Red Dead Online: New Early Access Content for PS4 Players Out Now

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Red Dead Online: New Early Access Content for PS4 Players Out Now

Including the brutal Ancient Tomahawk, new clothing and emotes, and two new Showdown Modes.

Last week’s
Red Dead Online
update saw the game’s biggest content drop yet including a huge range of new cooperative story missions, Free Roam activities, Poker and sweeping improvements including the introduction of Playing Styles, increased gold payouts and more. This week, PlayStation 4 players get early access to new Showdown Modes, clothing, emotes and a brutal new melee weapon, all free of charge and without rank restriction.

The Ancient Tomahawk

Visit your local Fence to acquire the throwable Ancient Tomahawk, free of charge and available to players of any rank.

The Perlino Andalusian Horse, Horse Equipment, Clothing and Emotes

Visit the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue in the game or online to check out a range of new content available at no cost with no rank restrictions for PlayStation 4 players only.

The Perlino Andalusian Horse has higher stamina for longer rides and can be acquired for free along with a new saddle and saddlebags. Or visit a General Store or Tailor to try on the Finely Jacket, Stenger Studded Spurs and the Caldwell Hat to take them home free of charge. You can also get the Boast and Hey, You emotes from the Catalogue and equip them for use through the Emote Wheel.

Make it Count: Ancient Tomahawk

A true test of resourcefulness: use nothing but Ancient Tomahawks to be the last one standing in this free-for-all Showdown Mode. Take down your enemies silently by throwing the Ancient Tomahawk or getting up-close and personal. With a gradually shrinking play area, there’s nowhere to run. Launch Make it Count in the Special Series from the Red Dead Online main menu, through the Quick Join option in the Player Menu or by visiting the Special Series icon on your map.

Last Stand

Last Stand is a new variation of free-for-all competition where players compete to survive in two-minute bouts, resulting in a bloody free-for-all with no way out, no second chances, and one winner. Be the last one alive to win a bout. You can jump into Last Stand via the Red Dead Online main menu, the Quick Join option from the Player Menu or by visiting the Special Series icon on your map.

In addition to this suite of Early Access Content for PS4 players, you can earn five Gold Bars for playing in a Posse any time before May 27. Enjoy this range of new content and keep an eye on Red Dead Online in the weeks to come for new content and events.

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  • Wow, that is some really cool stuff and it’s all free! Thanks Rockstar and PlayStation!

  • Those Tomahawks looks dope man.

    • They are just like an normal tomahawk. The only difference is:

      Normal tomahawks. You can carry 3. And are behind a level

      Ancient tomahawk has no lvl restriction but you can only carry 1
      Hope this helped.^^

      Peace Love and Harmony from me to you^^

  • I don’t see any of these items on the online catalogue. Anybody having same issue?

    • The tomahawk you’ll find at a fence ^^

      The horse + equipment you’ll get directly from the stables

      And emote and clothing Is directly in a tailor. Hope this helped you. ^^

      Peace Love and Harmony from me to you ^^

  • Wish i had my game so i can game share

    • Yeah my dad broke my game and now my friend got the game and now I can’t play online with him.

  • I love the emphasis in “all free of charge”.These news…does this mean this incomplete game have finally come to a somehow state of completion?…it releases without the online then the online portion is released in beta state for months.Haha funny how rockstar sheeps out there suddenly became lenient to incomplete games and paying for beta testing LMAO.

  • Can you please tell me what is the exact deadline for this free content? May 26th 23:59 or may 27th 23:59?

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