Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Revealed, Out Next Year

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Revealed, Out Next Year

It took an unlikely sequence of events to make this cult-hit sequel happen... but it's happening.

It started with a text: “Would you be interested in working on a Bloodlines 2?” The text was from my good friend, Ka’ai Cluney, and my first thought was, “Would I?” But as we texted back and forth, something happened — an idea started to emerge, the embryonic formation of what we are announcing today: Bloodlines 2. It’s still overwhelming to think about how many stars had to align to make this happen.

It’s not every day that a property gets resurrected after so many years, and there are multiple trials that need to be faced in order to even make it to the production stage. Ka’ai and I started fleshing out the world of Bloodlines 2 over a series of drinks in late 2015 — the iteration was rapid. Ka’ai had already talked Andy Kipling and Russ Nelson (the founders of Hardsuit) into setting up a pitch with Paradox after hearing that they had just acquired the World of Darkness IP. Paradox was eager to meet, and we ended up pitching the game in February 2016 at DICE.

We walked out of the room confident that all parties were energized about the idea – but it was a longshot for such a small, unknown company to snag a project like this. This is one of those rare times as a dev where you’re pretty sure it’s going to take a million coin flips to come up heads for all the paperwork to be signed, but shortly after the pitch Paradox and Hardsuit Labs were making a sequel to one of the biggest cult RPGs of all time.

Who is Hardsuit Labs, you might be asking? When I first started working with Hardsuit, it reminded me a lot of another small studio full of ambitious veterans and juniors: Troika Games, the developers of Bloodlines 1. Andy, Russ and Ka`ai put together a group that can only be described as a super-team of developers. Today, there are over 60 people working on Bloodlines 2 at Hardsuit Labs. And we’ve set our first major title right here in our home city of Seattle.

Why bring the World of Darkness to Seattle? Seattle has always attracted pioneers, artists, and opportunists — some dreamers, some criminals, sometimes both. In the 21st century, it’s a city whose identity is constantly struggling to retain its legacy and define its future. It’s a city of artists and craftsman, but also home to some of the biggest corporations in the world. It’s a conflict between the old and new, the weird and the wealthy, and an ideal setting for Vampire: The Masquerade. Bloodlines 2 is a reflection of modern Seattle and within it we’ve built a rich mythology based on the city’s history and present, filtered through the lens of the World of Darkness. You will stalk these streets, you will meet its power players, and you will claw and charm your way into the inner circle of Kindred society.

It’s been an amazing experience to return to the World of Darkness and make the true sequel to Bloodlines that you’ve all been waiting for. We could not be more excited to revive this universe after 15 years and — for the first time ever — bring Bloodlines to a PlayStation platform! Expect to hear more about the factions, clans, story and RPG systems in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 in the months to come. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will release on PlayStation 4 in 2020!

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  • DAY 1!

    any chance of it being cross-gen on PS5? I’ll seriously buy it twice if so

  • Is there any chance the game will let the player choose whether to play in first or third person? I love RPGs, but get massive headaches from the first person perspective – so much so that I don’t even bother buying/playing them.

  • Hurrah! The first one was a masterpiece! Can’t wait!

  • Extremely shocked this is a direct sequel rather than a reboot. Hopefully there is a remaster coming along for people that may want more context?

  • Wow. Well that was unexpected.

  • Digging the soundtrack

  • Wow, this is awesome. I’ve never played the first, but I’ve always heard how great it was. I’m really looking forward to grabbing this!

  • I am so excited for this game, you have no idea. But please take your time, don’t rush it, and don’t fall into the same trap other companies have. I’d rather wait for a great product then get a rushed and buggy game. I also really hope to see Jack or Cain show up in this game. Need the same voice actor for Jack though. xD the trailer looks epic and I hope we have a lot more clan choices, more storylines, and just maybe more open world than the last. So much more can be done with games because of the tech. I’m cautiously excited about the turn out of this game.

  • I am SUPER PSYCHED about this brand New Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 after participating in the Tenderbeta App Livestreams in New York and San Francisco. I have also put together video on the connection between The Tenderbeta App and the New Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2

  • Wow, this is awesome. I’ve never played the first, but I’ve always heard how great it was. I’m really looking forward to grabbing this.

  • Got my attention this looks amazing!!!

  • This is great news. I’ve always wanted to play the first one but never had a PC. Looks like I’ll finally get my chance to experience this world. Can’t wait!

  • This game should be awesome if it is even half as good as the original computer game was I hope it doesn’t get side tracked and have a lot of delays in ready to play it now

  • Omg I so can’t wait for this game I luv the first one

  • Garruk_Firebrand

    This is exciting, the last time I played Vampire the Masquerade was on PC and it was almost 20 years ago.

    I look forward to playing the latest iteration of the game.

    I must ask though, is there any way that somebody could bring back the table top RPG version of Vampire the masquerade?

    My interest in the game comes from playing the tabletop RPG, it would be nice to be able to enjoy all of what the game has to offer and the gaming community would be ever so grateful.

    As with all gaming communities, gratitude is often shown in dollars.

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