State of Play – The Complete Recap

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State of Play – The Complete Recap

All the announcements from our first-ever episode of State of Play — what did you think?

Phew! PlayStation’s first-ever State of Play livestream has concluded, but that’s just the beginning. Peruse the list below to learn more about each new announcement from the show, including deeper insight into each one from the developers behind them.

What was your favorite announcement from our first episode? Rewatch the presentation below, then let us know what you think in the comments!

State of Play – The Complete Recap

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  • How long is this going to last, Sid?

    • Are we going to get a Schedule of when more of these videos will come, maybe with The Last of Us 2 info or relese sate? Thanks for all you all do!

  • Will be watching for sure!!!

  • PS5 or we riot!!!

    jk….but seriously!!

    • Not gonna happen

    • I really am not tryna buy a new console. I’m cool with ps4

    • PS5 for 2019!!

      (but instead, I’m expecting we’ll have to wait another year and they’ll give us Knack III and Knack IV for PS4, instead)

    • I have no idea how anyone could think releasing a new console this early would be a good thing, I swear.

    • SidNightWalker said: “I have no idea how anyone could think releasing a new console this early would be a good thing, I swear.”

      PS1: – December 3, 1994
      a little over 5 years later
      PS2: March 4, 2000
      6 and a half years later
      PS3: November 11, 2006
      7 years later
      PS4: November 15, 2013

      We are coming up on year 6. How is this early? Some of us have PS VR and 4k T.V.s and would like to upgrade to a 5 instead of a Pro because obvious reasons, and it would be nice to play 4k Blu-rays while we’re at it. PS VR isn’t super expensive, and my 4k HDR Dolby Digital TV was $300, so it’s not like this is out of reach luxury privilege.

    • LOL, if you thought the original PS4 was actually worth purchasing then that’s your problem, not everyone else’s. Oh and yeah, PSVR is quite overpriced still, TYVM. Finally, if a PS5 were to come out now it would be either hardly a real upgrade or ridiculously expensive. Get some friggin technological knowledge before you hurt yourself. That goes for the rest of you too.

      Oh and uh, your mere $300 UHDTV wouldn’t impress me, I’m sure. ;)

    • Wow really?…cannot believe in people like you.How could you ask for PS5?…don’t you have games to play?…it’s soon as hell for it and honestly it’s not needed.I really really hope Sony don’t even announce a PS5 for the next 4 years or so.

  • How long is the show, pls start telling us that, so we can organize our time better.

  • Veryyyyyyyyyy interesting…I’m excited to see how this new format shakes out. Might we be getting some other ‘special’ announcement as a part of this series in the future? ;)

  • My predictions…. Update on PSN Name Change, EA Access finally coming to PS4 (we all saw the leaked screenshot), New Days Gone footage, Update on Dreams early access, release date for Concrete Genie, Medievil remake, smaller VR titles..

    • I think your predictions sound spot on. I’m really hoping for the Dreams early access to be announced

  • I wonder if the PS Plus games for April will be announced here, two days early.

  • Hoping to see:
    – New unannounced WW Studios exclusive game Colin Moriarty was hinting at
    – Release date for Ghost of Tsushima
    – Release date for Death Stranding
    – Release date for The Last of Us 2
    – New FFVII Remake trailer and release date for episode 1
    – More on Everybody’s Golf VR!

    And of course any other surprises would be great!

  • (Jason Momoa chair dot gif)

  • That Mortal Kombat trailer was dope!

  • Yes, more than two Plus games would be something worth announcing…

  • Ok so my earlier prediction/hopes would probably be more suited for the next State of Play in June (assuming they do it quarterly throughout 2019, plus it’s right around E3). Excited for Iron Man in VR!!

  • what a crap that presentation, better release trailers in youtube than do that

  • That State of Play was not really for me. Glad for VR folks… was hoping for more concrete updates rather than a delay of Concrete Genie and no update on MediEvil, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, etc.

    Days Gone Trailer was cool, but we’ve seen that game a million times now.

    Hope for a bit more out of the next State of Play.

    • I tend to agree. I think the next one – which will likely be around E3 in June will be better.

