Days Gone: Rebuilding Deacon’s Bike in Real Life

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Days Gone: Rebuilding Deacon’s Bike in Real Life

The PlayStation Nordic team worked with a team of gearheads to rebuild Deacon's trusty steed in the real world.

Bend Studio’s post-apocalyptic biker adventure, Days Gone, is out, and players around the world are diving into the freaker-infested plains of Oregon’s heartland. Days Gone features an open world where everything is constantly trying to kill you. Whether it’s wild animals, marauder gangs or relentless freaker hordes, danger is always lurking. Therefore, you need something to get you out of tight situations. You need a bike!

Deacon’s bike lies at the heart of Days Gone, and players can expect to form a bond with it that goes beyond simply man and machine. PlayStation Nordic set out to bring the bike to life in the real world.

The Team

A team of four Danes was assembled, each with their own area of expertise.

Patrick is the project lead, and has been given the task of recreating the bike in real life. The garage manager Andreas has been responsible for a motorcycle repair shop for years and knows all the ins and outs of motorcycles. The team’s designer, Rakel, takes care of drafts and sketches. The fourth and last member is Fabian, a mechanic experienced in welding, metal works and building all sorts of vehicles.

More than just a coat of paint

Creating Deacon’s trusty bike takes more than just a coat of paint. It has to be quick, reliable and versatile — a last resort when everything takes a turn for the worse and freakers are pouring in from everywhere.

To make matters even more stressful, the team only had 48 hours to turn an old wreck of a bike into the kind of machine that keeps Deacon from suffering a gruesome, painful death. The team spent day and night in the garage, tailoring the motorcycle to fit the needs of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Denmark got a Motorcycle

As for the final result of the bike, we think we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. It’s good to know — if there’s ever a global pandemic, where millions upon millions of people are turned into mindless, cannibalistic beings, that there’s a bike cut out for the task somewhere in Scandinavia.

Days Gone is out now, only on PlayStation 4.

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