PlayStation Vue Subscription Service Changes

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PlayStation Vue Subscription Service Changes

An update on PlayStation Vue subscriptions.

At PlayStation Vue, we always strive to provide the best live TV viewing experience at the most compelling value to our customers. This includes both the content that is popular with our overall customer base, as well as the key features that make PS Vue the best place to watch.

With costs rising each year for content, we constantly evaluate each deal to ensure we continue to deliver the content you want while considering the overall value of each package. After reviewing this, we have made the decision to raise the price of all of our multi-channel plans by $5. This change starts today for new customers. Our existing customers will keep their current price for at least 30 days and will see the new price beginning on their first billing cycle on or after July 31.

We will continue to focus on making PS Vue the premier destination for live TV streaming, with top networks including HBO, FX, HGTV, ESPN, and NFL Network, in addition to over 650 local broadcast stations. The recent addition of beIN Sports, and soon to be launched NHL Network and ACC Network, will ensure PS Vue has the most robust assortment of national sports channels. While PS Vue already offers unique features such as multi-view on PS4 and Apple TV, the most simultaneous streams at home, and conflict-free DVR (all at no additional cost), we will continue developing new integrations and functionality to enhance your TV viewing experience.

We thank all of you for your continued support.

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  • If at all you should be lowering. Most expensive out of all the tv streaming services already.

  • Just started a sub yesterday for the elite plan. Still a great value even with the $5 bucks tacked on.

  • And this should be obvious but being branded as “PlayStation” Vue has to be causing confusion for the average consumer.

    • Why? All that insinuates is that PlayStation owns the streaming service which they do. It’s a PlayStation provided streaming service.

    • I agree 100% I have been a ps vue customer for over two years and always recommend the service to others. Every conversation eventually leads to me explaining that you don’t need a playstation, “its an app, just like netflix”.

  • It would be great if you opened up the service to all Networks, and allowed people to choose the packages they want. I understand that a channel by channel offering is near impossible, but perhapps offering a stand alone Viacom package for those that want either CMT, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, or Nickelodeon could be an option. I would gladly add an extra $10 – $15 to my monthly bill to add Viacom networks to my channel. I know there are many others that would like the option for A&E Netwroks.

    It would also be nice if those of us paying for the Tiers that say they offer Regional Sports Networks actually received our Regional Sports Network. I have many people that would like to switch from Cable or Satellite to Vue, but the lack of Root Sports Northwest and the local Seattle Mariners games has stopped them.

    Overall, I have never been happier with a Live TV service than PS Vue. I’m satisfied with the service, and am completely on board with the extra $5 being announced today. That said, it would be nice to see the service continue to grow, and continue to shake up the traditional Live TV Market. Let’s make sure PS Vue is here to stay for the long run.

    • Want Viacom? Philo..

    • As far as Viacom is concerned, Philo is an option but Philo is also partially owned by Viacom. A Philo account also let’s you access some network’s TV Everywhere app such as A&E. Which augments the on demand content available with a Philo subscription. But Philo just changed to one package for $20 per month.

      I think the concern is that with increased costs to both PS Vue and Philo, how much is being really being saved now by cutting the cord.

  • Probably shouldn’t brag about muti-view until you add the feature to Android TV.

  • Still even with price increase this is still a great deal for the channels we use regular. Way better price than our promotional deal with cable and once it’s up PS Vue will still be a save. Wouldn’t mind seeing a PS Vue and PS plus bundle as an available option though.

  • What I can’t stand is the DVR function not working as a DVR . . .

    If I DVR a TV show, I don’t expect and shouldn’t have to watch the on demand version of it with unskippable ads . . . I set it to DVR so I can skip the damn commercials!!! The DVR is false advertising with some shows.

    • No it isn’t. It clearly explains what shows don’t use the ‘traditional’ DVR and what will be on-demand.

    • The only service with good DVR is YouTube TV, in case you’re wondering.

  • Stop adding so many sports channels! Raise the cost if the sports tiers I’d you want to. Add in entertainment channels. Still missing A&E and Comedy Central, which is why I have to get Sling too.

    These streaming services are swiftly becoming the reason I dropped cable. Paying more and more for tons of channels I never watch.

    • This is why I would love to see them offer Networks individually. I believe a lot of people would be happier paying $50 for 25 channels that they watch vs $50 for 51 channels, of which say only 10 have content they are interested in.

      I would love the option to subscribe to Viacom and A&E Networks individually. They could charge $5, $10, $15 a month depending on the Network.

      Giving people options is what Streaming is supposed to be all about. I think this would help boost the image of PS Vue a lot.

  • This is really disappointing, as the steady increase in cost makes Vue a worse value over competitors, especially other on-demand/streaming services like Hulu+. We chose Vue because it let us narrow the content we were receiving in exchange for a better cost. Please stop trying to be the cable offering that I wanted to get rid of so badly. The 30 day “grace period” for existing users is insignificant, we’re looking for real long term savings in our subscription services. But hey, at least now I’m paying more for….beIN sports?

