A Pirate Legend Returns! One Piece World Seeker Sails To PS4 March 15

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A Pirate Legend Returns! One Piece World Seeker Sails To PS4 March 15

Grab your straw hat and seek treasure on a mysterious, war-torn island.

Ahoy, Mateys! One Piece World Seeker is almost upon us — March 15 will mark the return of Luffy and his crew. As the Pirate Captain Monkey D. Luffy you’ll explore Jewel Island, a land torn in two by war. You’ll need all of Luffy’s abilities to uncover the island’s many mysteries and help its citizens. With that, let’s dive into some of the features of the game:

Karma System

Not only will you be tasked with helping the locals and a few familiar faces, you’ll also build relationships with them through the Karma System. By completing various objectives throughout your adventure you’ll unlock new side missions given to by the residents of the island or maybe even your crew.

Completing the newly opened missions will net you skill points, new dialog scenes and a rare item at times. If you’re an absolute completionist the Karma System is the buried treasure you’re seeking.

Traversing the Island

The Karma System is just one aspect of One Piece World Seeker, traversal is another big component. You’ll jet around the island through the use of Luffy’s dynamic and stretchy Gum Gum abilities. Latch onto various objects within the world to get a better view of the action or swing from rooftop to rooftop.

When you really want to cover distance, use the Gear Fourth technique to transform into a hot air juggernaut and take to the skies using air dashes and glides.


Combat is another key feature. By using the Haki Battle System you’ll implore all sorts elastic attacks on your foes. Arm Haki mode allows Luffy to unleash a wide area attack but it is much slower in comparison due to the amount of distance it has to cover, you’ll also be able to block gunfire in this mode, useful for taking on the Marines stationed on the island.

Feeling a bit sneakier? Switch to the Observation Haki and avoid enemies all together. You can also check enemy positions through walls to set up your next plan of attack or to sneak up on your foes unnoticed and take them out with one shot. There are many other Haki techniques to master, you’ll have to pick up the game to see them all.

The producer of One Piece World Seeker also wanted to offer some insight into the game. Check out this mini-interview we did with him:

What sets this game apart makes this game from previous One Piece games?

We wanted to create a unique experience that is true to One Piece’s theme of adventure and exploration. Unlike other One Piece games, you are now able to freely explore a new setting with an all-new original story, and original character designs by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the One Piece series.

Why did the development team focus on making One Piece World Seeker an “open field experience”?

I’ve always dreamt of being able to explore an island in the One Piece universe, and I imagine fans have as well. So, I wanted to make those dreams come true for the fans and myself. What better way to do that than on a new island and as the captain of the Straw Hats, Luffy!

How did you make sure Luffy’s movements and abilities were accurate to the original source material?

Through discussions between the licensor and dev team, we were able to ensure that Luffy’s actions were replicated straight from the manga and anime. We were confident we could do a good job in making Luffy’s abilities come to life, but it didn’t come without trial and error. We constantly tested his different actions to make sure it would translate into a fun experience. We believe that we succeeded in this task.

Is there anything you’d like the fans of One Piece know before they start the game?

We’re beyond thrilled to be able to share this all-new One Piece story and can’t wait for fans to get their hands on the game to experience Luffy’s abilities while they explore this brand-new world.

One Piece World Seeker is now available for pre-order for PS4 at PlayStation Store. Pre-order your copy now to receive the Strange Island Rocks Mission, Military Costume and Swimsuit Costume when the game launches. That’s all for now, you scallywags — fly your sails high on March 15!

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