Dreams Early Access Launches Today

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Dreams Early Access Launches Today

Calling all creators – it’s time to bring your game ideas to life.

Here at Media Molecule we’ve been so impressed by how creative (not to mention helpful and supportive!) our community was during our beta and we can’t wait to see what an even bigger group of creators will do in Dreams. Beginning today, Dreams Early Access will start rolling out to new players, starting in Europe at 10:30am BST, then the United States and Canada at 8:30am PST.

To begin your journey in Dreams, Early Access offers brand new tutorials (including a much-requested one for character creation) and for those advanced players, Masterclasses with our Art Director Kareem Ettouney and Creative Director Mark Healey.

Or you could… make an instrument from the silliest thing you can find, curate a collection of everything related to cats in the Dreamiverse… then build a museum for it! Make a tree fort, bring life to a short story you wrote, be the voice actor or actress the Dreamiverse needs. It’s really up to you, you have all the tools you need in Dreams.

Of course, we have a whole host of additions and features planned for Dreams during Early Access so we’ll keep you updated on everything that we plan to add. And we hope you’ll let us know what you want in Dreams as well, by joining the conversation on our feedback forums on indreams.me, our companion site that lets you access the Dreamiverse. It’s also where we put lots of helpful information like patch notes helpful tips for updating your content, and more.

We’re incredibly excited to be putting Dreams in the hands of such an amazing community of creators. This is a huge milestone for Dreams and Media Molecule and we hope you’ll join us during our 12-hour livestream starting at 10:00 AM BST to celebrate this momentous occasion! If you can’t join us, you’ll be able to watch the archived version on our Twitch page after the stream. We’ll be answering questions, creating live and of course, having some cake.

Everyone at Mm is so grateful for all the support our community has shown us over the years. Have an incredible time in early access and please, share your creations, big or small, no matter how ridiculous, with us along the way. Seeing what you do in Dreams is what makes us tick.


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  • Just waiting on this to go live to hit that buy button. Does this Early access version have trophies?

  • I tried to enter the beta, abd everytime I couldn’t.

    The cash is ready and im just sitting here, watching like a hawk!

    Good luck Mm <3

  • Will it be available to purchase or invitation only?

  • I’m here waiting patiently for this treat to become available.

  • Downloading now! Can’t wait to try Dreams out and reaffirm my stunning lack of artistic ability :)

  • I’d love to play, but I’m honestly not paying for early access to a free game. I don’t mind paying for DLC etc as I spent a lot on LBP costumes, but after failing to get into the beta etc. I feel like paying now is robbing myself. But like all early access games, it’ll probably be early access for a year lol. I might as well just accept I’m not going to be playing Dreams at this point. It’s a great concept and I’m sure the community will do big things with it but things like early access is like a cash grab that ruins the finished experience

  • Yay, today is finally the day! Congrats on your early access launch and I can’t wait to see what everyone creates!

  • Bought it while at work, so I’ll check it when I’m home. I’m in it for all the creative levels others make, but I might come up with something nice.

  • Bought it online, will download it later. I’m hoping I can get a better grasp of the controls this time.

  • How do I buy this? I was in the Beta and can’t find it on the store at all….

  • Does this support VR? I thought it did and bought one today, but the game doesnt appear to be in VR mode :s (I just get the theater type display)

    • Cant appear to edit my previous comment. Anyway, next article I found explained that VR wont be in EA. Well, at least I know its coming down the line!

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