State of Play: PlayStation’s New Video Showcase Debuts Monday

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State of Play: PlayStation’s New Video Showcase Debuts Monday

Tune in to the very first episode of State of Play, where we’ll share new updates and announcements for PS4 and PS VR software.

Glad to finally be able to talk about this! Today, we’re introducing a new video program called State of Play, and the first episode kicks off Monday, March 25 at 2:00pm Pacific Time.

State of Play will give you updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation. Our first episode will showcase upcoming PS4 and PS VR software, including new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage.

You can watch live on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook worldwide, and we’ll be offering up the VOD edition shortly after the episode airs.

And this is just the beginning! State of Play will return throughout the year with more updates and announcements.

See you Monday!

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  • Very nice. Excited to see how this plays out. Best way to engage with the community and Sony/PlayStation can build hype leading up to future PlayStation Experiences.

    • Me too

    • Can this be viewed on theatres like them ole PSX shows?

      Or is this like Qore shows with Veronica Belmont on PS3?

    • They have been very quiet for far too long, cancelling PSX and then E3!!, people were losing their minds. I am glad to see this direction, Playstation can control the Narrative and make both small and big announcements here,

  • Oooo sounds juicy! Can’t wait. Can we expect the Blogcast team or fresh faces?

  • Okay first of all first time doing this.
    Can we get the basic feature where we can delete multiple friends from our list i hate adding people and end up not playing with them.
    Second the ps store is super buggy/laggy y’all charge us 60$ for this. Don’t even get me started on the os if i loading into a game and accidently press ps button everything freezees for a few minutes.
    I know im not gonna get ps5 if these issues don’t get fixed hopefully google stadia will impress me. Can’t wait to get out of psn eco system.

    • Why bother probably no1 reads this

    • @XxasrarxX: It isn’t that no one reads it, it is that this is the wrong forum to express it. I can tell the MdDonald’s cashier all I want how I don’t like their truck/transportation methods and it isn’t going to do a thing.

      This is a Blog to give us news and updates. It isn’t the complaint department.

    • Have you rebuilt the data base? I have an OG ps4 and don’t have those issues. I can literally load a game and at the splash screen press the PS button to bring up my homescreen. The store also works fine for me. And nobody charged you $60 for the PS store. You can also use the PS app which is really convenient.

  • Amazing this is a great opportunity to share with the community. Congrats.!!!!

  • Finally some news, you guys have been quiet for a long time.

  • I like.. especially VR news. I would love to get updates about PSVR here rather than youtube leaks and rumors.

  • Looking forward to these presentations!! I won’t be able to watch them live (scheduling issues), but you can be sure I’ll be watching them the next morning!!

  • Nice, that’s awesome!! Can’t wait to see what the Devs have in store for us. See you on Monday.

  • Ayy PlayStation is doing directs! Sweet.

    • My thoughts exactly. Nintendo really revolutionized the way we receive information from them. It can only be a good thing that other companies are following suit.

    • @ trendy kid
      Nintendo never eevolutionized nothing they just cut down on costs

      PlayStation always have their own outings like this in the PS3 days like Qore and other shows.

    • You mean PlayStation is just reviving Playstation Underground and Qore? smh

  • Fantastic news!! Sony has been quiet for a very long time. Looking forward to new game announcements.

  • Ah! So going forward this is probably what we will get instead of E3 and PSX press conferences. Fine by me, as I just watch those online anyway. Looking forward to watching this on Monday and getting hopefully more frequent updates throughout the year!

  • This reminds me of the old days of Qore. But without the subscription fee.

  • This seems like it’s gonna be a great show keep up the good work PlayStation.

  • Oh look Nintendo Directs….i mean $orny days of lame

  • I think you need to announce new hardware.

    • Why’s that? The PS4 is still selling well, the games all still look great, it’s got another year or so left in it tbh.

      They wouldn’t need to reveal anything til next year.

  • I hope this is pre-recorded. And I wish it was on weekends so I could watch it “live”. I’ll be at work :(

    • Makes sense why they wouldnt do it on a weekend and instead on a Monday. Better coverage from the outlets and they’ll own that conversation for the week (unless something bigger is announced)

    • Not sure it’ll be “live” but the article states the event will be uploaded shortly after for people to watch.

  • Excellent!

    Hope this is the new format going forward. Make announcements on your terms, and just go to events like TGS, E3, CES, Gamescom, etc. to showcase upcoming games at the booths.

    I think the only big theater event of the year should occur in front of PlayStation fans at PlayStation Experience.

    Very interested to see what is coming to PS4 and PSVR soon!

  • Hopefully we get an update on PSN Name Changes.. They did say early 2019…

    • I think they actually said by next PSX. It’ll most likely not come till PS5. It’s obviously a huge mess how they initially set things up and the last thing they want is users losing their games and trophies

    • or ya know, learn to live with your bad choices?

    • or ya know… make a feature that people have been requesting for THE LAST TEN YEARS!!

  • Awesome!

  • Finally, the Vita 2 announcement is imminent! Huzzah!

  • I’m really excited for this!

  • Hopefully they share some information on how ps plus is evolving so that it’s worth the price. And evolving doesn’t mean removing more… just FYI Sony.

    • Well, make online multiplayer free again, and the full PS Now service (including downloads) part of PS+. But most importantly, make online play free again.

