Gallery: Days of Play 2019 Limited Edition PS4 Console and DualShock 4

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Gallery: Days of Play 2019 Limited Edition PS4 Console and DualShock 4

Get an up-close look at the stunning new Steel Black PS4 slim, available starting today during Days of Play.

Hey everyone! The moment I laid eyes on the new limited edition PS4 slim created to celebrate this year’s Days of Play promotion, I started asking around to see how I could get my hands on one. The good news is I found one and they let me take photos of it with my trusty Sony a9 + 90mm f/2.8 macro lens. The bad news is I had to give it back. Either way, I got some lovely photos of the console, which I’d love to share with you here. A few things I noticed while photographing it:

  • The bottom half of the unit is the standard black finish you may already be familiar with, but the top half gets a striking “Steel Black” treatment — not quite a full “matte” finish but not exactly glossy either. It’s smooth to the touch, but doesn’t pick up fingerprints the way a full gloss finish would.
  • The sacred symbols emblazoned on the top / front of the console have a gorgeous brushed metal finish, and when they catch the light juuuuust right… (you probably know the meme I want to embed here).
  • The controller looks similar to the Steel Black DualShock 4 you may or may not already own, but the four face buttons on this one have been given a striking monochrome treatment. Classy!
  • I really want one.

But that’s enough from me. You’re here for pictures! Feast your eyes below, or (some of which make for mighty fine desktop and mobile wallpapers, if I say so myself):

Days of Play 2019


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