Sandbox MMORPG Black Desert Hits PS4 August 22

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Sandbox MMORPG Black Desert Hits PS4 August 22

The enigmatic Black Spirit summons you to Calpheon and Valencia.

Pearl Abyss is proud to announce that Black Desert will be launching on PlayStation 4 on August 22! Pre-orders begin today, and we’re looking forward to introducing players to the world we’ve created. Black Desert is a revolutionary sandbox MMORPG featuring a player-driven economy, intense real-time combat, and a seamless open world.

Your story begins with Black Stone — an energy resource so powerful that it has sparked a war between the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Accompanying you throughout your journey is the Black Spirit, an enigmatic being whose destiny is entwined with yours. Together, you will uncover the hidden secrets of Calpheon and Valencia and control the fate of the kingdom.

Black Desert features six playable classes at launch, each with their own unique playstyle: the Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Wizard, and Witch. Paired with an extensive character creation system, you have the ability to become your true self in Black Desert, or someone else entirely! A unique real-time combat system allows you to show off your abilities on the battlefield against mobs of imps, groups of bandits, or even go toe-to-toe with massive world bosses.

Black Desert thrives on allowing players to be social with one another to take on new quests, trade, or discover new areas. Being a part of a Clan or Guild allows players to group up under one banner, participate in Guild-exclusive missions, and interact via voice chat. With Guilds holding up to 100 players, declare large-scale warfare with other Guilds as you claim sovereignty over the entire continent of Calpheon and Valencia!

In addition to taking on enemies and world bosses, Black Desert’s extensive life skills offer the chance to focus on a life outside of combat. From fishing, farming, trading, hunting, and more, you can truly find your true self in our living, breathing world.

Expand your horizons on August 22 — your journey into the Black Desert awaits you…

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  • $29.99 for this? It launches with only six classes when the PC and XB1 versions have 17 and 10, respectively. I’m gonna have to hold off and wait until more classes are added. Does anyone know if there is character transfer or cross platform saves?

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    This surprise me very much arigatou gozaimasu <3

  • I was looking for a cool MMO to play for a minute, hopefully this is it.

    • BeanCarterGraves

      It is… I have it for Xbox and love it almost as much as eso… trust me … it’s a good game for a good price … better graphics too

  • BobbyRPGamer1989


  • Mulling over whether I should get the Deluxe or Ultimate. I’ll do a little more research before deciding. At any rate, hope to see you guys there.

    • Deluxe is definitely worth getting. Biggest thing that makes ultimate worth it (imo at least) are the 2 outfits, especially shudad. Shudad will never be available again (except if ultimate shudad is added temporarily like PC got, but that looked different still)

      If you aren’t interested in the outfits (which are normally 2900 pearls so €29 each) then deluxe is best value imo.

      I’ll most likely get ultimate then not spend more after that, since I’ve already invested a lot of time into the PC release, and still play.

      Hope you have fun and pick the right bundle for yourself! :)

    • BeanCarterGraves

      The deluxe got me a horse, horse stuff, 1000 pearls , etc

  • BeanCarterGraves

    An someone tell me why I can’t receive my horse… (there’s no STABLe option and the little window tells me I don’t have enough conversation experience) I got deluxe so give me my f n horse!!

  • Hello all I am thinking to get ultimate edition. Question is can I use horse and other staff between heroes like in ESO or all is bounded to 1st hero like in Tera ?

    • Outfit only works on the class you bought it for, Horses, armor and accessories can be used amongst all your characters, horse/trainers flute is bound to one character. Some classes have the same weapon etc. etc.

  • There goes my life

  • Wait, is this BDO? like, the one on PC?

  • Guys i want to ask something
    Case: i have 3 accounts of psn reg 1 (usa) , reg 2 (jp) , reg 3 (asia) .
    I have my ps plus subs in reg 3 asia account, i know that i can share ps plus subs to other accounts but i never try eith game that is exclusive on reg store, but the thing is black desert only showed on usa and jp ps store. So if i buy black desert from usa account, can i still play it without buying another ps plus subs on usa account?

    • Lmaoooo so it wont release on REG 3?? what a waste. Same here! I only have my reg3 account playstation 4 plus. And i also have REG1 account, but its not on psn plus

  • JRPG-Gamer4ever

    Super hyped to start this up again! Let’s gooooooo! Deluxe or Ultimate I can’t yet decide but I have some time.

  • How many different language subtitles will this game have?

  • Do you need PlayStation Plus to play this game?

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