Announcing Raising Kratos, a God of War Documentary

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Announcing Raising Kratos, a God of War Documentary

A new behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Kratos’ latest adventure, premiering on YouTube.

“Doubt is the demon that lives in the ear of every person in this industry…” — Cory Barlog

It’s only fitting on the one-year Anniversary, we’re excited to share this peak behind the curtain of God of War’s very own Santa Monica Studio with a trailer for our upcoming film, Raising Kratos. This full-length feature documentary, coming very soon to PlayStation YouTube, is an exploration into the massive undertaking it took to change the course of the God of War franchise.

More importantly, this is the first time PlayStation took a chance in telling a story about the ‘People’ who created this work of art. After nearly three years in production, and 400 hours of footage, please follow this cinematic journey of second chances rooted in family, sacrifice, struggle, and doubt.

The ultimate goal was to go beyond a ‘making of’ piece and dig deeper into the experiences of those who spend relentless time and effort into making something great. All creative endeavors, especially those of this magnitude, require an incredible amount of dedication and focus that constantly toe the fine line that separates both success and failure. The hope is that once people see the experience of Santa Monica Studio unfold on the screen, they will recognize the undying passion for their work and the incredible respect they have for their craft. For God of War specifically, the fans have shown a great deal of love and loyalty which has earned them an everlasting seat at the Santa Monica Studio family table.

We are extremely proud to share this window into a very long journey with those who celebrate God of War as much as we do, as well as those who will discover us soon.

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  • This is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to watch this.

    • Thank You Playstation for this! Love Corey and the Santa Monica team and so happy to see all their hard work displayed. Happy Anniversary!

  • My heart stopped at that scene at the end of the trailer. Don’t tease me like that you monsters! Can not wait for this.

    • Apparently that’s the original CGI teaser they wanted to put on the disc for GOW 3 Remastered, but ran out of time and never showed it.

    • @ ZanFear – I dunno that looks fishy,the scene where Atreus says he’s not a monster to him…that dialogue is not on the game.The way I see it they’re teasing us…or maybe that scene at the end was something removed from the game to be used in the next.Looks like how Kratos got in the norse world.

  • Can’t wait to watch this. Love these behind the scenes looks at making the games.

  • With how they had to develop the engine, mechanics, etc., for this game, the sequel shouldn’t take as long as how this took 5 years. I’d think some of the environments and methods for travelling would be the same too, in how the game will begin and how you access the other realms. I’m hoping for 2021 here on PS5. ;)

    • Oh, and I could be wrong, but the architecture of PS4 should be the same/very similar to PS5, so they shouldn’t have as many issues as when transitioning from PS2 to PS3 to PS4, with the PS3’s different architecture.

    • Oh STFU about PS5 already.

    • PS5?? If they can’t put more money into the GPU!!this time around’,I’m not buying it’.,i’ll buy a better graphics card for my PC”…an that’s all I’m going to say.

  • Like the game itself, this is going to be something special… and I really can’t wait to watch it. Seeing the game development process as an art form is still something that I don’t think is given enough recognition, although some YouTube channels like noclip have done a great job in starting that process. I really hope this documentary brings inspiration to future game consumers and developers and shows what a passionate and skilled dev team can accomplish.

  • Can’t wait to watch this!

  • how are the sales going?? :)

  • y Will you all not let games at have the AO rated video games on PlayStation 5 and keep it on PlayStation it is a M17-rated_video_games to a AO18-rated_video_games people good of a game to have a AO-rated_video_games now fix it ok

  • Should be “share this peek” not “share this peak”

  • I have to agree that God of War (2018) is such an amazing game and it reminds us all why PlayStation gamers enjoy the exclusives.
    What I’d like to see is a 4K collection on discs consisting of:
    – God of War
    – God of War II
    – God of War III
    – God of War Ascension
    – God of War Chains of Olympus
    – God of War Ghost of Sparta
    It would give people a chance to enjoy the entirety of the series on discs for the PS4 and experience the original series.
    Heck if you guys want, update 1, 2, Chains,and Ghost using the same graphical engine as 3 and Ascension so it all looks amazing. But I think that would be asking for too much…or is it?

  • Awesome initiative guys…need to find time to watch it,hope it won’t be 1h long or so lol.

  • I played this game twice the bond was so strong that i played again and am yet to play again later this year with and this time its game+ so i cant wait to watch and see how Kratos and Atreus story came together and what made it so special and unique!!

  • I loved playing GOW! Played it twice; got the platinum!!

    Can’t wait to watch the documentary! When does it come out?

  • I can’t wait to see it… But i’m talking about your trailer!!!!
    The birth date selector is a pain! You know where… There is no year selector.


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