Cyberpunk 2077 Empowers Players With Cybernetic Freedom

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Cyberpunk 2077 Empowers Players With Cybernetic Freedom

CD Projekt Red walks us through player choice options like brutish battle tactics and subversive hacking strategies.

Our latest look at Cyberpunk 2077 continues to impress. CD Projekt Red’s next big game shaping up to be one smart, gripping action-RPG. Deus Ex fans in particular should be paying close attention.

We got our first look at the gritty world of Pacifica, the southernmost district of Night City, and a hotbed of gang warfare dominated by the Voodoo Boys.

CDPR played a new infiltration scenario using two distinctly different character builds, swapping back and forth to demonstrate how different abilities can radically change the experience. At times, they almost played like two entirely different games.

A hacker-focused character used stealth to evade enemies, disabled cameras, and could access “backdoor” stations to gain control over local security systems. He was armed with a nanowire, which doubles as a weapon and a remote hacking apparatus; toss it at an enemy’s head to access his or her systems, or use its keen slicing edge to pop off limbs in melee combat.

Meanwhile, a brute force-focused character pried open fortified doors or overpowered enemies, carrying them as a human shield. Clash with a sentry turret? Block its oncoming fire with a hapless enemy’s body, then rip off its machinegun at close range for some extra firepower.

This variety is possible thanks to fluid customization that enables players to mix and match abilities to suit their play style. A CDPR spokesperson said the studio’s goal is to create “maximum freedom” in customization. One example: it’s possible to complete the entire game without killing a single human.

The game’s expansive perk tree includes a slew of combat-focused skills (blades, melee, sniper rifles, shotguns, handguns) as well as other physical characteristics (athletics, assassination, cold blooded). We don’t yet know exactly how these will all interact, but it should provide a formidable foundation no matter your preferred play style.

The game’s attention to detail continues to impress, and help increase immersion in the game’s sprawling world. Spoken languages are translated in real-time via your character’s built-in HUD. While exploring the Voodoo Boys’ turf, their subtitled Haitian Creole shifted seamlessly into written English, adding convincing futuristic flair.

Cyberpunk 2077’s freedom of cybernetic character customization and fluid tactical approaches makes it one of the most enticing games coming to PS4 next year. CD Projekt Red’s dystopian future arrives April 16, 2020.

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  • As much as I’m interested in this game, I rather wait till the GOTY (or Game of the Millennia) version comes out; I want a complete Cyberpunk 2077 experience. But damn, it’s gonna be hard for me to wait since this game is sooooo seductive!

    • This is definitely one of those situations where you have to decide if the wait is worth the spoilers. I was planning on waiting for a PS5 port since this is going to push the PS4 Pro beyond its limits but then they got Keanu.

    • If Sony censors cyberpunk 2077 I’m buying an Xbox. If I wanted to play kids games I would’ve bought a Nintendo

    • @ Dr_Awesome81 – Hahaha unbelievable.

  • At least u have a pro. It still needs to run on a base model too :/ (I have both:p]

  • Any time I hear the word “empower”, my Woke Bullsh_t alarm goes off. I pray that it’s unwarranted in this case.

  • I assume this is not going to follow the new model where they release a small part of the game and expect me to want to pay for DLC 5 months.

    • they didn’t do it for the the witcher, i doubt they will do it for this

    • Witcher 3 to this day is the 3rd game with best execution of DLC on the PS4.Season pass was only $25 and they delivered 2 insane DLCs which are totally worth the price and actually feel like DLC.Only Driveclub and UC4 had best execution of DLC than Witcher 3.I’d say CDPR deserves a vote of trust.

  • Looking forward to experience the world of Cyberpunk 2077 , it was an amazing revealing at e3 – TWITCHTYGRR7

  • had no idea sony was going hard on censoring games. pre-ordered the CE version for ps4 because I was planning on picking up a ps5, and I sure as hell ain’t picking up a pro at this point. but now that PC version of the CE is coming to NA and now I am aware of censorship being a thing on sony’s platform, prolly cancel the ps4 CE of Cyberpunk 2077. prolly cancel my plans to pickup a ps5 too, hardly play my ps4 anyway. oh well. oddly enough, I have no plans of cancelling my gog pre-order..

  • Been eager for Cyberpunk since 2015 when I saw the very 1st trailer that seems to have nothing to do with the game now but whatever lol cant wait for it.Ma soul hurts when I think it ain’t 3rd person but still it’s CDPR…devs of the best game ever conceived on this planet.Day 1 buy…can’t wait to explore that Cyberpunk world,pretty much like Witcher 3…I’ll live inside the game,to hell with reality.

  • if the game comes censored, i buy he for xbox

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