  • That Nintendo Direct of Sony was meh…

  • OMG!!! This was especially terrible.

  • ❤️

  • When is the next ep of state of play?!

  • Uhhhhhh yeah, can’t wait for the next Nintendo Direct, that should actually be interesting to see.

  • Boring. Sterile. Over produced. This was like the pre-roll Sony would play before the E3 Experience in theaters. A live presentation in front of an audience is more exciting.

  • I think this was a great start. The format and pacing were excellent.

  • Guys, next time only do a show when you have enough content worth doing a show for. This was very underwhelming even if you weren’t expecting much.

    • It was about what I expected tbh. They told us time and time again that they had very major updates to share in this current window, so I went in expecting little things, and got a lot of little, but good things.

      The only thing I would really advise them to do in the future is make the lengths of these things apparent, and maybe go for a more set schedule or “YouTube Premiere” than make it seem like a bigger event. Unless it is one, that is.

  • I’m so glad that new games for VR are showing up. I really want to PSVR to be very well supported.

  • Hope to see more exciting content in future videos.

  • Very pleasantly surprised to see lots of new VR announcements!

  • The Show was Perfect no filler no nonsense just games games games great content for PSVR Users as well keep up the great work SIE.

  • This first show was good imo. Anyone calling it trash is just dead wrong. I understand that it was heavy on PSVR content but that is important to many of us who own a PSVR. As an owner I got dates for a ton of games I’ve been waiting on and April-June is stacked now for me. If you don’t own one they showed Days Gone, CTR, MK11, Concrete Genie plus many of those PSVR games can be played in non-VR such as Falcon Age, Trover Saves the Universe, Jupiter & Mars etc.

    I love the format although seeing a person onscreen to present might be a bit better. Also providing information on how long it will run is important as well. Hopefully we’ll see more from the big 3 (Ghost of Tsushima, TLOU2, and Death Stranding) as well as more of Medievil in the next one. Also where is Patapon 2 Remastered Sony?

  • You need a new Marketing team, this was honestly atrocious.

  • Good format. No filler is great. Folks just expected more stuff to be shown off after a 9 month absence though, so hopefully you do the next one with that in mind. And also a heads up as to what the runtime will be ahead of time would also help keep expectations in check.

  • Not bad for an initial episode. Obviously, there’s room for improvement. I think the games included were good. However, it missed a good surprise game for the non-VR segment. I’d like to get about 30 – 45 minutes of content in an episode, excluding filler. Maybe lineup some demos or Indies to release directly after a State of Play episode in the future. Gauge fan interest via polls to enhance future episodes. Just my suggestions.

  • Great show! I’m looking forward to the games shown and the next State of Play!

  • I like the show but please please please rename it to ‘PlayState’ instead.

    Firstly, it’s a simpler term with gaming reference.

    Second, it fits better with the brand naming scheme.

  • Good show Sid! Short and sweet with lots of great VR games coming up!

    I also liked the voiceover work – very smooth. Was that Kristin (formerly Titus) Zitani?

  • As someone who plays Mostly PSVR with the exception of stuff like God of War, Days Gone, or other AAAA Sony 1st Party Titles, this is the show I have been waiting for. Thank You so much for continuing strong support of PSVR. You have my full backing in bringing this medium forward. I will be picking up every PSVR titles showcased in this SoP.

    Only thing I would like to see in the future is a more personal connection with Messages directly from Kenichiro Yoshida, Jim Ryan, Shawn Layden, Shuhei Yoshida, and some the Devs behind the games.

  • Ah so that’s why so many news in the Blog…interesting.I’ll watch it later.

  • Fantastic guys. The video was clean and flowed real well. The narrator’s voice was friendly and smooth. Loved al the little playstation noises in the background. Perfect.

  • I like the format, not too much content which I was expecting, it’s a good start though. Other than that, I like it.

  • Overall I am very happy to see you guys doing this. Not planning on picking up any of the games announced, but, good start!

  • I really wish the PS Vita got the level of support from Sony that PS VR is getting now. Perhaps then production on it wouldn’t have stopped a few months ago.

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