Countdown to the Launch of Days Gone Tonight

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Countdown to the Launch of Days Gone Tonight

Join us live as we celebrate the launch of Bend Studio’s open world adventure.

Days Gone is almost here! All week, we’ve been counting down the days to when we can get behind the wheel as Deacon St. John in a world that comes for you.

Before driving into the Farewell Wilderness and fending off freakers, we’ve been celebrating at with rewards, sweepstakes, and interviews with the team at Bend Studio. The celebration continues tonight with a launch-night livestream featuring special guests, live gameplay, and more. Read on for details on how to kick Days Gone off right:

Days Gone Countdown to Launch Livestream

We’ll go inside the development of Days Gone with a look at early concept art, a peek at a new in-game cinematic, horde-filled live gameplay alongside special guests John Garvin and Jeff Ross from Bend Studios.

Giveaways and Sweepstakes

What better way to join in on the fun than decking out your home screen with new PlayStation avatars? Or with one of two new Dynamic Themes? They’ll be available as giveaways during the countdown for US and Canada.

Rager bears might not be very cuddly in Days Gone, but 20 lucky US players have the chance of winning a very huggable Rager Bear Plushie after entering the sweepstakes.

For these rewards and sweepstakes, make sure to head to

We’ll see you for the Countdown to Launch livestream tonight. Happy riding!

Click here for official sweepstakes rules.

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  • The reviews on this game have not been… fantastic. I am still keeping my preorder and am excited to visit Farewell. I miss the days where I could just sit back and enjoy a good game rather than having to justify every purchase with a 9/10 score.

  • Very much looking forward to playing this tomorrow night. Was gonna pick it up tonight but I decided to see Avengers instead so I’ll have the whole weekend to play this.

  • The game is looking great!! Just have to patch the glitches it has :)

    Keep the good work Bend Studios, we trust you.

  • The reviews have been very disappointing, considering Day’s Gone is supposedly one of the big “final wave” PS4 games. I’m still interested in playing it for myself. However, I don’t mind waiting until the holiday season at this point.

    • To be fair.. no outlets really saw this as a big title, just the weakest title in their “big final wave”. I would say Day’s Gone was always more Hope while Death Stranding, Ghost and TLoU2 are Hype. For it’s first major push, Bend outdid themselves, though.

  • The Order 1886 reviewed worse than this game and I loved evwry minute of it. Still hoping for a proper sequal to The Order. It had that sony magic in story telling. Picking up my copy of Days Gone tonite at gsmestop and cant wait to get lost im the world. Great work Sony Bend and thank you for your hard work.

    • I really enjoyed what The Order could be, but I am also aware of the failures in it. I would love to see another studio take the world and do something with it. Whereas Bend did an A+ job… just on a title that feels four years old. If this were a launch title, or came out when The Order did, it would be an easy 8.5-9.

  • Day 1. Already preloaded and ready to go. A lot of people were at the 9pm event at Gamestop. This game will do well.

  • So got up at midnight and played until 1:30am. Got to say that I loved what I played. I did get a glitch where a NPC suddenly sunk into the ground at the first camp and then after just being a moving head, popped back up, but no jankies through my game play. I haven’t nearly got to any point that the game feels bloated or repetitive so I can’t comment on that. But so far I love the characters and the world. When I am 20 hours in, I may have a different opinion when the grind may or may not set in.

  • Days Gone has turned out exactly as it looked: nice production values, boring gameplay. Every trailer indicated that. Not every exclusive is going to be a God of War, Spider-man, or Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony’s track record with exclusives is still far superior to Microsoft . That said, Days Gone seems like a title to consider after days have gone by and the price drops.

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