Share of the Week: Days Gone

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Share of the Week: Days Gone

Freakers and the Farewell Wilderness take the spotlight.

Last week, we asked you head out into the Farewell Wilderness and fend off some Freakers in Days Gone. While fighting for your life as Deacon St. John, you sent us some intense moments using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights:

@ahmedzafar99 shared this detailed portrait of our hero Deacon.

@ItsDVP focused in on the finer details of the road.

Deacon and Boozer drift their way through the rain in this share by @Nick_Baker777.

Deacon’s laughing through the chaos in this action packed share from @WarDragon989.

If you’re gonna take your eyes off the road, might as well be to look up at this beautiful sky, shared by @alejandroalex65

@PS4tographyuk shared this quality shot of a Freaker.

We couldn’t help but share another great shot taken by our very own Justin Massongill:

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Theme: Days Gone – Deacon’s Bike
Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, May 8

Next week, we take a closer look at Deacon and his bike. Share moments of him on the broken road in Days Gone with #PS4share and #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

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