Restaurant Simulator I’m Hungry Out July 8 for PS VR

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Restaurant Simulator I’m Hungry Out July 8 for PS VR

Make burgers, fries, and milkshakes in an immersive and hectic fast food kitchen.

Update: I’m Hungry launches July 8 for PS VR.

EU Store link      US Store link

Your American Dream starts here!

I’m Hungry is a fast food restaurant simulator available on PS VR starting July 8. With its fun interaction, comic book art style, and intuitive movement, players get to enjoy the thrill of racing with time while satisfying each customer’s order. By making fries, hamburgers, and milkshakes in the VR world, I’m Hungry is both stressful and relaxing. By completing each order correctly and promptly, customers will reward players with coins that can later be used in upgrading equipment. One interesting feature of I’m Hungry is that the game calculates the actual calories burned while playing the game, which can be extra motivating.

I’m Hungry takes advantage of VR technology to create an immersive fast-food kitchen experience. In addition, the controller and the sensing technique can truly correct the player’s posture while simulating the fast-food restaurant work. Since the player’s in-game operation is exactly the same as the moving speed in the real world, the player won’t feel uncomfortable while playing I’m Hungry.

While playing I’m Hungry, random choices from the customers make the task more interesting. Some customers might ask for more complicated orders than others.

I’m Hungry has two modes for players to choose from. Career Mode offers various tasks to earn money and upgrade the equipment. This is the default mode when starting the game. There’s also an Infinity Mode, which has unlimited time for hardcore players to challenge themselves.

While it’s fun to go through each level, I’m Hungry gives a performance rating and various rewards according to the player’s performance during each level as well. For players that mean business, I’m Hungry allows players to keep improving the score for a higher global online ranking. Enjoy your fast-food restaurant experience!

EU Store link      US Store link

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10 Author Replies

  • ExplodingJuiceUS

    Looks like fun! Definitely going to download and give it a shot.

    • Thank you ExplodingJuiceUS, do let us know your thoughts after you try the game! We hope you enjoy I’m Hungry as much as we do.

  • This game came out of nowhere, I had not heard it announced and now it’s already here. I’m not seeing it on the store yet (Canada), I guess it will pop later today.

    • CertifiedDiva_29

      Yeah, I have been looking for it today too. (US) I also looked for streams on Youtube and could not find anything. I guess I will stream it for my channel. It looks fun!

    • It’s out today for US. Send us the link of the stream. We hope you enjoy I’m Hungry as much as we do.

  • Oh man this is awesome.

    The Gourmet Chef level in Job Simulator was my favorite.

    Will surely be picking this one up.

    • Awesomeness Sombain, do let us know your thoughts after you try the game! We hope you enjoy I’m Hungry as much as we do.

  • Hmm… on PS Store (US) and nothing comes up for I’m Hungry.

    • I tried searching but I don’t see the game in the PS Store. Here’s a suggestion, at the end of the blog post maybe include a link to the game’s page in the web store? Because I would have bought this right now if you did. I’ll probably have forgotten about the game by the time I’m back home and have to manually search for it in the PS Store on the console.

    • One days gone since this post and still no game in US store… maybe they aren’t all that hungry :/

    • Justin Massongill

      Sorry for the mix-up here, gang. We investigated here — I’m Hungry launches July 8. I’ve updated the post accordingly.

    • I’m Hungry is out today for the US region. We hope y’all enjoy I’m Hungry as much as we do.

  • Has a bit of a fortnight style to it but I like it. As I work in food service this might help get my hand speed up.

    • We certainly hope your work can improve your performance in the game. Try to beat me with I’m Hungry’s global ranking. ;)

  • Are you suggesting that the American dream is to work at a fast food restaurant?

  • Is there a problem?

  • Don’t see it either. Bummer.

    • Hi FlyGuy4, I’m Hungry is officially out globally. Feel free to grab a copy and tell us what you think. ;)

  • “Out Today” still not out.

    I was really looking forward to getting this.

    • Hey Jefroni, thank you for your support. I’m Hungry is out today for the US region. Feel free to grab a copy and tell us what you think. ;)

  • Would love to play this but I don’t have the PS VR. Looks like fun though.

  • Was the thought process in the name to play on the enormous success of both Job and Vacation Simulator? I know Google/Owlchemy doesn’t own the rights to “Simulator” (then again it’s Google..) but a job based VR game with the name simulator might fool the uninformed masses into believing it’s something its not. Just a for thought….

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