Dangerous Driving: 10 Ways the Creators of Burnout Are Enhancing Arcade Racers

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Dangerous Driving: 10 Ways the Creators of Burnout Are Enhancing Arcade Racers

Including persistent wrecks, speciality cars, Spotify integration, online play and more.

You may not have heard of Three Fields Entertainment, but you may be familiar with our past work. We started the Burnout series back in 2000 and were Creative Director (Alex) and Executive Producer (Fiona) on every game in the series. In 2013, we left Electronic Arts and in 2014 started Three Fields Entertainment, which with just seven people is a return to our early days — a small passionate team working together more like a music band than a typical development team.

We have made four games to date, and Dangerous Driving is the most exciting yet, as it is a return to a genre that we love and have always been passionate about. All genres have their core ingredients that become genre standards and the games we have made have had a bit of influence in forming the core ingredients of the aggressive racing genre.

It has been over 10 years since we last made this genre of game, so appropriately enough here are 10 ways we’ve taken the game further by revisiting it with fresh eyes and new technology:

1. The widest range of game modes seen in any game in this genre​

The game has nine different single player game modes all tied together in a 69-event single player progression. We looked at what all our favorite game modes have been over the years and included them all: races where Takedowns are what fuel your speed; eliminator races where you literally fight to survive over five laps, with the last place being eliminated each lap; 1-on-1 races where the other guy is in a faster car and the only way to win is to try and take him down repeatedly; 3-race GPs; Pursuit where you play as the cops; Survival where it’s survive against the clock and the traffic (one crash and it’s game over) and genre-favorite Road Rage is back, but with some new rule sets… (see #4 below)

2. Persistent wrecks​

One of the best things about coming back to this genre with the benefit of PS4 hardware is the ability to do things we could never do before — and one of those is what we call persistent wrecks. Every time you take someone down their crashed wreck remains on the road, making each subsequent lap even more dangerous. And we’re excited about what this is going to mean online. (see #10 below!)

3. New types of Takedowns​

We couldn’t put persistent wrecks in the game without using them as a crash-and-Takedown variant. Take someone down into a persistent wreck and it’s a Junkyard Takedown, crash into one yourself and it’s a Nervous Wreck. And believe us: you will be one when you’re on the last lap, desperately hanging on to first place hoping a wreck isn’t going to take you out.

4. Familiar modes; new rule sets​

Road Rage is back but we wanted to introduce new ways to play, so in later events we have upped the challenge level. ​How many Takedowns can you score when Shunts are disabled — or when only Traffic Takedowns count? This can get really challenging and we can’t wait to see the leaderboards for Traffic Takedowns. Our office best is only about 10!

5. Pursuit mode with up to five Target vehicles​

We’ve always been fans of playing as the cops. It’s a recurring theme in much of our work and one of the reasons that we chose to make our version of Need for Speed a remake of the classic Hot Pursuit.

At the start of the game it’s you against one Target vehicle but as the game progresses and you unlock better cop cars you’ll take on faster and more numerous opponents. This is a really intense mode played on our Point-to-Point tracks and you need to stop all the targets before you reach the end.

6. Cars that are tailor-made for modes

​In this genre vehicles can end up being the same, just a model swap with very similar stats. In Dangerous Driving we wanted to make car choice more meaningful.

So for example the Tuned version of each car earns and uses boost much quicker than any other, making it perfect for Heatwave events (see #8 below). Advanced vehicles are stronger, hit harder and take less damage. Prototype vehicles are the ‘best’ in that they are the fastest, but they’re made of carbon fiber so they’re the most fragile. We didn’t want there to be just one ‘best’ car when we take the game online (see #10!). You make a choice based on the mode and your playing style.

7. AI based on real player performances​

Another staple for the genre is AI that is designed to stay around the player and give them a good race. In Dangerous Driving we used real player performance to ‘teach’ the AI to drive and in most of the game modes the AI is racing to a time set by a real human player. Take Face Offs for example — these guys are gunning for it just like the human player that was used to create their data making for an incredibly intense experience. The only way to throw them off is to take them down — repeatedly.

