Trover Saves the Universe Out May 31

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Trover Saves the Universe Out May 31

The first full-length title from Squanch Games arrives May 31 for PS4 and PlayStation VR.

Hey everyone, Tanya Watson here. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Squanch Games, a weirdo comedy game studio started by myself and the co-creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland.

Trover is a crazy comedy adventure in the vision of Justin, through and through. He started a game studio because he’s been a lifelong gamer, and when he had the opportunity to use a VR headset, it opened up his eyes as to how he could bring storytelling to video games. So, we built Squanch from the ground up to support his method of comedy and storytelling, and it’s been one helluva ride.

We’ve been keeping our heads down for the last two years working on Trover Saves the Universe — our first full-length game — but we’re now to the point where we can really start talking about the game because it’s almost done! We even have a release date…

Trover Saves the Universe will debut exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on May 31 with pre-orders open now at physical and digital retailers including PS Store where PS Plus members will get an extra 10% off.

Trover Saves the Universe is a story about you — your dogs have been dognapped by a beaked lunatic named Glorkon who stuffed them into his eye holes. Your cute little pup pup boys give him insane power that will allow him to destroy the universe, unless you can stop him.

You can even choose how to play — on TV or PlayStation VR.

Many people have asked me what it’s been like to work with Justin, to create this studio, and make this bizarre adventure. There’s not nearly enough room to go over all of that here, but, I love being a part of making funny and unique games. If you want more insights into how we did it for this one, you should tune into our Comedy in Games panel at PAX East, hosted by Justin Roiland, on March 28 at 4:30pm ET. It’ll be in the Main Theater as well as streaming on He’s going to be talking a lot more about how he’s brought his own perspective to comedy in video games, and will be asking a number of hilarious creators to chime in as well.

Until then, stay Squanchy!

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  • Give us more realistic VR games, like RE7: Biohazard, Robinson Journey, Batman: Arkam Knight…

    • They just announced No Man’s Sky, Iron Man, Blood & Truth, and Dreams for 2019. There are plenty of semi realistic VR games on the way. Firewall continues to receive new content, Ace Combat 7 just released. Before AC7 there was Transference, Deracine, Creed, Evasion, AZ Sunshine DLC. There are plenty of games that lean towards realism.

      I just want quality VR experiences and i’m excited for Trover. Accounting + is epic. The best humor in gaming. Period.

  • Give us more crazy off the wall nonsense like this in VR, not more gray realism.

  • Been looking forward to a release date for this game. Looks like stupid fun! I’m going to play the squanch out this!!!

  • Also been wait g for this, since you reveled the trailer.
    How long is a “full vr game”?

  • I can’t wait to play this, experiencing your game in VR looks amazing. Also, thank you for allowing us to switch between the TV and VR options, I own a PSVR as well but not enough games let you do both.

  • “Debut” exclusively on PS4? Does this mean Trover’s only a timed exclusive and will eventually come out on PC? Fascinating!

    With games like these where you physically have uniquely Sony product in your game, a PS4 inspired controller with PS face buttons, touch pad and all, will the PC version have a different controller in game? An Xbox One controller perhaps? With A, B, X, Y face buttons and asymmetrical analog sticks? That would mean you need to re-rig the finger animation in game too.

  • I might get a vr set when this releases.

    • PS VR is one of the best VR set and if you buy this amazing hardware gadget, you must first play RE7: BIOHAZARD… You don’t need to buy PS VR MOVEMENT STICK because they are unnecessary…

    • You should get it NOW! That Borderlands bundle with Beat Saber is the best…and now that Borderlands supports the Aim Controller, it’s even better. Did I mention Beat Saber?!?

  • Please if someone tell me, because I’ve bought PS VR, which Application is the best for watching the movie’s through PS VR, via USB or media centar from PC via DLNA?
    Thank’s a lot…

  • Accounting + was the hardest I’ve laughed in a long time. Super excited for this one

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