Immortal Legacy: Jade Cipher Out Today on PS VR

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Immortal Legacy: Jade Cipher Out Today on PS VR

Find out how Chinese folklore shaped this action-horror tale.

Vivagames is a relatively small studio based in Beijing, and Immortal Legacy: Jade Cipher is only our second title (and our first VR title). We have a very talented, passionate, and experienced team of creators here.

We are also very passionate about Chinese culture and sharing the folklore of our people with the world. As you are probably aware, the New Year is a big event in China. What you might not know are the stories that surround it.

In one such story, it is said that long ago there was a beast called Ksi” (夕). As each year waned, the beast would unleash itself upon the world, causing chaos and destruction. But the gods passed down a secret to humanity, one that would allow them to defend themselves against this fearsome creature: the beast feared the color red and loud noises. Hence why on the last night of every year we set off firecrackers and fireworks to drive it away.

The story of Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher is inspired by this story as well as other Chinese legends. In our story, Ksi” (夕) is an emperor who, having conquered space, yearns to conquer time as well. He seeks immortality, and is willing to stop at nothing to attain it — even sacrificing his own people.

That search for immortality is just one reason that brings you to Yingzhou Island, located deep in the Dragon’s Triangle. Playing as ex-special forces soldier Tyre, you’re also here to discover the truth behind your mother’s mysterious death. Finding out how that event and her enigmatic past are tied to the secrets that lie at the heart of the island will see you battle through not only a mercenary army sent in to excavate it, but the horrors they’ve unwittingly set free.

Descend into the unknown and uncover the secret of immortality in this immersive PS VR* blockbuster, out today on PS4.

*Please review and follow all safety guidelines for use of PlayStation®VR. PlayStation®VR is not for use by children under age 12. PlayStation®4 system, PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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  • This game looks visually pleasing and interesting enough to justify purchasing it. I’m about to buy a PSVR this weekend and so hyped about all these new VR games.

    • Between the excellent exclusives coming and the announcement today that the current PSVR headsets will be backward compatible with Sony’s next PlayStation hardware revision there’s never been a better time to get into VR. Just make sure you have enough space, get a small fan blowing in your face and keep your footing. Also try not to punch your TV.

  • This was a must purchase… until it was stealth delayed and then stealth launched. Hell, a week ago when I tried looking up the release date, they were all still saying March. Now I am too cautious to purchase before I see reviews.

    • There is already several reviews out that gave it a 8/10.

    • @Mercenary – If you say so. I Google it just now “immortal legacy jade cipher reviews” and I don’t see a single legit review place. Scrolling down, I see article dates of 3/21, 1/24, 1/24, 2/16, 3/20, 1/24 and 3/1.

  • Looks really damn good. After I read some reviews over the next week or so I’ll decide on buying or not. Probably will just cause it’s about time for a few new VR games. If anyone gets it in next few days or already own, please give a review.

    • I’m about thirty minutes in (haven’t even seen monsters? yet) & I’m liking it much.

      Controls take some getting used to & aren’t ideal but this game is genuinely FUN.

      It seems to have a good story so far.

  • Looks like we still need a PlayStation Move 2 with analog sticks on it.

  • Game looks decent, but I need to wait to see some reviews covering how it controls. I see that it has full-locomotion in the trailer but want to know if PS Aim Controller is supported or not. I don’t like the Move controllers for full-locomotion games.

  • Hopefully they update the controls and comfort options. Right now both are super lacking. The game has a good premise but I can’t play more than the hour I put into it. Please allow us to remap buttons the controls they make no sense; sharpshooter support would even be better. As for comfort when in smooth turning allow us to turn off the filter that comes up when you move. That filter actually makes me sick compared to not actually having one. I really want to put more time into the game. It is interesting.

  • Hey Viva Games. I’m enjoying the game so far (probably the best so far out of the early China Hero Project games, and definitely way better than The Walker) but I have one major gripe: the controls. Holding down one PS Move control just to move feels a bit off, and the running speed doesn’t help much. Not to mention smooth turning feels very slow and for some reason it darkens borders of the screen. I met other people who played this game like Shugghead and PSVR Without Parole and they admit that the controls can take some time to get used to. So I would really appreciate if you guys patch the controls so that anyone who were frustrated can enjoy it with no problems. I know 3D rudder can fix this but not everybody has enough time and money to buy one.


  • Absolutely brilliant game! I just beat it today, and wow this game just keeps getting better and better with every hour. My first impression was moderately positive, but now this game is a contender for my top 5 VR games along with games like Resident Evil, Farpoint, Red Matter and Xing. Well done team!!!

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