Revealing the Entire Castlevania Anniversary Collection Lineup

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Revealing the Entire Castlevania Anniversary Collection Lineup

Eight of Konami’s monster-slaying classics arrive on PS4 May 16.

Hello PlayStation Blog readers! It’s Konami’s 50th anniversary this year, and we’re celebrating by bringing several collections of our much loved, retro games to PS4. Last month we announced three of them: Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection (out today at PlayStation Store), Contra Anniversary Collection and Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

We’re still working on finishing up the Contra Anniversary Collection, but today we’re happy to confirm the Castlevania Anniversary Collection will be coming to PlayStation Store on May 16, and we can also finally unveil the full lineup of games.

All you amazing Castlevania fans have been vocal with your requests and we’ve been listening! In addition to the already announced Castlevania, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, Castlevania II Belmont’s Revenge and Super Castlevania IV, the four titles completing the collection are:

Castlevania Bloodlines

Released over 25 years ago, Castlevania Bloodlines has been a sought-after classic by retro game collectors worldwide and now will be playable on a PlayStation console for the first time ever. Castlevania Bloodlines follows main protagonist John Morris, and is one of the few times a Castlevania game did not include a member of the Belmont Family.

Kid Dracula

Kid Dracula is a rare gem in the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Since its original release in 1990 as Boku Dracula-kun in Japan, Kid Dracula is a cute and light-hearted take on the Castlevania franchise and is rumoured to be one of the first times we meet Galamoth, better known as one of the bosses in Symphony of the Night.

Castlevania the Adventure

Originally released in 1989, Castlevania the Adventure was the very first Castlevania game made for a portable console. As Christopher Belmont, players will experience new experiments in Castlevania gameplay adapted for a handheld console.

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

Simon’s Quest evolved the gameplay from the original Castlevania, encouraging players to explore Transylvania in search for the scattered pieces of Dracula’s body. The game’s soundtrack, specifically is still one of the most recognizable pieces of video game music to this day with its iconic song, Bloody Tears.

I’m sure you’ll agree — that’s a whole lot of retro Castlevania goodness. We hope you’re ready to sink your teeth into all eight of theses classics when the Castlevania Anniversary Collection launches as a digital exclusive at PlayStation Store on May 16.

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  • Could really use the GBA games tbh.

  • And the DS games should work fine on a single screen.

  • Give us the GBA, DS, and PS2 Castlevania games as well

  • Would’ve loved it even more if it had included Castlvania 64.

  • Am I the only one who wants harmony of despair remade?

  • The Castlevania Adventure? Really?

  • Missed opportunity for gba or ds games as well as the wiiware one tho, bloodlines and the og gameboy ones are dope tho! Don’t think anyone was expecting Kid Dracula

  • Probably couldn’t get the license for the GBA/DS games which is a shame. Because those are the best Castlevania games out there.

    • why coundnt they? they own the rights not the devs them selfes like Iga

    • What is so hard to grasp about it CLEARLY being the NES/Genesis/SNES era games? Jesus Christ, people keep crying about DS games when its clearly meant to be the games from the BEGINNING of the series….

  • Nice to see that instead of actually, y’know, giving us a new Castlevania, they’d rather just cash grab by tossing their older games in bundles.

  • I can’t believe that almost all comments are like “meh….could/should have added this and that…” If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! Simple! Furthermore I’m asking myself if it’s so hard to understand that there might be a reason for not including certain games? ( licensing …. you know? ) Gamers nowadays kinda suck. Sorry, but I miss the 90s when good games were worshipped and not critiqued for no reason.

    • Your mindless worshipping of a company that hasn’t been that great for about 20 years now is so much better, yeah.

    • What company? Sony? Konami? And for the record: I worship the games where worship is due. Konami made some of the best games back in the days, so yeah, therefore I worship the old Castlevania Games. If you find that mindless, I’m fine with that.

    • Konami of course, I thought that was obvious. The collection is flawed and could have been so much better, plain and simple. If it had ONE, just one, GBA or DS game in it instead of the pathetic Game Boy games, it would be absolutely perfect. So yeah, you are mindless indeed. I’m sure it won’t have any extras either, which is just sad in this day and age.

