanted to get the limited edition PS4 controller instead he got a yarn for his badge, stickers, a winter hat, a PlayStation pin and a big PS4 inflatable controller. What the F Sony.

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