8. Modes where we genuinely don’t know the limit​

Following the theme of cars tailor-made for modes — take a Tuned vehicle into a Heatwave mode and you get a very special and unique advantage. Heatwave events are purer race events (more similar to races in, say, Burnout 2) and dropping a whole boost bar in one go refills the boost, meaning you can chain your boost repeatedly. Tuned vehicles are perfect because they earn and use boost more quickly so you can chain them quicker — but also each successful chain in a Tuned car adds 2 mph to your top speed… until you crash. Interestingly, we have no idea what the limit is on this as we have always crashed after about 30-35 chains!! So we’re looking forward to seeing the YouTube videos of how far players push it!

9. Spotify integration​

We’ve long believed that the music people drive to is intensely personal so we really wanted to integrate Spotify and give people endless choice. Authorize your premium Spotify account in the Audio menu and you will then be able to control your music inside the game. Follow the development team’s own or choose your own personal playlist (we are fans of Spotify’s Mixed for you ‘Songs to Sing in the Car’).

10. Online play

In the first month after release, we will release DLC that adds online capabilities to the game and we’re really excited about how all the new features will transfer into online. There will be online racing and of course online Road Rage — and persistent wrecks, Junkyard Takedowns and Nervous Wrecks (see above) will all feature strongly!

Dangerous Driving releases on PS4 on April 9. You can pre-order it now until April 8 and receive an exclusive car (only available to digital pre-order customers).

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  • Pre-ordered and anxiously awaiting

  • Im going to keep my eye on this.

  • Where did this come from?!?! Sold.

  • I’ve been waiting 10 years for this, thanks Three Fields!! I wish you success with this one so we can get a bigger budget Dangerous Driving Revenge! ;)

    • Thanks for the good wishes. It HAS been a while. But we are back making this kind of game and could not be more excited!

  • Definite buy for me. I just wish Sony had a handheld that this was coming to. Open World Arcade racers on Handheld are perfect for quick 10 – 30 minute play sessions.

    • You’re right – we often talk at the office about how you almost want to say to the game – “right I’ve got 10 minutes, serve me up 10 minutes of play”. We added a late extra track which is the shortest in the game because it gives you that quick burst of fun.

  • I was mildly looking forward to this game. Now I’m GD HYPED!!!!!!

  • Think I might actually pre-order this one (something I never do for anything but Lego games). Love me some arcade racing.

    • I know why pre order a digital game right? Thats why we included the extra car that will only every be available through the pre order. It really helps us if you pre order – helps people at Sony to see how much interest there is in the game…

  • Add a Crash mode and I will throw even more money at my screen!

    • Would be really nice to have a crash mode indeed.Ah those Takedown days were golden.Anyway just wanted to say that there is a game on the Store that is all about the crash mode…yup they ripped off Burnout’s crash mode and the game is all about that.I forgot the name now but there is even a 2 out already.

    • We did make a couple of those kind of games – Danger Zone and Danger Zone 2 if you want to scratch that itch. This game we decided to focus on racing – we’re a tiny studio these days (our choice!).

    • CallnMrMojoRisin


      Ya, I hate it when a developer rips off their own games.

  • Bought all your games and i definitely want this one but unfortunately gonna have to boycot due to Epic Game Store exclusivity :(
    I know i could get it on PS4 but still, screw that business practice.

    • Hey live a little and get it on PS4 – thats why we’re hanging out here on the PlayStation blog ;-))

    • Alright Fiona im sold. You guys are indie, replying to comments, seem like you care a lot and then the icing on the cake is that there’s a physical copy available. Definitely grabbing that

      Good luck on the game! Hope you guys do well.
      Not all positive vibes though – just know that the entire PC Gaming world hates the exclusivity practice and please please dont do it for your next game. Its total garbage lol

  • Gotta be honest it’s lookin like poor man’s Burnout but whatever gotta support this initiative,looks like you guys are really passionate about this game and I’ve had a Burnout itch for years now…which OnRush scratched a bit but not fully.I really hope you guys got the car physics right cuz from the gifs it looks like the tires aren’t even touching the ground and I hate that feeling in racing games.Aside from that it resembles a lot the Burnouts of the PS2 era…looking forward to it.

    • We love this genre. Before we started Three Fields in 2014 we had made racing games, specifically arcade racing, for over 15 years so we always wanted to return to it – its where we feel most comfortable. If you check out Alex’s (Ward) blog on our website (My life in arcade driving games) you’ll get a sense of the passion we have for this genre of games.

  • so nothing about split screen?

    • Sorry no split screen – we are a small team and have to pick our battles.

      We had 3 guiding principles with this game:

      1) we wanted to apply everything we have learnt over the previous Three Fields games about physics. That’s a challenge as real physics tends to create some crazy reactions at extreme high speeds!

