Dauntless “Fortune & Glory” Free Update Launches July 16

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Dauntless “Fortune & Glory” Free Update Launches July 16

Dauntless’ summer content drop introduces a challenging Trials experience, a new Hunt Pass, Lady Luck’s Shop, and more.

Greetings, PlayStation Slayers! I’m here today to talk about “Fortune & Glory,” a free update for Dauntless that introduces Trials, a new Hunt Pass, and plenty more. This is our first major content update since we launched in May, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. Let’s check out what’s coming your way on July 16 when the update goes live.

Fortune & Glory is all about answering the call to prove you’re the best Slayer in the Shattered Isles. Trials are Slayers’ first introduction to Lady Luck, an enigmatic figure who arrives in Ramsgate with an entire island in tow. Lady Luck is the catalyst to kick off Trials in Dauntless, an experience that pits Slayers against difficult Behemoth encounters with unique modifiers and aggressive fauna, ensuring that even veteran Slayers will experience something new and challenging with each Trial. Trials will rotate on a weekly basis, so be sure to check back each week to see what new challenge awaits.

Trials are time-based, and allow you to see how you rank against your fellow Behemoth Slayers on the Wall of Champions outside Lady Luck’s shop. The Wall of Champions includes both solo and group Trials leaders, so team up or go alone and see if you can earn some bragging rights!

Successfully completing a Trial will net you with a new currency type — Marks. Steel Marks are earned through “Normal” difficulty and used to purchase gameplay-impacting rewards such as weapon mods and alternate specials. Completing “Dauntless”-difficulty Trials rewards Slayers with Gilded Marks, currency used to purchase exclusive cosmetic rewards from Lady Luck’s shop. Both Steel and Gilded Marks are exclusive to Lady Luck’s shop, and can only be earned through Trials.

The “Fortune & Glory” update and Hunt Pass marks the beginning of the “High Skies” season in Dauntless, which will comprise two Hunt Passes and plenty of new content. It’s marked by a distinctive corsair-themed aesthetic, and the offerings from both Lady Luck and Gregario Flynt will allow you to embody your inner scallywag.

We’re also adding a new cosmetic modifier slot with this update — the head accessory, or “head bling,” as we like to call it around the studio. You can access this slot in the Loadout menu where you equip your various helmets and masks, under Modifications. Lady Luck should have a number of new options to check out, so we look forward to seeing what creative combinations you PlayStation Slayers come up with.

From everyone here at Phoenix Labs, we hope you enjoy “Fortune & Glory” — clear skies, Slayers!

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  • Yes!! I have been absolutely loving Dauntless since it came out for PS4 last month. Really an incredible game which is supported incredibly well by the developers. (I literally think it was the author of this post who responded to me on Reddit when I was inquiring about the game when it launched for consoles) After finishing the Hidden Blades hunt pass, I’ve taken a bit of time off from the game but I cannot wait to hop back in for this new season. The new pirate/corsair themed rewards look GREAT!

    Trials will be a challenge for me, but hopefully I’ll be able to chip away at some Steel Marks, I really like the concept of being able to buy some new gameplay rewards with the currency, so I guess I’ll have to dip my toes into the challenge, but I think I’ll leave the leaderboard pushing to the pros (of which I am NOT haha) Kudos on the update! Cheers!

  • I was worried I wouldn’t finish my hunt pass for this season but I had like a week left. I hope I can make a dent in the one coming up. I still need to do some more mid tiers so I can go do Heroics. I am so bad though and ping pong what I am playing.

    • I’ve been in a similar situation, bouncing between seasons for Apex Legends, CTR, and Dauntless.

      That said, at least with Season 5, the rate to complete was very fair (I had ~2 weeks leftover), which I really like, because I don’t feel pressured to get anything done. I can play at a nice relaxing rate and still manage to get it all.

      Hopefully this season has a similar timeframe.

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    I love dauntless, it is going to be a very fun update <3

  • I keep hearing about this game and have some interest to try due to comparisons to Monster Hunter but haven’t tried it. Don’t want to get into a repetitive grind game which feels like “investing playtime” (like Destiny and its clones) over “enjoying playtime” which for me are generally more skill-based or story-based games without grind game designs.

  • Can’t wait. Keep up the good work Phoenix studios!!

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