Days Gone: The Wedding

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Days Gone: The Wedding

Catch a glimpse of Deacon's softer side as he reminisces about his lost love, Sarah, and their unlikely romance.

In a Days Gone storyline called “I Remember,” Deacon attempts to deal with his tragic past. Long before a global pandemic killed the world — turning the Pacific Northwest into a terrifying no-man’s land of Freakers, Marauders and those just struggling to survive — the Farewell Wilderness set the stage for an unlikely romance between an outlaw biker and an extraordinary young woman from Seattle.

The wilderness is where they met, it’s where he taught her to ride, where she taught him about botany — the reason she was in the high desert in the first place. It’s where he proposed to her. It’s where, in a small church in the tiny town of Marion Forks, witnessed only by long-time friend William “Boozer” Gray, Deacon and Sarah were married.

With just a touch, Sarah Whitaker’s charm and sincerity was always able to soften Deacon, allowing him to show his awkward and tender side. He loved her so much that, a longtime member of the Mongrels MC, Deacon St. John chose to leave the MC and become a NOMAD for her so they could spend more time together. Share a life together.

Two years later, Sarah is gone. Deacon, now a drifter and bounty hunter on the broken road, is left with only a photo to remind him of the woman he loved and the man she had helped him become. In a brief moment of peace at the church where they exchanged vows, Deacon reflects on everything he’s lost, the burnt out shell of the church, a reflection of the man he’s become — haggard, worn, and alone.

But in the world of Days Gone, you are never alone for very long. And in a strange way, Deacon seems to welcome the intrusion. Anything, to help him forget his broken vow: “I promise to never leave you.”

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  • It’s interesting that his hat says farewell. Almost an premonition of the future. Hope to see more before release.

  • Impressive character building! Looking forward to playing the game!

  • Been slowly getting into the idea of this game, this trailer is exactly what I needed

  • Days Gone tells an incredible story, it’s more than a broken world or that humanity has fallen but that this game is about how deacon feels inside. This world of days gone is an outward manifestation of deacon. how One broken man is pushing past his loss and trying to stay alive. Trying to not let the pain consume him. Without her…. He is broken.

  • While I do hope this game is a 80+ metacritic title for the sake of the PS4 and those that preordered, I have have ongoing misgivings about days gone that are not going to change based off a last of us style trailer with some emotionial alt/folk song carrying the mood on its own, something so far days gone has not earned.

    Bend has not released a game since the failed vita’s launch title uncharted golden abyss and it was decent but the worst title in the series by a clear margin. (i have both)

    Days has remained in development hell for years and even the most recent gameplay harbours doubts on both quality but also a lack of any real substantive narrative or standout mechanics in a country congested genre.

    This unfortunately is a game that has to do well for bend or they likely fold. From a customer standpoint my stance and advice remains wait for the actual release on this. hopefully i’m wrong and it is excellent. Cardboard cuttouts with music and extreme violence with motobikes is all they have really shown thus far.

    • Golden abyss was a great portable game probably one of ps vita best games. I don’t know what you talking about days gone looking better and better every trailer Sony bend shows of it. I think days gone probably end up being a sleeper hit.

    • decent 80 metacritic with 74 userscore and the worst uncharted by a mile even accounting for the 2012 release good launch game inflation. however it doesn’t hold up, they didn’t do anything big set piece wise and it was mostly a cut copy of the b tier uncharted ps3 with significantly worse controls and forced back touch garbage which almost no one liked.

      As for Bend and Days, we will see i will be very surprised if this hits the 80 metacritic mark, in terms of sleeper hit, sure people apply that to anything they feel like. the game will be half price in the first six months however so that being said.

      Days Gone and Dreams are deeply troubled games, whether they are up to the standard of the best in the genres and industry remains to be seen.

      Death Stranding – Ghosts of Tsushima are ones that deserve the optimism based on showings.

      Get the game enjoy the freakers. I am offering up my opinions to counter the bend acolytes as i am able to do.

  • oh and her tattoo sleeves is extremely tacky and pandering. I hate this kind of too many cooks meddling the broth nonsense. It’s as if people sitting around needing to keep adding stuff and trying to amp it up. I can see the focus testing conversations and she would be too boring if we didn’t add some neck and calf tattoos and some unique ring and make her eyes different colors etc.

    ubisoft is one of the worst for this kind of thing. This trailer is terrible and i have liked a few of the others since announce despite technical flaws.

    I know it’s a nit pick and i am not against tattoos etc. For Deacon St John the tattoos make sense for a biker fine, his name is contrived sounding though, i just think it’s funny that so much effort goes into mediocre decisions. Look at other quality games and you can see where you are off the pace. Hire better writers, or focus solely on good gameplay.

    This game will be measured by the gameplay and sandbox missions etc. the story and characters have been poor since announce.

  • The usual tired troupes. He’s lost his love.
    Be good if one day we get a hero with a living breathing ALIVE family you’d fight to protect.

  • Again golden abyss was a ps vita Sony bend did a good job with the limiting hardware. how can you Measure the quality of a game you haven’t played yet or say a game story going suck when you haven’t really seen much of said game story. I’m sorry but You just seem like your average nerd on the internet who like to complain about everything. days gone looking great you can tell Sony bend is putting in the time effort to make some great.

    • I gonna have to agree with Skeetlejuice, Bend Studio doesn’t have the greatest record for console or handheld games

      I got the platinum for Golden Abyss,and because of that I ended up loathing the game. I especially dislike chase’s character holier than thou, refuses to touch a gun because she’s a pacifist until she just says screw it I’m rambo and dont even get me started on dante or guerro

      Here’s hoping Bend improved in the last several years and Days Gone is general success but as for me I’ll be taking the wait and see approach

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