    • I think they actually said by next PSX. It’ll most likely not come till PS5. It’s obviously a huge mess how they initially set things up and the last thing they want is users losing their games and trophies

    • Sorry disregard that last reply, it was meant for a different comment haha. But for PS plus not being worth it, you realize that the free games this month alone cost over $60, and last year the total value of free games was over $1200, so even if you cut that in 1/3 it’s still $400 but they’ve already proven that the game quality has increased this year. Also if you renew your subscription right now it’s on for $40, and they always have a subscription sale every Black Friday so I always renew then, I’ve only ever paid $60 for PSPlus once. And for jgr9’s comment about Free multiplayer. Server maintenance isn’t cheap, and we definitely don’t want to go back to the days of the PS3 network when it was free.

  • So… Nintendo directs… But for Sony… Okay then…

  • This is a really great Idea. Hopefully some VR news or announcements are on the way. I can’t get enough!

  • Need me some Tsushima news, folks.

    And some really nice 4K screenshots we can grab for Desktop purposes. :P

  • Can’t wait for Monday. I know you guys have been sneaking around behind the scenes gearing up for this and other things. Can’t wait for the infos.

  • Very excited for new VR game announcements like Jet Moto VR, Twisted Metal VR and Jumping Flash VR. If all of those aren’t announced then I’m going to be disappointed.

  • E3 is getting less relevant each year.

    Glad Sony will be doing their own thing like Nintendo.

  • This is fantastic. Excited to see how this pans out. PS5 teasers on first episode would be VERY WELCOMED ;p

    • There is no PS5 announcements to come from this format expect some bigger announcement different event

      This will cover Software PS4 and PSVR games (maybe some small surprises )

    • @the_man72 Yes, I agree but, if Sony did announce the PS5 in a short clip at the end… it would catch us all off guard and generate huge amounts of buzz around PlayStation

      If they are smart they will release their console with slightly better specs than the XBOX TWO or maybe they will do the thing we have all been asking for… full backwards compatibility!

  • Had a feeling this was happening this year. Relieved to hear it! Looking forward to it.

  • When they are saying PS4 and PSVR software are they referring to new software updates? Perhaps improving performance and visuals on PS4 Pro?

    • lol no they mean games which are software

      Not PS4 updates ! that gets covered by PSblog if they have one to announce , this only covers games

  • Is this going to be like Pulse? I miss that show and that lady with her dresses.

  • This is great news!! I am actually off work this upcoming week so this will be a nice way to spend my day off. Hoping for some cool updates or news and of course maybe a surprise or two.

  • I may be all about the big N, but I own a PS4 as well and I’m glad to see something done DIRECTLY to keep the PS crowd happy. I look forward to seeing the first broadcast.

  • Great news! Very interested to see what you’re cooking up for us :-)

  • Finally PS4 PRO $299…!!!

  • Hell yes. Very, very cool, looking forward to this, how often is this going to be occurring?

  • Very interesting indeed. I’m excited.

  • The excitement and hype is growing; can’t wait.

  • Hi, when will you include the GMT/UTC in the list of times? you have customers worldwide and yet you only post 2 US times!

  • I have been complaining about the PSN Store since PS3 lol and on my PS4 Pro the games work perfectly but, the system software and PS Store freeze up and are sluggish at times.

    I have rebuilt database and re-initialiesd the system, lost P. T. because I was unable to back it up . The only thing I can’t do is reinstall the system software.

    2 things the PS5 needs.
    1. a separate internal drive for the system software that only Sony can update.

    2. A rebuilt PS Store database that works with a front end that doesn’t freeze up or straight up crash on you.

    The PS app has it’s used whoever, buying stuff isn’t one of them as it takes you to the PS Store website which is as broken on a browser as it is on console.

    I love Sony but, there are some things XBOX does perfectly like their store and their system software stability.

    I think that unless Sony fixes what’s broken XBOX might pull ahead in the next generation and PC gamers are still mocking us from their ivory towers lol

    I have spoken to PS Support, tweeted them, tweeted directly at Shawn Layden and Mark Cerny and nothing has changed. The support staff only offer to “repair” your console and anyone who has worked in ICT can tell you that it’s on their end. Even worse, they can’t guarantee that you will get back your console and ask that you put the original HDD back in… that’s the other thing they need.

    3. 2TB storage as standard!

  • Nice, can’t wait for more games news from playstation. Is 3 hour a bit too much though, are there developer interviews or something like that?

    I hope we get release date for medievil, ghost, tlou 2, and death stranding. And maybe colony wars remaster :)

  • PS4 backwards compatible and a new handheld please

  • Probably for the better. Nintendo has found a lot of success with this formula.

  • Hi, Sid. Quick tip for the marketers/designers who did that nice graphic for you. It should be 2 p.m. EDT and 5 p.m. EDT, not EST. That’s standard time. We’re currently in daylight savings time until November 3. I see this a lot, even with big companies for some reason. Best to just go with PT/ET to avoid the confusion. Either way, looking forward to the event. Peace!

  • Hmmm. Monday at 2pm when everyone is at work…. Epic fail.

    I’ll never understand why Sony chooses the most inappropriate time to do shows.SMH

  • Let’s see if once and for all announce Resistance FoM or 2 remastered

  • Taking the Nintendo Direct approach instead of E3 I see, this is a good format to get news out and probably much cheaper too

  • We gonna see more of Nioh 2 and Ghost of Tsushima?!

  • Hopefully something is said about releasing Remote Play to ALL Xperia devices. I’m sure an Xa2 Ultra would handle it just fine Sony!

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