State of Play: Watch Live at 3pm Pacific

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State of Play: Watch Live at 3pm Pacific

Featuring an extended look at MediEvil, a first look at a new title, and more.

Hi all! Excited to share that State of Play will return for a new episode next Thursday, May 9 at 3:00pm Pacific Time. It’ll be a quick show (around 10 minutes), but we’ve got some PS4 updates we couldn’t wait to share with you.

PlayStation Worldwide Studios will be showing off an extended look at MediEvil, as well as a first look at a new title. And we’ll have other updates and announcements from upcoming PS4 games.

One note: Don’t expect any updates relating to our next-generation plans this time. Sorry!

You can watch live on , , , and , as usual.

As always, we’re always reading your feedback and comments, so please keep them coming! There’s lots more in store for State of Play: episode 3 will return later in the year with more news and updates.

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  • Cool! Can’t wait, TLOU 2 perhaps….?

    • They probably would’ve said so given they mentioned Medievil, but ya never know. I do like that they were much more upfront about the content and length of the show to keep expectations within reason. Huge improvement over the first one already

    • @Alias03

      Watch people immediately after complain that they didn’t show TLOU2, Death Stranding, or Ghost of Tsushima LOL.

    • Hey Ed, will the broadcast be censored? Just want to ensure Sony enforces its new “guidelines.”

    • Jesus christ, haha. They give you this whole announcement, specifically, so that people like you wouldn’t go into this with ridiculous expectations like a Last of Us Part II update.

    • Or perhaps that CensorStation will stop censoring Japanese games? Let’s hope so.

  • New Ratchet!!!!

  • Give us a The Last Of Us Part 2 release date or trailer! It’s been 11 months… Please don’t disappoint

  • PatronusDraconis

    Please give us an update on TLOU 2.

  • Gonna be a teaser for the next Spider Man game ;)

    • Nah, they probably reveal Spider-Man 2 in 2020 during E3 or PSX

    • lol, no they will not show a teaser for the next Spider-Man game. What is wrong with you people? They are trying to set your expectations. They literally say they won’t have anything to say about their next-gen plans. You really think Spider-Man 2 is gonna be a PS4 game?

    • TechnoViking…..Stop replying and saying weird things that you justify by just saying “it won’t happen”. That’s what we want. Get over it.

    • xxQuKiMOn3yScOpZ


  • What about a new Ape Escape game to celebrate the franchise anniversary which is this month?

  • I can’t wait hopefully it’s the new Ratchet & Clank or Demon Souls Remake only time will tell but keep up the great work Sony!

  • Yes! I was waiting for this. Love the announcements of new things to play on my PS.

  • Guys, this isn’t some “Nintendo Direct” or E3 announcement like, it’s just some news from PS but in video. It’s good (I really really like) but don’t expect mind-blowing things. Peace out :)

  • Man , only 10 minutes? :(

    bring back PlayStation Experience!

  • Looking forward to it. I can’t wait for the episode with next gen plans. But I’ll take what I can get from this week’s episode. Thanks PlayStation.

    • “The episode with next-gen plans” is not gonna be *any* time soon, if they even use a State of Play for their next next-gen update, which I’m doubtful of.

  • Nice looking forward to it. Thanks for the info to keep expectations in check. Loving Days Gone as well!!

    • I’m hyped to see more MediEvil gameplay. Also, some actual launch dates for a few AAA titles would be awesome.

  • I just want a release date for The Last of Us Part 2, I don’t care if the rest of it is disappointing as long as we get that.

    • Same here. i am tired of waiting so long for TLOU 2 release date

    • You. Are. Not. Going. To. Get. A. Release. Date. For. The. Last. Of. Us. Part. II. In. This. State. Of. Play.

      The whole existence of this post is so you don’t expect it like that. They aren’t going to give you a release date until it’s *close* to release. The game is *at least* five months away, and there’s a great chance it doesn’t release until 2020. I have now provided you with information, so you don’t need to keep asking.

  • they can’t reveal all games for release date due to 10 minutes is not enough

  • Keeping an eye out for that “Ghost of Tsushima” State of Play.

  • So happy to be getting more MediEvil news! Bring on the PS1 remakes. I’d buy 10 copies of a The Legend of Dragoon remake and hand out 9 of them.

  • I wonder what Bluepoint Games is working on. ;)

  • Hope MediEvil looks even more fabulous than before. Gotta admit the first trailer looked a little pre-alpha, so extra graphical shine would greatly help that game. As for the new game, maybe Guerrilla’s next game? Though I surmise that would be kept for a PSX. Sony’s first-party has some surprises left so I hope this unannounced game is interesting. This should be a good presentation, at least better than the first episode.

  • Hi Sid,
    good announcement. You told us how long the show will be and kinda what to expect (MediEvil! Finally more MediEvil :) ).
    Exactly how it should be. Set the expectations right. The length and the what the SoP will be about. You did good here.

