Supermassive Confirms Multiplayer for Man of Medan, Here’s How it Works

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Supermassive Confirms Multiplayer for Man of Medan, Here’s How it Works

The entire Dark Pictures Anthology is being built from the ground up with multiplayer in mind.

Hi there, I’m Pete Samuels, Series Director and Executive Producer of The Dark Pictures Anthology. We’re thrilled to announce multiplayer for Man of Medan and the entire Dark Pictures Anthology, and I’m hugely excited to talk to you about it today.

As we’ve announced last year, The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of standalone cinematic horror games, each featuring a brand-new story, setting and characters. Man of Medan is the first in the series, releasing on August 30. We hope you’re as excited as us that you’ll be able to play every game in the series in multiplayer.

First up, some details. We’ve announced two multiplayer modes for The Dark Pictures Anthology — Shared Story mode and Movie Night mode. In Shared Story you’ll play online with a friend, making choices that affect both of you. We really hope you enjoy the intensity of experiencing the story with a friend… and that you are still friends after!

In Movie night mode, five people (you and up to four of your friends) can play couch co-op. Each player can enter their name and choose which character (or characters) to play, then simply pass the pad whenever that character is the focus of the game. You can explore, react, and make decisions to keep your character alive and stay in the game. When prompted, simply pass the controller onto the next player so that they can continue with their character. Periodically, the game will present a summary of how each player has played. We were so impressed by the innovative and collaborative ways people played Until Dawn together that we created this feature to help facilitate that way of playing.

Creating a narrative game with multiplayer has thrown up some interesting design challenges — the most significant of which was in the two-player Shared Story, and how to have both players enjoy a great story when they each see different things and neither sees everything. It also created some great new design and narrative opportunities which we hope will surprise you. When you and your friend ‘split up,’ you can’t be sure that you’ll ever see their character again! It is horror, after all.

We think that it really brings something fresh to the genre to play with a friend online, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Each mode is different but both have been influenced by our experience with Until Dawn. When Until Dawn released we were surprised and delighted by how many people were streaming the game. We’ve had around 1 billion views on YouTube alone. We’d also get plenty of people telling us how much they enjoyed playing the game together with friends on the couch. These both fed into the initial design of The Dark Pictures Anthology and we decided that along with story, characters, and cinematic production values, multiplayer should be core to the series. In short, we have built The Dark Pictures Anthology from the ground up with multiplayer in mind.

Your first chance to try this out will be in Man of Medan, the first in the series. This game sees four American tourists and their inexperienced captain going on the diving holiday of a lifetime in the South pacific. All sounds idyllic right? Wrong, things soon take a turn for the worse and it will be up to you what happens next. With Man of Medan having more branching than any of our previous games, you’ll need to replay the game many times to find out every possible scenario.

Whether you play Solo, online Shared Story, or couch-based Movie Night, we hope you’ll have a great horror experience. We can’t wait to see and hear how you get on. My advice? Don’t. Play. Alone!

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  • can’t wait I’m super excited for this game. I really enjoyed Until Dawn

    • Isn’t this merely co op? Multiplayer is a buzzword though so i guess it sounds sexier.

      Is it me or did Until Dawn look better graphically? Until Dawn was originally a PS3 game and it released years ago, but that’s the price you pay going multiplatform and not having access to the Decima Engine.

      I’m a bit disappointed that a true AAA sequel to Until Dawn was never considered. It didn’t need the same characters just the same basic premise of trying to survive until dawn.

      It’s disheartening that the last two Sony exclusives from Supermassive were undercooked, halfhearted disasters and meanwhile they were making Dark Pictures all the while. Obviously Supermassive’s focus was on Dark Pictures and not Bravo Team. Shameful to release that game in such a state, but Man of Medan looks very polished.

      Maybe one day we get a real Until Dawn sequel?

      Kind of a dirty deal for Sony not getting publishing rights and exclusivity when virtually everything Supermassive makes is published by Sony. I guess Supermassive made enough money from Until Dawn and skimping on Inpatient and Bravo Team to fund Man of Medan themselves.

    • One question, is this like A Way Out? Like if I buy the game, my partner doesn’t need to buy it, needs only my invite?

  • I absolutely loved Until Dawn and doing couch co-op with friends. The fact that you guys picked up on that and made it an official mode is awesome. It’s even harder to wait for this one now!

  • I would suggest a “playlink” capability in Movie Night mode so that players can control their characters on each of their smartphones rather than have to pass the controller.