      2) we wanted to bring together the widest range of game modes seen in the genre.

      3) we wanted to take it all to a new place – we were particularly excited about how leaving the wrecked cars on the track would change the experience, make it even more intense. It was far more successful than even we had hoped and is shaping up really well online too.

      ok I’ll stop now. I wrote about 100 words for your 1!!

    • This is a typical game what should have split screen.
      We are a group and Split Second was the last game in this category what we could play in split screen.
      Online is not an option, buying 2-4 TV + PS4 to play as a group?! Unfortunately I am dissapointed, I was excited until I read this answer. :/

  • ultravioletblade

    you’ve had my full support since your first game, all the best for this next release!

    try not to sell this company to EA please :-)

  • PLEASE tell me Crash mode is included in this game. This was my favorite mode in ALL the Burnout games.

  • i’m gonna be honest, i hated danger zone 1 and 2, i was terrified to this these games on this gen of console cos for me it’s worst than any crash mode or even burnout crash the 2D top view game…
    BUT… when i see more and more of this game, i’m really starting to see the original burnout 2 vibe + the crazyness of the latest entries , i’ve already preordere it on OneX , can u confirm to us there is only 7 tracks ? if so will it not be repetitive a bit ?
    and did you made some in game music , not liscenced cos i know it cost a lot ect… or does that mean that we need to have spotify to have in game music ? thanks a lot, i wish you great success, cos i’m a fan of all burnout’s and NFS hot pursuit 2 by criterion is still the best one ..

    • Hi there – glad to hear you are becoming more convinced! We get it, we are a small team. Thanks for the pre order. There are 31 tracks set across 7 base locations. No in game music unless you have Spotify but you can get the free trial for a month. Its really worth it. You can have your dream driving soundtrack – or listen to ours. Hope you enjoy the game – sign up to our Dangerous Driving Club and you can let us know what you thought.

  • Wait, this is only $20?


  • Finally, it has come home again, after getting the Burnout Paradise remastered I have been waiting for years for the former crew behind Burnout to make another racing game. This is great news and I just spread it to my friend and we both are ALL IN on this game. Can’t wait till Tuesday to get it and thank you!!

  • This looks like my kind of racing game! I can see a lot of the Burnout 2 and Burnout 3 design DNA in Dangerous Driving. Spotify integration is an excellent idea, and I’d love to find out how well it works in the game.

    Since some people have wished for a “Crash mode”, it’s also worth mentioning that the physical disc version of Dangerous Driving includes Danger Zone 2 as an addded bonus game.

    • We are excited about Spotify and how we can take it forward into gameplay. You’re right the physical disk does include Danger Zone 2 which is more of a crashing type game. Hope you enjoy the game!

    • Yeah, that’s a great incentive to order the physical version.

  • Do you have to buy the DLC when it comes out or is included when you buy the game?

  • Oh wow it’s been…10 years since Burnout Paradise? Just thinking about that made me instantly age another ten years.

    I loved Burnout 2 and 3 back in the day, and it was a Burnout Paradise demo I played back in 2008 that convinced me to buy a PS3 (of course with a copy of Paradise). Knowing that the original creators are the ones putting this together, is all I need to get on board (and it’s always fun to support smaller studios : ))

  • I just realized I’ve bought every single game you guys have ever created. I’m talking all the way back to the first on GameCube. So I’m definitely going to support my all time favorite racing devs. You had my preorder at Hello! I know I’m late so no one will probably read this. But if you do please keep doing what you’re doing. And I hope you guys get the support you deserve. :)

  • Does it need to be a premium Spotify account or will free accounts work too?

  • I’ve been eagerly awaiting a new racing series of this genre since the release of Burnout: Remastered. My preorder is ser and I’m counting the days till launch. Coincidentally, I’ll be on vacation next week; perfect timing guys!

  • So far, it’ll be a pass for me as nobody wants “Burnout Lite”. You could do a PS4 demo that might generate interest, though I think it backfired for Onrush. IMO, this requires a team >7. At least 25. Don’t know how big Criterion was during B2/3 days and your tiny studio size is up to you, but no need to go all AAA 200+ ppl either.

    I also think your holding out for PS5. ;)

  • It’s Burnout; they apparently can’t use the name due to copyright infringements. Let’s do it. Better yet, wait until PS5 so we can have native 4K and 60 fps.

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