Farming Comes to World-Building Adventure Boundless Today

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Farming Comes to World-Building Adventure Boundless Today

Details on irrigation, color sprays, and more coming in today’s update.

Greetings, PlayStation! It’s been a while since we updated you all on the wonderful things happening with . A lot has happened in the game’s universe since we launched, and there’s a whole lot more to come. As we line up the biggest update to our sandbox MMO since launch, I thought I’d let you all know what we’ve been working on, and what you can expect to see arrive in game with this latest release.

Today, we’ve released the Harvest Era update for Boundless. This brings a wealth of systems which provide several new ways to play. First up, we have a brand new Farming system, whereby players can cultivate crops to provide a steady food supply to their settlements.

Farming isn’t restricted to food either — inorganic materials such as Fuel can be created with their own system, allowing players to support their Guild with a plentiful supply of vital goods. Players can use Goo Farming techniques to produce Goo Pigment, used in Color Sprays to embellish your Builds. In the near future, players will also be able to turn their Skills to botany, producing beautiful decorative flora to decorate their World.

Of course, Farming isn’t as simple as placing a seed in the ground and waiting. There are many variables to take into account when it comes to increasing the quality and yield of any material. The most skillful farmers will need to consider placement, local vegetation, and irrigation before sowing the seeds for success.

Ah yes, irrigation. This has led us to introduce yet another cool feature — placeable liquids. Water will be needed to make sure crops or flowers thrive, whereas some of the more unorthodox goods will need lava to grow. These are both now placeable in the World as any other block — though they will behave differently. Nobody gets to opt out of Fluid Dynamics here. The only exception to this will be player’s Beaconed bases. Players won’t be able to flood anyone else with water, lava or other liquids. We’re serious about keeping Boundless a friendly place.

Of course, there’s more. We’re releasing a whole set of Color Sprays into the game, allowing players to decorate certain blocks within their Beacon in weird and wonderful ways. Colors are produced via the intricate, skillful Goo Farming system, and we can’t wait to see what the budding artists in Boundless can come up with.

We’ve also undertaken a significant overhaul of the universe’s lighting system. While this won’t make a huge difference to the moment-to-moment gameplay, it gives the entire game a more atmospheric feel, particularly on certain Worlds and at certain times. Those little emergent moments when exploring a new World will now have even more impact.

All this is just what’s coming with this specific release. In the months since we’ve launched, we’ve been bringing out a release roughly every couple of weeks — we’ve dropped programmable LED blocks, a full Guild system, new Messaging, dangerous temporary ExoWorlds, and so much more. Players are now able to join the Boundless Universe, join a Guild, head out on huge, organised group hunts, then head off to new frontiers to find out what’s waiting to be claimed. It’s so satisfying to see how far Boundless has come since launch, and we can’t wait to see you all join us for the Harvest Era.

If you have any questions at all, or would like to know more about Boundless, then please don’t be shy! We love talking with players old and new, and are happy to answer any queries you have. A Sandbox MMO is nothing without its community, and we’re proud to say we have one of the very best in the World. We’re still working on what’s coming next — we have a particularly dangerous new critter lying in wait, and are working on all sorts of exciting features to expand on all areas of the game.

See you in the game folks!

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  • And still no titans

  • Awesome work, Boundless team! :) For those who have never seen it, Boundless is really incredible, for me, it is my ideal game on so many levels – think sort of an MMO Minecraft in a universe a bit like No Man’s Sky. This game deserves a LOT more love! It just keeps getting better and better, has an incredible community and a wonderful dev team. If you haven’t, at least give it a look.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, we’re really glad you’re enjoying the game so much :D See you in there!

  • Hello Sam,

    I wanted to say your team is doing a great job supporting this amazing game. I wanted to ask if you’ll be adding more character customization? How about the possibility to play as humans or elves. A friend of mine is interested in the game but his kids are scared of the character heads that you offer in character creation.

    Anyways, I want to say keep up the amazing work and best of luck to your studio in 2019 and beyond.


    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. Do you think you could talk to the team about avatar pictures for our PS4’s? Oh, an also some cool Dynamic Themes with menu music. Thank you

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for the comments, glad to hear you’re having fun with Boundless!

      We’re going to be revealing our next updates very soon, and we have a long, *long* list of things that we’d like to add. Sorry I can’t reveal much right now, but we’ll let you all know what’s coming for sure.


    • coffin-clouds420

      I need help adding my friends.

      When I go to add PlayStation friends in character selection it just stays there I only have 3 friends that play this and since it won’t add my friends I technically have no friends online. My friend was able to add me tho :/

    • coffin-clouds420

      When I try to add my PSN friends it it just stays on searching forever I can only cancel it I cant add my the only 3 friends I have that play this idk I feel bummed I spent 40$ on a game thats 1-99 I can’t play with one person :(
      Idk I just feel like I can’t find any help this is my last effort before I uninstall and cut my losses. Since I know Sony won’t refund me

    • Awe unable to go further? Join Boundless!

  • Am i the only one who REALLY REALLY wishes there was a “how to” section to read? I can not for the life of me, figure out how to place water from the bucket.

  • Will there ever be a semi free to play version or a demo for those who can’t afford or just wanna test the game i think this would benefit both parties as you’d gain more players and more income for the forseeable future

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