    • I agree!

    • EmaciatedBurrito

      Why complicate things?

      PlayApp requires software designed for the game and additional hardware for the consumer. Say a friend’s smartphone is turned off, inefficient for the app, or expecting a call? It’s simple to pass a console controller. Worried about germs?

    • BerserkLadyDudeN

      If we get only play link and not controller, please tell me so I don’t waste my money like on hidden agenda.

  • Will we able to use multiple remotes or do we need to pass around the same remote?

  • Can’t wait to play this. The multiplayer support sounds great. Going to add the Platinum trophy in this to my collection just like Until Dawn.

  • Can’t wait! Any word on when it will be available to preorder on PSN? I only see physical copies available, not digital. Also, will there be any special editions?

    • Edit: Nevermind, just checked and it’s up now. Would still like to know if any special editions will be available.

  • Woah, I can dig it. Until dawns story amazing, now with multiplayer!? Game changing! Can’t wait to venture into the dark.

  • I have enjoyed all of the Quantic Dream and Supermassive Games of this type so off course I will be there day one for Man of Medan.

  • I’m excited. Not 100% sold on multiplayer but could work. As much as people complain about multiplayer, I’m worried by the time I play the game, I wont be able to play online story with someone else who hasn’t played.

    My initial thought of doing a blind playthrough with another doing the same, would make it more fun and entertaining. How can I play with the same online player after the first game session…. scheduling game session may be a challenge for the casual gamer… can one player do there game ahead of the second…. speaking up, how many players will be in the online shared story session (2, 3, 4 different players controlling a different character?)…

    I missed any E3 showing/update, so I’ll continue to look here for updates. August is right around the corner.

    • Just watched video. Cool vid.

      Looks like only 2 on the co op story mode. But now I question, who controls who…? Typically the player controls all the characters, so wonders how all this will work if gamer A actions affect gamer B.

      I’ll wait for more info.

    • EmaciatedBurrito

      It states it is 2 Player Online Co-op, so it’s you and another player. That’s it.

  • Movie Night mode sounds great BUT…. passing the controller? Ugh! Would really prefer multi-controller support.

  • I am hopeful that online co-op is not a requirement for trophies. I understand there are plenty of people who want this, but please don’t force people to play online in order to earn all the trophies. Trophy completion has become part of the experience of video games for so many of us, pushing players to do things they wouldn’t normally experience, but forcing people to play online is different.

  • So…can you not play by yourself?

  • Now how long are the “movie night” modes going to be? 90 min-180min or are we talking multiple sessions worth of an “Until Dawn” length campaign?

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  • My favorite game developer (today) is the Supermassive Games, because since the beginning of 2017th I was been a PC gamer, but then after release of PS4Pro I wanna try something else and then I didn’t now to much about console gaming. After two months I was buy PS VR bundle, PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset and many gadget from SonyPlaystation. But my first game on my new PS4Pro (first console at my life) was be Until Dawn and that game was turned my gaming focus 360 stepens and I’ve was been ridiculously happy with my first bronze, gold and platinum trophy… Then I was heard about Rush if Blood and buy myself PS VR and that game was been free later on PS+, but however I don’t regret…
    Still I can’t wait to see this game, specially in MP mode and to see how will run on next gen console. I was observe the name of this game and I think that will be more game in this Dark Pictures Anthology by Supermassive Games and I think that Man of Medan just first game in the ciklus (that’s my personaly opinion and I don’t read or heard anything about this – but I would like to be more games in this “Anthology of Darkness”. I like the way that this developer put us in the story: easy, with choices and consequences of this choice, and completely enter all gamers who likes this type of game in story focus which is formally supported by some historical, epic and urban legends story: and what we see in Until Dawn – the tragedy of two sisters and then in year’s back the tragedy in mine with mine workers which have a difficult choise trapped in the mine without food and water, then cannibalism, and then Urban Legend who’s wake up when…you know the story… This is bigger then any movie (and I’m a movies fun) and one very good thing about this game which is not properly supported in the media. One of main game character in the Until Dawn, actor Rami Malek, was angaget in the TV show I, robot…
    After that spectacle with Bohemian Rapsody and Academy Award for excellent Rami… The credibility of this award, in one hand, belongs to Supermassive Games Studio…
    Salut from Serbia and see you in multiplayer mode of this game and I thinking that this game would be very good qualifying by the game journalists and hope for 90+…

  • If in movie night mode 5 people will play we will need 5 pad’s?

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