PlayStation.Blog: New and Improved for 2019

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PlayStation.Blog: New and Improved for 2019

Featuring a streamlined, cleaner motif and improved usability for mobile users, PS Blog's new look launches today.

Greetings! More than 11 years after its initial launch, it’s time to level up PlayStation.Blog once again.

We’ve been working on some assorted UX tweaks for the past few months, and over the next day or two, we’re excited to begin rolling them out for you.

We had a few broad goals for the new-and-improved (™) PlayStation.Blog:

  • A streamlined look and feel
  • A simpler, more pleasant user interface
  • Improved mobile/tablet functionality
  • Improved discoverability for new and recent articles, as well as new videos

There are a number of other tweaks and refinements. But we didn’t want to change what makes PlayStation.Blog great: you’ll still see all the great announcements, developer updates, and peeks behind our playful curtains that you’ve come to expect.

That said, please pardon our dust while we roll out the new updates — you may notice things that don’t behave quite as expected as we transition everything over. If you notice any issues or have requests for new features you’d like to see us implement (Blog-specific requests only, please!) leave them in the comments here — unless the comments are acting up. And in that case, send us a smoke signal or something. We’ll be watching!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. PlayStation.Blog is something the whole team here is proud of, and we consider it a privilege to be able to keep bringing you updates on the games you (and we) love so much.

Now then, back to the news!

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  • Welcome back!

    • LOL So they did all this just to remove the “rating” system?

      Jesus, Sony. You’re actually that scared of your own customers?

      You know people still can communicate with each other and expose all your shenanigans, right?

      But yeah… “welcome”. SMH

    • And still…no edit feature. At all. Not even a freakin’ “delete” option. *sigh*

      You need to thank God everyday for MS being so dumb.
      You better make the PS5 the best thing ever or you’re going to bleed out next gen.

    • @Orpheus_Aeons Are you lost? I think you’re looking for /r/conspiracy.

    • Good to see the blog’s comment box back in action. Hopefully the blog redesign is a sign of new things to come!

  • Nice new layout. The cut of PS3 and Vita games from PS+ was worth this.

    • Oh, you.

    • Totally makes up for removing two-thirds of a service, right? I am so satisfied right now!

    • @Jawmuncher: you’ll eat your words next month, when they give us yet another CoD for free. Fingers crossed for the best one ever: IW!

      You’ll see. They’re going to give us more than just <$10 indies now. They'll probably go as high as $15! *gasp*

      Can't wait for my sub to be over…
      …just so I can renew it till 2030, ofc.

    • orpheus dear, you are always in the comments with your tinfoil on. breath, go outside a little bit, make some real in person friends. experience your youth.

  • Liking the new look Team. Great to have it back.

  • I would love to have a dark theme if possible. The white background sometimes make it harder to read.

  • Looking neat so far

  • I would prefer more color rather than all white. Maybe add a cool PlayStation wave in the sides of the page? Perhaps the PlayStation.Blog logo can have a PlayStation character standing by it? Overall, I’m very satisfied with the upgrade. Architecturally speaking, this brings a much cleaner presentation and it’s much easier to use. I thought the previous one felt a bit more antiquated.

  • I would love to see a PS Blog app it will be great.

  • As someone that’s been checking the PS Blog a few times a days the past 10ish years, I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for all your work! It looks great!

    Is the ps+ indicator still showing next to commenters names?

  • Dark theme would be appreciate it.

  • The all white is overkill. Need a dark mode

  • Holy crap. So much white! “Something something culturally inappropriate”.

    But yes, a dark mode is needed. We play video games. Light is damaging to us!

  • It’s great to be back but you forgot the most important thing the blue layout but other than that i’m liking the improvements!

  • Overall, it’s a nice refresh of the site. Only thing thatd make it even better would be a dark mode as already been requested.

  • The new blog looks great but needs a few improvements.

    1. As everyone has said, IT’S TOO WHITE. Hurts to read. Standard light mode should be Classic PlayStation Grey. Dark Mode, should be the now classic PlayStation Blue or the darker background that you guys used for PlayStation Experience 2017 reveal.

    2. Bring back the Face buttons in front of PS4, PSVR, PS Store, PS Plus.

    3. Clicking the “Add a Comment” under “Join the Conversation” doesn’t work right now. Might be a bug. Should be a pop up like Twitter to add your comment.

    4. Will the new layout still support themes?

    Other than that, this is the best the Blog has ever looked. Congrats team!

  • Were we ever able to work our profile in the site?
    If not, I think a profile link, other than just sign out, is needed to make edits.

    The dark mode can be the same color as the top bar once you start scrolling, should be easy to implement.

  • Great!!!

  • Like the new look. Clean and fresh. But can we get a dark mode?

  • Wow! Booted up and got a fresh new look. Nice!

  • Ficou muito bonito, pessoal! Parabéns!

  • Looks very slick! I can see how this will be great for mobile too. Congratulations!
    (I’d be down for a Dark Mode too!)

  • Night Mode, please. No modern web page should be white on white. It’s harmful to human eyes

  • A Report function (for the eventual Spam) would help too!

    • Hi Emerald! Oh hey, look, it’s almost like posting here is easier to do than the forums or something! :P

  • I was excited when I heard the news of a new look for the site but am disappointed. The page is way to bland and is a cluttered copy of so many other sites out there. Very slow to display. Hopefully some changes will be made. If I could choose I would prefer the old site. The new site looks more like a news site than a gaming site. Please make adjustments. Just my opinion. PS is the best regardless.