    Just one question: “Episode 3 later in the year” means Fall/Winter, right?

    • I think they release these episodes every other month. The last one was in the middle of March and this one is in early May, so maybe late June/early July if this pattern persists?

  • Not setting my expectations high for this.

    • Smart! It will be cool if you don’t have ridiculous expectations.

    • Given that Sony is a prudish, trash company, I think your expectations of “State of Censor” might still be too high.

  • Depends on if they mean Metric 10 minutes. You know they are Japan. Metric 10 minutes is like 45 minutes in standard murican time

  • Sid literally tells you what to expect and all of you are hyping it up with unreasonable expectations ultimately setting yourself up just to get disappointed about how bad the announcements were. YOU are what is wrong with this industry. Thanks PlayStation, keep up the amazing work, take your time in delivering us the best art video games have to offer.

  • 10 minutes? that’s…short.

  • Glad they’re being upfront and trying to help keep expectations in check. Of course there will still be those who bash it for “not including X” but whatevs.

    I for one CAN’T WAIT for the one about next gen plans. Maybe closer to E3? ;)

  • The only one of those you could even hope to get a release date for is MediEvil. And, even that one, I doubt.

    Very much doubt any of the games in your second list will make an appearance.

  • You’re a moron. They are literally telling you with this post to not expect it like that. Grow up.

  • NICE, can’t wait to see what the new game is about. I can also see a big state of play coming the week before or during the week of E3.

  • i think they going to leave that for E3 and make a big splash even if their not on the show floor this year.

  • So basically nothing much besides (finally) an update on MediEvil (remake)? I wish you guys did like a monthly series of videos on YouTube instead with updates on upcoming games and major news. It might be nice to get something like a monthly, quick video on YouTube instead of months of no official show and then a not-so-great live stream that is supposed to be like a few minutes.

  • Bring Christina Lee back and just rename it PULSE again like the good old days! Also bring back PS Home while you’re at it.

  • I can wait . New games or final fantasy 8 remake or 7

  • So happy to finally see more of MediEvil. One of my favorite PS1 games, so should be a blast. Hoping for more VR news too. Where’s Golem??

  • AmericanSamurai1

    Medieval, new rachet for this year and wild with a release date this year.

  • Please release MediEvil physically!

  • I heard through the grapevine that TLoU2 will get more info closer to the PS5 because it will be released with or close to the PS5.

  • Unless you are going to announce that you’ll stop censoring Japanese games, I have no interest in your crappy “State of Play” as you are a crappy, anti-consumer company. Until then, I’ll be supporting PC and the Switch, since Nintendo has more respect for their fans than CensorStation.

    • Why does it matter if it censor or uncensored. Get a girl dude.

    • I’m sorry you feel your rights to virtually grope underage anime girls are being threatened. Please know that Sony likely takes these complaints VERY seriously.

  • Hi playstation Community can I expecting to hear more about the new flows of games that coming soon on ps now I love the service on that episode of state of play if it’s not you should be more communicative about the new games each months thank you very much the service feel improve from two month already servers seems less laggy and more responsive ^^

  • I’ll be upfront, give me news on ff7 remake.Thx for the great games and year.

  • I HOPE!!! Please make it to just give us an announcement for The Last Of Us Part II

  • F YOU ARE LISTENING PLEASE STOP CENSORING RATED M GAMES THEY ARE RATED M FOR A REASON SUCH AS Senran Kagura:Games, SNK GAMES AND SO ON STOP CATERING TO PEOPLE THAT WILL NEVER PLAY YOUR PRODUCT’S it’s a insalt to those of us who support you guys for years since the PS1 days as a long time Sony fan I want to express my concern

  • Ps4 backwards compatible and a new handheld please

  • The Last Of Us 2️⃣

  • Speculation leads to disappointment ! You people just can’t stop.

    I enjoyed the first State of Play, I will enjoy the second one. Sony is connecting to its fans and player base. That alone is good enough for me. Even if I don’t care for some of the content someone else may care for it. If I could I would Thank Sony just for doing it.

  • I remember playing MediEvil on my original PS console. And are we looking at backwards compatibility? Been loyal since the days of the demo discs!

  • jpilkington1987

    It would be awesome if Sony would release weekly state of play videos about games and possible software updates and devs that they are cooking up. It would bring the company much much closer to the community, especially if the state of play videos are only going to be 10 minutes long.

    • jpilkington1987

      And for god sakes back the demo disc!!!

      That is all,

      Ogre the Red

    • Demos sure would be nice. There are so many games out there and the majority of them don’t have discs. You’d think in this day and age it would actually be 10xs easier to put out a demo then before when they had to make the demo good before it was burned to a disc.

  • The PS4 needs a new update that supports facebook livestream.

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