MLB The Show 19: What’s New in Diamond Dynasty

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MLB The Show 19: What’s New in Diamond Dynasty

The fan-favorite mode gets a host of upgrades for 2019.

Diamond Dynasty is back, and this year, we’ve made improvements to make it more customizable and rewarding than ever. At its core, Diamond Dynasty is an online mode that lets you play the game your way while earning the prizes you want. Let’s take a look at what’s different in MLB The Show 19’s new and improved Diamond Dynasty.

XP Reward Path

The Show 19 features an all new XP Reward Path. This means you can unlock excellent big-time rewards anywhere throughout the game. No matter what game mode you prefer, you can earn XP to use towards everything from Diamond players to special unlockable items.

Team Affinity

Being a die-hard fan of your favorite MLB team finally pays off. In the all-new Team Affinity section, you can earn rewards as you rack up innings with players from your favorite team. The more innings you play, the more team-specific rewards you’ll earn.

Signature Series

Diamond Dynasty’s next reveal is a big one: the Signature Series. Signature Series is a new set of rare and powerful unlockable players, taking Diamond Dynasty to new levels. Get ready to hunt down autographs to unlock all-time greats like Willie Mays. This is the new class of must-have players for your squad.

New Conquest Map Configuration and Goals

This year, Conquest is getting a major overhaul. In Conquest mode, you battle your way through maps, playing strategic games to unlock prizes. In MLB The Show 19, we’ve added all new maps with new scenarios. Attack strongholds and steal fans from opposing teams. New Conquest challenges will require your sharpest skills and strategies to unlock more rewards than ever.

Bat Skins

We’ve added tons of new customizable gear options to deck out your team and players. All new bat skins featuring flames, diamonds, and dozens of other creative designs. Swing away in style and show off to your friends with the most customizable gear yet.

Ranked Seasons and Battle Royale Rewards

Diamond Dynasty is our most competitive game mode, and so we have something special for our most competitive elite players. Choice Packs are now a part of Ranked Seasons and Battle Royale rewards at the highest levels of Diamond Dynasty. Fierce competition yields the biggest rewards, so bring your best game to win more Choice Packs.

Be sure to check out this Thursday’s Twitch live stream for more information on Diamond Dynasty. In the meantime, please make sure to watch The Show Nation, our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts between now and March 26 for the latest updates.

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  • Find the time to add some new classic stadiums like Old Comiskey Park and Tiger Stadium. It’s been close to a decade fans have been asking your company for this, and year after year, the loyal people who pay for your games are ignored in this regard. Start listening to your fans and customers please. It cannot be that difficult to buy rights to more classic stadiums with the money you rake in, SDS.

  • You can possibly add snow to the weather like in April such as White Sox games. The most important feature that we all want as users is to create our own baseball ballpark with so many features in it and hopefully we can create our own layout instead of you giving us models and the ability to relocate in franchise mode. We need to have the charging the mound feature and arguing every umpire’s call. Finally, we need to have both a ball leagues and rookie leagues in the show to play as and to move players with especially in franchise mode if we have aa and aaa teams already. We need relocation like in Madden. MLB the Show 19 is probably the best and the greatest baseball video game in such a long time and I’m so happy and excited to play it that I spent $100 on the game since there’s so much value to this incredible game and if my suggestions get added in MLB the Show 20, then MLB the Show is truly the best sports video game of all time even though we must give the incredible hardworking people who made MVP Baseball which was an absolute classic. I forgot that we should replace Mark Derosa and Dan Plesac with other announcers such as Harold Reynolds, maybe get rid of Matt Vasgersian but he is such a good announcer though. Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow would be absolute steals to add to Matt Vasgersian and those three commentators should do it. Hopefully we can get the most different lines of interesting commentary ever without repeating even though that’s very hard to do and can we integrate ESPN and Fox Sports TBS in the game like you did with MLB Network since MLB 2K had espn integrated in it with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan who would be fantastic announcers to add to MPB the Show as well!

  • The Show 19 is on the Juice!! The Show 19 should receive a 1 year ban for PEDs. All this content, all these DD cards… No more ridiculous and massive exchanges. And to take place of the grind all these new modes and milestones to work toward. Great job SDS!!

    Now, we all love the Diamond Classic Parks but can we work on bringing in another 4-12? Maybe throw a few Golds in there even. I do like how Polo Grounds is tied to collecting other parks. I just hope it doesn’t boost pricing of those stadiums too ridiculously. Polo has been steep but all the other parks have maintained a pretty reasonable price on the market the past few years.

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