  • Wow, actually able to add comment. I hope this lasts long term.

  • Pretty, pretty, pretty good

  • Looks good. Im liking it. Can we get a dark mode? hahaha I prefer things to feel like it glows..

  • I don’t like the bright white background. Give us a dark option, please. I don’t understand why every website is doing this white background thing.

  • Slick redesign. Looks like an actual website now. Next, I think you guys need to move on from the name Playstation “Blog.” I think this site has become much more than that.

  • I’m not sure if I like the look, it’s more simplified and very white.

    The old design had flair and colors and designs.

    I really hope you won’t downgrade the Blogs website like you did with the Forums.

  • Love the new format it looks awesome. Hoping for more things to come in the next week ?

  • Looks great; thanks!

  • Is there only one website designer in the entire world? Seriously, all these sites copy each other’s generic looks then call it, new and modern. LOL

  • Lookin good! Very clean indeed, bravo! BTW, is that a new DS4?

  • Like many others, I’d prefer a more cooler color than the white as I visit usually at night and well…it’s a bit bright. A dark mode would be welcome. Please use the money that has been “saved” from removing PS3 and Vita games from Plus to more valuable titles for PS4 and future consoles. Otherwise, good change.

  • Site is now more difficult to browse on mobile, now it features certain “posts” instead of having them listed by post date which leads to obvious advertisement spots.
    Then again the whole site is basicaly a big advertisement, but now its more obvious and obnoxious.
    Ratings removed for a like system, not enough likes means people don’t notice it so it must be advertised more, is what this system screams.
    Used to browse the site daily, but now I think browsing adverts on any other ps based blog will be just as good.

  • Wish the picture at the top was a little bigger as it does not quite cover my entire monitor screen *sigh*

    Why does everyone think these types of layouts are great? new articles above the articles that look like they are being put forward but those articles are just ones that are, what, voted up or something…ugh

    It does look clean but even the latest news side bar seems a bit off because it doesn’t start to scroll when you do. All part of the new way people seem to be programming for the web….maybe bulletin board systems will make a comeback :)

  • Too bad we didn’t get reactions like the EU Blog. ‍♂️

  • Looks great.

  • Sweet!

  • Direct links on the main page to the key PS sites would be nice too (IMO), especially to the PS Store…..

    • Came here to say this. I did eventually find a link to the PS store, but I had to do a lot of scrolling on the main page before it showed up on the right. It used to be a button I could hit from any of the articles, and used to be my main way of getting into the store! I’d make that button part of the top banner and ever-present.

  • Really digging the new blog design!!! Thanks guys!

  • I like the new design, nice use of the grid. Also It doesn’t feel crowded which is great. Only downside I’ve come across is I don’t know what the higher up “Add a comment” button does. I’m browsing the site on Firefox.

  • Looks pretty good Sid, and glad you are still working to keep this blog a good place to find PS news. Also, no more huge adds to fill the screen behind the blog it seems? Nice.

  • Yay comments are back! I like the new look!

  • The new design looks nice for the articles.

    I think there is too much white space in the comments though. Stretching comments to ~100% width further exacerbates this issue on desktops. On a desktop, I can only fit about three comments on screen at a time, even if you are only a few words long. On mobile, it’s about two comments. The reply button and its margins are taking up almost 40% of a single line comment.

  • Welcome back y’all! Liking the new look so far!

    Aaaaaand of course you gotta have the usual people complaining about stuff not at all related to the post. It’s almost as if they don’t know that a PS Blog UX update is completely unrelated to stuff like the PS+ lineup?

  • Welcome back!
    **Huge facepalm at people talking about unrelated BS like the PS Plus removal of PS3/Vita titles** … It’s sad, I’m ashamed of seeing that so many of you don’t understand how a business operates.

    • The Vita still has games that are being announced and also coming out with release dates that need to be announced. Why shouldn’t it still be represented? – We understand it’s on it’s way out, but it’s not gone completely. It’d be different if it was like the PS3 where there are literally 0 games being published for it.

  • Hey Sid. A couple of things…

    I notice if you click on “Add A Comment”, it doesn’t automatically move to the “Your Comment” field (in Firefox at least). If the conversation is a bit long, you have to manually scroll all the way down to find it.

    Second, when selecting your region, it seems you can freely move between the Americas, United States, Brazil, Latin America…but if you move to any European regions from one of those, the regional drop-down goes away and you must use the browser’s back button to return to your previous region.

    Other than that, the update looks good. Nice and clean, and in-line with what I’ve seen on the Europe blog for some time now, albeit with some welcome changes.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Oh yeah…a dark/night mode toggle would be AMAZING!

    • Ugh…one more. Personal avatars are coming up blurry. Will that require a re-upload, or is that simply a resolution query that can be fixed on the blog side?

    • +1,

      Also add a like system as to not flood the comments with, “I agree!” and “+1”

      Editing / deleting comments should be a thing too.

  • My comment.

  • Overall it’s way too big and too white… There needs to be SOME contrasting shades somewhere besides the hovering nav bar… I can see this white space is probably going to be used for promotional backgrounds and what not, so that might not be too terrible, but right now it’s quite hard to look at. Definitely preferred the older layout more… Also, where’s the dang Vita button!? The Vita STILL has games coming out guys, it should still be represented in the tags/menu!

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