Polls Closed: Devil May Cry 5 Was the Best New Game of March 2019

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Polls Closed: Devil May Cry 5 Was the Best New Game of March 2019

In the closest race we've ever seen in a Players' Choice poll, DMC5 narrowly edged out Sekiro to take the crown.

Thirteen votes.

That’s what separated this month’s first place winner and runner-up. Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 ever-so-slightly eked out a win over FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I’ve never seen a race this close! Meanwhile, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and MLB The Show 19 rounded out the top four.

Thanks to everyone who voted this month! I’m sure Capcom sends their thanks, as well. To those who sat this one out: THIRTEEN VOTES!

Welcome back! Got a tough one for you this month: March saw the launch of multiple blockbuster new releases, including Devil May Cry 5, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, The Division 2, and San Diego Studio’s very own MLB The Show 19. Looking at this list, I’m not even sure which one I would vote for… so it’s a good thing I can’t!

We’ll leave the polls open until 11:59pm Pacific on Wednesday, so cast your vote before then for your favorite new game of March 2019. Then we’ll tally up the votes and reveal the winner on Friday. Good luck to each of this month’s nominees!

How does it work? At the end of every month, PlayStation.Blog will open a poll where you can vote for the best new game released that month. Soon thereafter, we’ll close the polls, tally your votes, and announce the winner at PlayStation.Blog. PlayStation Store will also showcase some top Players’ Choice winners throughout the year.

What is the voting criteria? That’s up to you! If you were only able to recommend one new release to a friend that month, which would it be? In keeping with our long tradition in the Game of the Year Awards, remastered or re-released games won’t qualify. Ambitious, larger-scale rebuilds and remakes like Shadow of the Colossus and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will.

How are nominees decided? The PlayStation.Blog and PlayStation Store editorial teams will gather a list of that month’s most noteworthy releases and use it to seed the poll. Write-in votes will be accepted.

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  • It’s Sekiro, it’ll probably the best game of the year for me, easily.

  • Sekiro

  • devil may cry 5

  • To me, this is a two horse race. Devil May Cry 5 is one of the best hack and slash games we’ve had in… a very long time.

    Sekiro seems to be amazing in its own right. I don’t think it’s a Dark Souls kind of game at all, but it’s similar. And we’ve had many of those types of games over the years.

    So for that reason, and for daddy Vergil’s epic comeback, Devil May Cry 5 reigns supreme in my book. CAPCOM IS BACK!!

  • At the end of the day, what does Sekiro do that DMC doesn’t do better? :)

  • DMC5 by far. GOTY frontrunner for me right now.

  • I havent even playedd Sekiro and i know its gonna win. Creators of Bloodborne and dark souls cmon foget about it.

  • The Division 2. Ubisoft been on a streak lately.

  • Devil May Cry 5. Enjoying Sekiro as well but DMC just meant more to me and I imagine it’s a lot more enjoyable universally since Sekiro isn’t for everyone.

  • Angry Birds Isle of Pigs for me.

    Would have been MLB The Show if they had implemented even some basic PSVR support.

    Not a huge fan of March, but April, May, and June are looking Incredible.

    Looking forward to Days Gone, Everybody’s Golf VR, Blood and Truth, and Vacation Simulator among other titles. 2019 is finally starting to heat up!

  • Sekiro!

    Now all they need to add is easy mode so my wife can stop breaking controllers :)

  • this is a super CRAPPY month. I mean I can only vote for ONE!!?? How do you pick only one between Sekiro, MLB The Show, The Division 2 and even DMC5!!?? I bought all 4, expensive month, and they’re all fantabulous!!

  • Is there any other choice? Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, of course!

  • Sekiro for sure.

  • Sekiroooo!

  • Sekiro. The game is so good.And certo dificult too.kkkk

  • Sekiro with no hesitation, the best game of March, definitely

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