MLB The Show 19: Legends and Flashbacks

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MLB The Show 19: Legends and Flashbacks

Some of the sport's all-time greats are coming to the PS4 exclusive for this month's launch

For those new to MLB The Show 19, Legends are the game’s greatest retired players such as Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams. Legends are playable in Diamond Dynasty (Internet required), Franchise Mode, and on era-specific teams in Exhibition mode. Flashbacks are current-day players, such as Rookie Bryce Harper, that are rated based on that time in his career. For the first time in MLB The Show 19, you can add 50+ Flashbacks to your Franchise roster along with other Legends and try to win a title.

Legends and Flashbacks add a rich, historic element to MLB The Show 19. They tap into more than 100 years of history and illustrate how the sport has evolved into today’s game. Pick up a controller and settle debates on the digital field. Build your roster with all-time Legends, players you grew up watching, or today’s stars in their prime.

Introducing two new Legends to MLB The Show 19: Rickey Henderson and Don Mattingly!

NEW Legends announced in MLB The Show 19 (and more to come!)

  • Willie Mays
  • Rickey Henderson
  • Don Mattingly
  • Iván “Pudge” Rodríguez
  • Lou Gehrig
  • Ty Cobb
  • Jimmie Foxx
  • Cy Young
  • Kerry Wood
  • Mark Prior
  • Christy Mathewson
  • Walter Johnson
  • Rogers Hornsby
  • Jason Kendall
  • Rob Dibble
  • Cliff Lee
  • Andruw Jones
  • Bret Boone
  • Hal Newhouser
  • A.J. Burnett

Diamond Flashbacks Choice Packs

If you order the Gone Yard Edition, MVP Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition of MLB The Show 19, you will receive a voucher code for a Diamond Flashbacks Choice Pack. In the pack, choose one of 30 Diamond Legends and Flashbacks for your Diamond Dynasty squad. With each MLB team represented, this will be one of the toughest choices of your baseball gaming life! Lou Gehrig, Frank Thomas, Kerry Wood and Buster Posey are among your Diamond Legends and Flashbacks.

Stay tuned for news and follow MLB The Show on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit as MLB The Show 19 launches on March 26 exclusively on PS4.

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  • Can’t wait!!! I got the MVP edition pre-ordered. I’ve gotten the MVP edition every year since The Show 15 and been playing yearly since The Show 13 on PS3.

  • Add a VR mode and I’m in. Really anything would do. Home run derby, hitting balls from a pitching machine, playing catch with my dad as a 7 year old, being in the stands chugging a beer and a hot dog, you name it. Otherwise I personally don’t see a reason to buy a new version.

  • Got the MVP edition too! Cannot wait to play Diamond Dynasty this year!

  • My SoundHound couldn’t pick up the song. What is it?

  • Good choices. How long before Mark “The Bird” Fidrych and “Stormin” Norman Cash are added? You can use me for free if you want.

  • Been playing since 2006. I love the new legends. Being a cubs fan, it will be fun to add Kerry wood and mark prior to the rotation in this years franchise mode for an ultimate what if scenario.

  • They have added some good one the last few years but come on, where the heck is Mantle? Really, you have a legends list with Ruth, Berra, Jackson, Mattingly, and Gehrig, and no Mantle! Or you have some recent retirees like Wood, Prior, Jones, and Lee but no Jeter or Rivera!? And Im not even a yankees fan, avid hater actually…LOL

    For us orioles fans (hense why i HATE the Yankees) we need Brady Anderson, Mike Mussina (Who the Yankees stole!), Rafael Palmeiro (I know not likely with the PED issue) but still.

    What i would like to see instead of just individual legend players, is legend teams like NBA2k incorporates. That way you get all the legends plus the respective teams as well. Franchise players dream! Picture the 1997 Mariners taking on the 1927 Yankees…now that is LEGEND!

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