Medusa and Her Lover Launches Today on PS VR

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Medusa and Her Lover Launches Today on PS VR

Creator Ryota Nishida details the single-player and co-op options of this unusual adventure for PlayStation VR.

After showing the game to thousands of players at various game shows, I am excited to finally see Medusa and Her Lover release on PS VR internationally. All the smiles and support that I have received from everyone who has seen the game has pushed me toward the release of this unique PS VR game, which focuses on co-op play.

Since this game is rather unique, and throws the player deep into the world that Medusa and her lover find themselves in, I wanted to take the time to introduce how you can play in both single and co-op modes. I hope that you will all use this information to fully enjoy the game!

Introducing Medusa and Her Lover

Medusa is cursed — any living being that she makes eye contact with will be turned to stone. When facing various enemies, this curse turns into quite an advantage, as she can turn her opponents to stone with a single glance. However, great power comes at a cost; overusing her hardening stare can tire her out and place a great amount of strain on her body. Her only form of recovery is to close her eyes and take a moment to rest.

Medusa doesn’t travel alone. Gaios is a young hero, determined to find a cure to Medusa’s curse. Gaios battles side-by-side with Medusa, covering her blind spots. He draws enemies away from her in moments when she needs to close her eyes to recover.

Medusa and Gaios are tragic lovers — though they support each other through every step of their journey, it could all end in tragedy with a single glance.

Medusa and Her Lover can either be played with two people in local co-op or as a single player in VR where each side of the controller takes control of a different character. The set up is rather unique, but can lead to hours of fun as you face the various stages of monsters.

Local Co-Op Mode

Medusa and Her Lover can be played with a partner in local co-op mode. One player assumes the role of Medusa, and wears the PS VR headset. The other player takes the role of Gaios, played via the TV screen. The game is relatively simple to operate, with no complicated game mechanics that might deter casual players.

The key part of local player for Medusa and her Lover, is the chance to communicate and work together, without looking at each other — the same circumstances as our two main characters. While I was developing the title, I often heard comments such as “My relationship with my husband/wife improved though this game” — something a developer is always delighted to hear!

Please note that two DualShock 4 controllers would be needed for co-op mode.

Single Player Mode

Single Player mode features a rather unique style of play as you take control of both Medusa and Gaios. Controlling two characters at once can be challenging at first, but doing it smoothly for the first time results in a huge sense of accomplishment.

While wearing the VR Headset, both characters are controlled using a single controller, where the buttons and joystick on the left side controls Medusa, the buttons and joystick on the right controls Gaios. Since I was developing this game alone, I was exclusively playing in this mode.

You can switch between the characters simply by moving them, viewing the scene from a third-person perspective. This can help you navigate the field, see your surroundings, and escape from enemies you didn’t notice behind you.

Standing still after moving Medusa switches you to her first-person perspective. In this mode, you can directly look at your enemies and turn them to stone. Just be careful not to look at Gaios!

Although Medusa’s ability is powerful (and cursed), she must time take to rest. It is during these moments where Gaios can shine. Using the two characters in tandem can create a defensive team with Medusa handling long range attacks, and Gaios focusing on close range.

Since single player mode is much more challenging than co-op mode, I recommend you start on Easy difficulty. It can be rather difficult at the start, but you can begin slow and work your way bit by bit through all six stages of the game.

This two-character set up can open up a variety of unique playstyles, so I look forward to hearing everyone’s best strategies for the game!

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  • Now that I have a PSVR I’m definitely gonna get this game

  • First off I just want to say congrats on launching this game. Being the sole developer on a title is always an impressive feat!

    This sounds like a very interesting concept, and I’m always glad to see people utilizing the uniqueness of VR to make a new kind of experience. That local co-op mode where the person wearing the headset cannot look at their partner is a neat, smart concept!

  • This sounds awesome and something perfect for me and my wife to play together. Always enjoy seeing new games come out that try new and interesting ways to play. I’ll be getting this for sure.

  • @ Shoya_Kido

    Hi there! Are you the dev? Congratulations on making a game! That is a huge accomplishment to take on alone. I LOVED your concept and played the game through twice with my husband yesterday.

    I must say, you have a brilliant idea. The trust mechanic with having to isolate Medusa with having her eyes closed is so, so cool.

    If I may offer some constructive feedback?
    – Not being able to turn and walk at the same time is a little frustrating, a smoother movement pattern would be greatly beneficial. And there are some invisible walls and things.
    – Would you be willing to add more levels and lengthen the game in the future? We we’re having fun and the game was over all too soon :)
    – Would you also be willing to add more story? Even something simple like a few voiced pages before the game starts and in between the chapters. This could greatly build player connection to the characters, which is important in a game about love. Also, I just want to hear more about Medusa!

    Again, I think you have an amazing idea and core project here, and I think so many people would enjoy it if you adjusted and added a few things. Thank you for all your effort and for coming up with such an original idea!

    • @ Shoya_Kido

      Also, I just played it through again myself on solo. This game is really growing on me, and I plan to get it’s platinum trophy.

      But I also just noticed the turning and walking issue is only present when playing co op, since it’s a dual joystick issue.

      Thank you again for your work on this, I’m rather fond of this game.

    • Hi!
      The developer is Ryota Nishida, and I’m the person handling this game for the publisher.
      Together with the developer, we’ve worked really hard toward getting this title released.

      Thanks so much to both of you for playing, and thank you for the feedback as well!
      Together with Ryota Nishida, I’ve read all of the feedback received so far.
      Unfortunately, I can’t comment on possible future updates for the game at this point.
      However, while we do have plenty of points that we wish we could’ve done better or changed for the next title, we are truly happy that we were able to get this game released.

      We’re so happy to hear that you’re going for the platinum trophy, and that you like the game!
      The game was created with the wish that it would find a place in someone’s heart, somewhere, so hearing that you like the game is the highest praise we could get.

      We really hope you continue to enjoy Medusa and Her Lover!

  • While the concept was promising enough that I purchased this game, it was quite disappointing.

    There are a whole slew of problems with the mechanics
    – can’t walk and turn at the same time
    – when attacking, you get stuck moving in a single direction

    I couldn’t actually find a scenario where the characters couldn’t look at each other. Playing as Gaios, I found I could always look at medusa.

    On top of that, the game is super short with very minimum variety. If I could do it over, I would have skipped over this. There are VR “experience” items in the store with more gameplay than I found in this game.

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