  • Add 4 channels over never heard of and charge $5 more??? I’m super excited to look at other options

  • Didn’t it just go up $5 a few months ago? For those of us in Chicago area, would really like to see WGN 9 added as a local channel. They carry alot of Cubs/whiteSox/Bulls games

  • You can expect my termination shortly. You increased the cost because you add the Tennis Channel, the former Al Jezeera sports channel (beIN Sports) and Curiosity Stream? I could care less about sports. I definitely will never watch the tennis channel. I will never watch the Al Jezeera sports channel. Really? Are you kidding me? The majority of subscribers want to watch tennis and soccer? Seriously, who watches that channel?

    I am with those who escaped cable to find something where at least I pay for some of the channels I want to watch. Yet, channels I find ridiculous, I have to pay for so a portion of the audience can watch? I am subsidizing others. I don’t want to subsidize others.

    How about this. Create an a la cart menu. I watch 2 channels and my wife watches 5. $55 for 7 channels. That is almost $7 per channel. We already subscribe to CBS All Access at $5. Hope the others come on line soon so I can cut out the middle men.

  • When I started Vue is was $29.99. Offered a better selection of channels with MTV and Comedy Central. Since then they have added increasing irrelevant channels and has nearly doubled in price. My wife and I are starting to consider other options. Not being mean just the reality of the situation and a $10 PSstore code is nice, but is a small bandaid for a increasingly bigger problem.

  • Gave up my subscription a while ago, but was considering activating it again. Even while it’s cheaper than cable, it’s getting to the point where the difference in price isn’t enough to justify the difference in picture quality and ease of use. Plus, there’s still not NHL Network!

  • The price and lose of channels since its launch finally made me drop View. If they had a bundle without all the sports and they added Viacom with a drop in price I’d give it a shot again. But I’m been happy with Hulu, Netflix, and Prime as my main sources of premium content. I’ve been using Pluto TV as for my live tv fix and its more than adequate this point.

  • well thank you again for the price increase. I am budgeted to only certain amount each month being a handicap veteran and well it hurts me to keep Vue. Sorry paying $70 a month on top of internet is no longer worth it. Hulu live is $45 a month vs Vue $70 a month. I have to go cheaper. if you sony really care about us customers then you wouldn’t jack up the price.

  • You people really think Vue is a cheap option? You’re serious? It’s THE most expensive live TV option out there, how could you POSSIBLY think the price is justifiable? Mindless Sony worship, I guess.

  • Im a PSVue subscriber who loves sports, and even I’m saying WTH. I think they need to take additional sports channels and make them part of a sports tier. include the basics like ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBCSN in the lowest bundles. add the option to add all the other sports channels for $10-$15 a month. this lowers the cost for non sports fans. How about striking a deal to get Viacom channels back? I miss having Comedy Central, A&E. and History Channel. I would also like CBS to be offered in my area. I don’t have the best reception in my area for an OTA. Just listen to your subscribers and give us what we want. I don’t want to have to pick up Philo just to get the channels you don’t carry. Would you rather have the $20 I would be forced to spend on Philo go to PSVue? Make it happen SONY!

  • Can you please bring this to Canada? I’m havign a really hard time, and desperate for a decent option for streaming live TV channels, but there’s nothing good available in Canada.

  • I’ve had this for a month and to the most part I really like it except for experiencing temporary buffering or freeze issues quite often during the day usually I noticed. I have 30mbps (million bits per second) bandwidth which is 20 Mbps more than required to stream according to PS Vue TV on one device (HD 1080 movie will need 5 Mbps speed and 3 Gig a bytes of data an hour or 4.5-6 G based an average movie of 90-120 mins long). I figure I have what is required to cut the cord and go with PS Vue TV.

    The first problem I encountered and had to solve was with my external Roku running 24/7 and some shows come to find out the hard way are on auto play like HBO Game of Thrones and will play non stop eating up a lot of data as it did me when I fell asleep with the TV on. I knew that one even was not totally responsible for my exceeding my good amount of data plan. I did finally figure out a solution for controlling that successfully with out reducing my video quality. Now It’s trying to figure out why the streaming will suddenly stop; sometimes is displays it’s waiting on a commercial?? Other times the show just stopped completely and restarts back up suddenly. I have had some shows that will repeat the content over and over again like when you had a record playing and the needle got stuck.

    I have spent a lot of time investigating all the possible issues and remedies trying to get this service to work flawlessly and now I have to ask myself if this is all going to be in vein because the cost for the streaming service keeps going up and will become like the cable we got rid of. We want a low cost way to view TV with good video and sound quality. Hello we are not a society of rich people and the middle class is shrunk considerable so the market for throw away high tech toys are looking for ways to slim it down not go right back up.

  • Just unsub and show them who’s the boss. They will pay you to sub back…

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