BoxVR Steps into the PS VR Ring Today

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BoxVR Steps into the PS VR Ring Today

Professional fitness coaches put you through your paces in a virtual gym. Out today at PlayStation Store.

BoxVR is a boxing-inspired PS VR fitness game that delivers a professional quality workout whether you’re a couch potato or a total gym rat — or anywhere in between. It was co-designed by me and a team of five other professional fitness instructors. We used our 50+ years of collective experience to build routines that deliver the same quality of workout you’d get in a top-tier fitness studio while still being incredibly fun — kind of a mash-up of Guitar Hero and Zumba!

BoxVR is one of those games you’ll grasp in seconds, yet it never gets old. Throw hooks, jabs, uppercuts and other punches at coloured targets while ducking, bobbing and weaving to dodge other ‘attacks’. Each sphere indicates which hand to use and which type of punch to throw. Themed environments and a wide range of difficulty and intensity options add to the challenge and excitement.

Each routine is choreographed to music ranging from hip-hop to electronica to disco and more. For the PS VR adaptation, we’ve more than doubled the number of music tracks, for a total of 110, and added 11 exclusive new routines, for a total of 45 — creating an massive variety of workout session combinations ranging in duration from six to 60 minutes. (We’ll be adding tons more routines and tracks over time.)

How is BoxVR different from other movement/rhythm games? Well for starters, it’s the only game co-designed by me and several other professional fitness instructors. Our decades of experience helping people get the most out of their workouts were instrumental in choreographing the routines in the game, and you can feel the difference when you play.

BoxVR workout routines gradually increase in intensity and challenge, but are never impossible – meaning players maximize their strength, endurance, timing and accuracy with minimum risk of injury. The routines include brief rest periods, deliberately designed to give players time to recover and lower their heart rate so they can go right back to giving 100% effort.

The game tracks your caloric burn rate, session length and more by session, week, month and all-time. This not only lets players ramp up the intensity of their workouts gradually, it’s also motivational; seeing your ongoing progress and cumulative calories burned is pretty inspiring!

As a professional dance and fitness instructor for many years, I’ve led thousands of group fitness classes all over the world, and I’ve been having a blast helping design and choreograph the routines in BoxVR. From the intensity level and duration to the music tracks, it’s easy to get the workout you want while having a great time honing your moves and racking up perfect scores.

For the PS VR launch, we’ve even added a trophy system (including a Platinum Trophy) to help track your progress and celebrate your major milestones. There are lots of VR games that will get you moving, but only BoxVR delivers a pro-quality workout session tailored to your specific needs, from duration and intensity to style and soundtrack. We’re super excited to bring BoxVR to PS VR, and hope you’ll give it a try!

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  • Omg I am so excited for this! Fitness is a niche that VR is gonna revolutionize. I can’t believe more devs haven’t latched on! Day one!!

  • Great news!!! Is this also launching on the European region PS stores today?

  • I box, and while I love the idea, boxing is very intense — the amount of sweating involved would be just gross with the VR headset on.

    • Main problem of sweating while playing PSVR is sweat that can roll into your eyes while playing.
      I had this issue a lot while enjoying Beat Saber. Use of a headband that absorbs the sweat and keeps it from rolling down into eyes might help but I haven’t tried yet.

  • I’m definitely down for this.

  • As much as I want this right now, I’ll be waiting three weeks to get it for Oculus Quest.

    And thanks much for bringing this to Oculus Quest.

  • Looks like someone realllly wanted to join in on the Beat Saber craze but didn’t want to get sued, so they came up with the ‘virtual boxing gym’ theme.

    • Cool story.

      BoxVR was released 11 months BEFORE Beat Saber. But you keep being you & push that false narrative.

  • look forward to this :)

  • Could of put a link to the store to buy on here…

  • Bought it yesterday. Great game. Very slick. Just a few minor irritants that could be fixed in the next patch.
    -Entering data: having to click each time you increase weight / age etc. is a serious pain when entering 62 years old and 215 lbs. It should be easy enough to just keep pressing the + or – signs to have the numbers increase / decrease
    -The game should be able to track more than 1 player. When my wife wants to play I have to login a different account so that she can keep track of her workouts. Because of this limitation we can’t easily play together taking turns between songs.
    -I know that it can be difficult to estimate calories burn but the game’s estimates are woefully off base. I use a smart watch and I get double the burned calories.

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