State of Play May 2019: The Complete Recap

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State of Play May 2019: The Complete Recap

Featuring a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer, a closer look at Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, a release date for MediEvil's PS4 remake, and more.

Today’s State of Play broadcast was short but sweet! Watch the full show here if you didn’t see it live, then read the stories linked below for more details on each new reveal.

What was your favorite announcement?

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  • I was really looking forward to seeing more of MediEvil, but this showing didn’t look nearly as polished as the last. In addition to the graphics generally looking a little cheaper and the framerate being worse, seeing enemies like the skeletons on the pirate ship mindlessly keep running in place towards Sir Daniel instead of standing still when they’re within range is jarring and makes everything feel a little cheap.

    Also, I’m a little concerned that not much is being done to improve the gameplay of the game (as many fond memories as I have of MediEvil, the game definitely didn’t age as well as some of the other remasters like Crash and Spyro), which could be a turn-off for new people looking to get into the series. Hopefully the gameplay side of things is explored a little bit more in the future.

    • Hopefully you’re not basing that off the live stream. Twitch’ compression isn’t the greatest.

    • Watch the YouTube trailer. It looks the same.

      A Twitch stream also wouldn’t result in basic animations for enemies being missing.

  • Away will be amazing!

  • Great little show!

  • This was a great show I hope to see a new state of play in june!!!!!

  • That was a good show. I wouldn’t mind having a host present the stream other than a faceless voice. Would give the show character and personality. Other than that, solid show. Great pacing as always.

  • Away definitely has a Tokyo Jungle vibe going on.

  • Well done! There’s a lot to like here, but I find myself being most intrigued by AWAY :-D

  • Awesome event, PlayStation!
    There was more exciting news than any XBOX E3 event, ever.

    • Seems most everyone loved the video but myself. Regardless of the games involved, I don’t particularly find DLC, remasters, and remakes to be exciting. Oh well.

  • I wish there was an announcement about SOCOM being remastered

  • Very nice…was looking forward to see more of Medievil and it was cool but Iceborne stole the show…damn it looks simply amazing,it’s here again the crazy wish to buy Monster Hunter,snow always make things better.

  • MikeyDarkMatter

    Liked all that was shown especially predator hunting grounds

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