Imagine Dragons Music Pack Lands in Beat Saber Today

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Imagine Dragons Music Pack Lands in Beat Saber Today

Beat Saber introduces their second Music Pack, along with a brand-new environment created exclusively for it.

An extraordinary day in Beat Saber! One of the biggest bands in the world — Imagine Dragons — is officially releasing their music in Beat Saber today. Imagine Dragons Music Pack is a pulsing pop-rock selection of 10 popular hits, containing singles like Believer, Thunder, and Radioactive. The beats of Imagine Dragons have never been so immersive. Pick up your sabers, put on your headset, and celebrate with us one of the biggest music moments of this year!

There is no need to introduce Imagine Dragons, the band loved by millions of people worldwide and regularly peaking the global music charts with their latest singles. Since the release of Beat Saber, we knew deep in our heart that we need to bring this iconic band into Beat Saber and let your senses experience something totally different. We set this goal and our team’s efforts leaned into it since then. And here we go!

Imagine Dragons Music Pack is full of hits:

  • Bad Liar
  • Believer
  • Digital
  • It’s Time
  • Machine
  • Natural
  • Radioactive
  • Thunder
  • Warriors
  • Whatever It Takes

To maximize your music immersion, we are also adding a brand-new environment created exclusively for this Music Pack. When you compare the cover image and our new environment, it’s probably pretty obvious what was the inspiration, right? Get ready to step into the mysterious industrial world of Imagine Dragons.

The songs are available in all difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Expert+) so everyone among your friends and family can enjoy the game… it’s just so natural to get into the game and start slashing the beats. With the pulsing music of Imagine Dragons and our mesmerizing environment, you won’t want to leave.

Imagine Dragons Music Pack is coming to Beat Saber as our second pack and broadens our music selection. We plan to continue by bringing more variety to the game and open Beat Saber to more music genres so everyone finds the music they love and enjoy the most. Our music road map for 2019 is full of famous big-name artists but also emerging indie musicians, all across the music spectrum. 2019 is gonna be huge in Beat Saber!

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  • I once said I would buy every music pack in Beat Saber to support the developers but an entire pack of nothing but one band I would actively go out of my way to avoid listening to makes that hard. I’m going to have to echo the sentiment I’m seeing elsewhere right now and say that an entire song pack featuring one band might not be the best idea for appealing to a wider audience, it’s definitely going to alienate some of the games fans every time.

    • I didn’t know any of the music in original Beat Saber soundtracks. I didn’t know any of the bonus tracks they added. I didn’t know MonsterCat when they added that Music Pack.

      What I found is whatever I started listening to as part of playing, I grew to enjoy.

      For me, what I have found is that the music just has to work with the gameplay and then it can be enjoyed even if I would never have heard or enjoyed that music all by itself preceding that experience.

    • I’ve discovered a lot of new music with Beat Saber and enjoy playing songs I wouldn’t have listened to otherwise but this is different. I will take action to mute the audio or leave the room whenever believer is playing, this is a case of dislike to the point of avoidance.

    • Well yes, some of the songs you may have already heard too much. I listen to my own playlists and even so I have listened to Believer many times before (and I wouldn’t put that on any of my playlists).

      That still leaves 9 other songs and even Believer, for what it is worth playing is more fun than just listening.

    • TBH I’ve bought the game on three platforms and the monstercat DLC twice, it’s not like I’m personally hurting for more songs. My main concern is having a quarter of the official tracks being imagine dragons splits the community. It should have been split into two packs with another genre of music taking the other five songs to appease those who don’t like imagine dragons. I’m sure a year from now the song list will have doubled and this will be less of an issue unless they decide music pack three is Bieber fever.

    • It makes me sad to say it, but I’m with Dr_Awesome here. The only way I like this band is remixed by other artists. I find their music incredibly bland.
      However, I just picked up the game with the MonsterCat pack, so I’m not really hurting for songs yet.
      And really, I’m not against a single-artist track pack. It just needs to be a good one, not a “popular in this moment” one. If they were to release a Skillet track pack, I’d be all over that.

  • THIS.IS.AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • Love it! We need more music for the game. :D

    As for it being one aetist, who cares. It’s not like that’s anything new. Rock band did it multiple times. Aerosmith anyone? So it’s not going to hurt them.

    I do see where if you don’t like the band it’d be annoying but at this point I’d be glad for them to add any music, regardless if I liked the band.

  • Personally I’d love to see some international music make it into the game. Not lyrics necessarily, just music that fits well with the gameplay but from different styles and places. French, Russian, Spanish, Indian, Swedish, whatever… like 10 tracks from 10 different places / music cultures.

  • When will these music packs be available in Hong Kong??

  • Same question : When will these music packs be available in Hong Kong??
    It’s unfair for being left behind. We bought the same game with the same price…..

  • Awesome. I love Imagine Dragons. Im going to sink a ton of time into mastering this.

  • Why cant we download it in Singapore:(

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