MLB The Show 19 Starts Season 4, Adds Lefty Grove

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MLB The Show 19 Starts Season 4, Adds Lefty Grove

Celebrate the upcoming MLB All-Star Game with a new Ice Cream bat skin, three new diamond players rewards, and more.

The fourth Ranked Season of MLB The Show 19 reveals a new legend, Hall of Fame pitcher Lefty Grove, and three new diamond players rewards!

  • Signature Series Lefty Grove (new Legend!) and Signature Series Rod Carew are the new rewards added to the Season 4 World Series choice pack
  • Breakout Legend Will Clark and Breakout Flashback Tommy Pham join the Pennant Race choice pack
  • Earn the Ice Cream bat skin in the Division Series reward pack

World Series Rewards

Make it to the World Series ranking and get a choice pack to choose from Grove, Carew and last season’s player items of Signature Series Matt Williams or Signature Series Yadier Molina.

Rod Carew Diamond, 98 OVR 2B)

Lefty Grove (Diamond, 99 OVR SP)

New Pennant Race Rewards

On your way to World Series you can choose one of these new, diamond player items in the Pennant Race Choice Pack:

Signature Series Choice Pack Dazzles With Diamonds

The new Signature Series Choice Pack arrives in Diamond Dynasty and offers a choice of a Diamond Legend or Flashback in every pack!

There are two ways to acquire the pack:

  1. As a post-game reward. You may receive a voucher to exchange for one Signature Series Choice Pack just for completing a Diamond Dynasty game. Go to the Exchange area of Diamond Dynasty to turn in your voucher and open your pack!
  2. Purchase a Signature Series Choice Pack from the Show Shop and open it

Once you open your Signature Series Choice Pack:

  • You will see a group of three players from either the Rare, Mid or Base tiers (odds listed below)
  • Select one player item
  • Add the player to your Diamond Dynasty squad or list it on the Community Market. All items in the pack can be sold.

The nine players featured in the Signature Series choice pack are divided into three groups:

Rare Tier

Odds 1:10 to see this choice tier of Diamond players in the Signature Series Choice Pack

  • Signature Series Ryne Sandberg (Diamond, 99 OVR second baseman)
  • Signature Series Kenley Jansen (Diamond, 99 OVR closing pitcher)
  • Signature Series Gary Carter (Diamond, 99 OVR catcher)

Mid Tier

Odds 1:4 to see this choice tier of Diamond players in the Signature Series Choice Pack

  • Signature Series Curtis Granderson (Diamond, 96 OVR center fielder)
  • Signature Series Joey Votto (Diamond, 99 OVR first baseman)
  • Signature Series George Brett (Diamond, 99 OVR third baseman)

Base Tier

Odds 1:1 to see this choice tier of Diamond players in the Signature Series Choice Pack

  • NEW LEGEND! Signature Series Rick Ankiel (Diamond, 88 OVR starting pitcher)
  • Signature Series Russell Martin (Diamond, 95 OVR catcher)
  • Signature Series Keith Hernandez (Diamond, 98 OVR first baseman)

The Signature Series Choice Pack costs 40,000 stubs in the Show Shop, and is limited to one per account at this time. Look for new ways to earn or purchase the Signature Series Choice pack in the future!

New Battle Royale Flawless Rewards

Battle Royale is a Diamond Dynasty mode that levels the playing field by challenging your managerial and stick skills. First, draft a 25-man team from multiple choice rounds. Then take your squad up against the drafted teams of others in a three-inning, head-to-head showdown!

If you can take your Battle Royale team to 12 wins with no losses, you will earn the coveted Flawless Reward Choice Pack, which guarantees one of the two new Legends player items:

Signature Series Eric Gagne (Diamond, 98 OVR CP)

Minnie Minoso (Diamond, 99 OVR LF)

MLB The Show 19 Now Starting at $39.99 SRP

  • Standard Edition – $39.99 SRP
  • MVP Edition – $49.99 SRP (Physical Only)
  • All-Star Edition – $49.99 SRP (New Digital Release)
  • Digital Deluxe Edition – $79.99 SRP

Introducing MLB The Show 19 All-Star Edition

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