Your First Look at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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Your First Look at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Take up your lightsaber, a galaxy awaits!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an upcoming third-person action-adventure game made by Respawn Entertainment and EA. On the heels of its reveal at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, we’re giving the world its first look at the next major Star Wars title! This single-player story puts players in the boots of Cal Kestis, a surviving Padawan in a post-Order 66 galaxy where the Jedi are considered traitors.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The galaxy has never been a more dangerous place for a Jedi. The once wholly trust Jedi Knight are now betrayed without hesitation by a fearful populace. Only the Force can be a trusted ally. It’s up to Cal to hold the light of the Jedi Order above the darkness as he ventures across new worlds and uncovers ancient pasts.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Working together with a team of unlikely allies, Cal must do whatever it takes to survive as the Imperial Inquisitors hunt him down as he seeks to restore the Jedi Order. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order releases on PlayStation 4 on November 15.

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  • I don’t know about giving EA more of my money. Very disappointed in their last few big releases. SW Battlefront II, Anthem, and the other SW games that were cancelled. I’ll try and be hopeful that this one is good.

    • I’m in the same boat, but if I specifically look at respawn and the story they did for titanfall 2, there is hope … I dare say, they maybe our only hope.

    • Respawn said at the Star Wars Celebration that this is actually going to be a single player-only action rpg with melee combat somewhat similar to Sekiro and no micro transactions. They’re also moving back to the Unreal engine instead of Frostbite. Hard to believe EA would approve something like this today, but if it’s true…oh man…

    • They said nothing of the sort it would be like Sekiro. You know how many people would cry?

    • They absolutely did. They specifically said it’s a melee combat system focused on striking, parrying, and dodging. No one anywhere said anything about the difficulty being similar. Calm down.

    • got cold busted, says calm down.

  • I mean I wished they would’ve showed some gameplay. When will these publishers learn that people want to see how your game plays not a cutscene trailer.

    • I did as well. Im hoping they are just saving the gameplay for E3

    • A lot of times gameplay will change a lot from where it is now, so it isn’t uncommon for studios to release tone pieces first.

      I think it makes sense to see rendered trailers so far, just take it for what it is. Assuming no delays, the game is going to come out when it comes out. We’ll certainly see plenty of gameplay and reviews before then.

  • I’m way more excited about this than Episode IX. However, since Jedi Fallen Order seems to be on a release schedule to tie with Episode IX, we all how well rushed releases go. Definitely not pre-ordering, but I will be on top of reviews. If the word is good, I’m happy to buy it for the launch price on a day one. If not, EA doesn’t waste time discounting their less successful games. Fingers crossed though that Respawn delivers a solid game on release date and not an unfinished mess because EA didn’t give them enough time.

    • I think I’m with you on this one.

      While I have had some moments where EA published titles have fallen flat or not gathered my interested enough, I tend to put more weight into the studio itself. There are many incredible EA-published games as well out there.

      I admittedly did not play Titanfall 1 or 2, but Apex is incredible and given the pedigree Respawn has in quality games, I have no doubt at the very least that this will be mechanically very tight and satisfying to play.

      The story does seem cool as well and I hear they did a good job in TF2’s story. So I will be certainly keeping my eye on this one.

    • @ Dead-Sync – “Apex is incredible and given the pedigree Respawn has in quality games”…you cannot be serious.I wonder what is your definition of quality.

  • Tentatively excited, but like heck am I plunking down money for an EA game before reading reviews.

  • Incoming “i like respawn but screw e.a” posts.

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    • That’s all? Wow, what a failure, You better up your game.

      Also i see Playstation still fails to keep spam off this site, and they NEVER look at the comments, since this has been up for 4 days . They sure care about their customers…. LOL

  • I played this game, already. It was called “The Force Unleashed”.

    We should have gotten “1313” instead.

  • You have a choice between giving EA money or playing nearly 35+ years worth of Star Wars games instead, many of them probably more worthy of your time.

  • EA is untrustworthy, so this is going to be a pass.

  • Hopefully, they’ll be an exclusive PSVR mode.

  • No thank you EA.

  • Holding out until I see game play. Honestly the story didn’t look too interesting. The last two cancelled Star Wars single player games looked like they had more interesting stories. Glad they are getting rid on micro-transactions though. Also on a side note, do we really need another generic white guy Jedi? No offense to the actor but I would have loved to see a different type of hero Jedi for once. Hopefully he doesn’t turn out to be as boring as the guy from Force Unleashed.

    • He already looks as boring as Starkiller.I smell another poorly written protagonist lol.

    • Yeah I was hoping for a transgendered, wheelchairs bound, multiracial character with narcolepsy, now that would be awesome.

  • Finally revealed hu,wondering if it’s “another” open-world.A single player story eh?…looks like EA changed their mind about SP games not selling hahaha.Also I’m faded to know we’ll play with that dumb boy of the trailer…when I saw it expected to have character creation.And I’m really in doubt about this game cuz I don’t trust respawn one bit…they’ve done nothing but crap until now so really lookin forward to the gameplay at E3.

  • If Redspawn and EA can make an open world ‘Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’ or ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ set in the Star Wars universe, featuring Jedi powers and lightsabers, I’ll be throwing my money at them faster than you can say “Lucas loves Jar Jar”.

  • Love Star Wars but I will NEVER buy another EA game. I’m done paying full price for half a game and then being offered the rest for more money. Done.

    • If it does turn out not as good as we hope, then I might still buy it when it’s under $20, because it’s Star Wars…but hopefully it’s better than their last outings. We shall see.

  • I love Star Wars but after purchasing Deluxe versions of both SWB 1, and SWB 2…never again EA!!

  • I wish Respawn and EA good luck on this project. But over the past several years, the disappointing quality of games and the sheer greed of monetizing everything even parts that should’ve been included initially and not locked behind a money wall have made me more careful of buying releases from you (EA specifically). I am not saying I won’t get the game, I will just wait to see if it is worth buying. No longer will I let myself get hooked on hype and pre-order offers that are really not worth twice the price of the regular game. Having said this, I sincerely wish you good luck on this project and hope you release a great game!

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