    • See, everything could have been so much better nowadays and I’m really annoyed about this phrase all along. I spend so many hours with the GB Castlevania Games back in the days and none with the ones for GBA or DS, so this collection might be for the likes of me, not you. As I stated before: don’t like it? Don’t buy it! Simple. Can’t make everyone happy. If you don’t get that you must be really self-centered. How about being happy for those who are looking forward to this collection? You can’t go to a metal concert and be angry about having no country music there. Move along and find the things that make YOU happy. That’s it, Sir. Have a happy life and enjoy the things that are worth enjoying :)

    • @polychrome77, you’re the real hero here. As another old school gamer (started in the early 80s) I love that they are bringing old stuff back like this. Yes, licensing is and always has been a real issue. That is how Wasteland became Fallout for example. These people weren’t around then and came into gaming in a different era. I struggle to remember that when I read their comments. The way I help combat this issue in the future is I share my old games and game systems with my kids and friends’ kids. At least some of the next batch of gamers will appreciate and understand. :)

    • @TH3FotZ Cheers mate ;) Keep on handing the torch of old school gaming to future generations! This is where all the magic began :) I can’t be happier with all those rereleases of good old games!

  • Remember folks, they said when they originally announced it that this collection was focusing on the “origins of the historic franchise.” This seems like most every game of significance pre-Rondo/SOTN. I would assume any potential future collection would focus on the post-SOTN games, such as the GBA/DS titles.

  • This thing better be pretty cheap, because those Game Boy games are obviously just filler you tossed in there to make the game count higher.

  • Ahhh I’m super excited for Bloodlines and Kid Dracula since they’re expensive and have never been re-released! I’m curious whether the collection will include their Japanese counterparts? I love the upgraded music in the Japanese version of Castlevania III.

  • Such a wasted opportunity. The entire world was hoping for GameBoy Advance titles like Aria of Sorrow instead we get obscure games no ones ever heard of like Kid Dracula!? At least one thing was expected, Konami was gonna royally screw this up!

  • Now do one for MGS.
    MGS 1-5 and Peace Walker PS5.
    If you’re feeling kind, add Spec Ops and Ac!d 1 & 2.

  • What is the price of the collection please?

  • It sounds good, but due note that I will require another collection with Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, and Order of Ecclesia in it.

  • This is perfect: if the price is right, I’m definitely going to get it! Love the obscure Kid Dracula inclusion! I wish more collections would throw-in previously JP-only games!

  • They can’t do this without Castlevania III. A game so great they made it into a Netflix series

  • The Adventure inclusion is . . . puzzling, to say the least. Rebirth would’ve been great, but Adventure has aged terribly.

  • The Castlevania: Bloodlines was one of my favorite Genesis game and now seeing it come to PS4 is awesome but i wish they could get Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Castlevania: Rondo Of Blood and Super Castlevania 4 in there to replace Kid Dracula, Castlevnia the Adventure and Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest a lot of fans of the Castlevania Franchise want are good games not bad horrible games plus i hope the price for the collection is good and not have expensive price that no one would ever play so let’s the price be cheap and good please

  • Good Collection, would have been better if it had Rebirth and Dracula X (I know Rondo was released in Castlevania Requiem). Probably the GBA games were too difficult to get.

  • I know this is kind of off topic but I really wish they would bring Castlevania lords of shadows 1&2 to the ps4 or ps5 definitely would get them again

  • Is there any chance of a physical release of this?

  • Will they have trophies?

  • First, we want TMNT 4 Turtles in Time.

    Second, “…Castlevania Anniversary Collection launches as a digital exclusive at PlayStation Store on May 16”, is this game exclusive to PlayStation because I thought it wasn’t?

    • They mean it’s not getting a physical release, it’s “digitally exclusive”. It’s also coming to Switch.

  • I hope there an 2nd collection with the GBA & DS games. I loved Aria of Sorrow and never had the chance to play the sequel and Order of Ecclesia.

  • The collection is worth it for Bloodlines and Castlevania 3 alone. This marks the first time Bloodlines ever being ported, and the first time having the original NES / SNES games officially available on a non-Nintendo platform. People who don’t appreciate this should take the chance to try these games.

    With that said, I still would love to see the GBA & DS games on a seperate collection, especially the Sorrow games.

  • Am I the only one excited for Super Castlevania IV?

  • Why not release this on disc?
    Any chance of the other Castlevania games getting compiled on disc? Maybe Lord of Shadows 1, 2, and Mirrors of Fate HD?

    • Excited for Castlevania Anniversary Collection. I never thought we would get these games on Playstation.

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