Flash Sale: Adventures Await With Up to 60% Off

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Flash Sale: Adventures Await With Up to 60% Off

Monstrous savings on Darksiders III, Fallout 76 and more.

Post apocalyptic adventures and monstrous beasts abound at PlayStation Store! Steal a first look at tomorrow’s Flash Sale – with savings up to 60 percent on games like Fallout 76, Darksiders III, and Monster Hunter World.

Dark desolation not your thing? Head into the tranquil worlds of Tetris Effect with PS VR, or take to the open rails in Ticket to Ride before stopping off at the farm with Slime Rancher.

Check out the full list below and snag the titles that have been missing in your life — the sale ends February, 11 at 8AM PT.

PS4 Games
Title $Sale $Original
CHASM $11.99 $19.99
DARKSIDERS III $47.99 $59.99
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 $47.99 $59.99
EVASION (VR) $19.99 $39.99
FALLOUT 76 $35.99 $59.99
MAROONERS $4.49 $9.99
METAL MAX XENO $29.99 $39.99
MOONLIGHTER $11.99 $19.99
NASCAR HEAT 3 $23.99 $39.99
NASCAR HEAT 3 BUNDLE $29.99 $49.99
SLIME RANCHER $11.99 $19.99
SPRINT VECTOR (VR) $11.99 $29.99
SWORDS OF DITTO $9.99 $19.99
TETRIS EFFECT $29.99 $39.99
THE FIRST TREE $5.99 $9.99
TICKET TO RIDE $9.99 $19.99

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  • Another pretty meh sale. Can you guys please work with Bandai Namco to do a anime sale like Xbox is running? I’d like to get the Dragon Ball FighterZ Season One pass at a discount like they have as well as games like 11-11 Memories Retold.

    Also you have a huge library of PS3 and Vita games that never go on sale. I know there are more PS4 owners out there but how about throwing a bone to those who still play on your older systems.

    • If you love xbox so much why don’t yoy buy one?

    • I have one. People like you need to chill out instead of getting all offensive. I simply would like a sale on that content like they are offering since I own Dragon Ball FighterZ on PS4.

    • We need a price cut to sell more consoles.

    • Says the guy who posted 2 paragraphs crying about a sale they didn’t like.

    • runtus_maximus: It is spelled YOU not YOY… I love how so many trolls have 2nd grade spelling.

    • I honesty never understood comments like Mercenary09’s. He’s basically saying “I don’t like this sale because I don’t like the games”. That makes zero sense. ” I’d like to get the Dragon Ball FighterZ Season One pass at a discount like they have as well as games like 11-11 Memories Retold.” Sounds like a little kid on Santa’s lap LOL. Sorry, I had to… it’s too funny.

    • @Fish613 It’s called feedback. Grow up and learn about it.

    • Agreed, all I’ve been waiting for is a sale on the season one fighter pass!

    • You missed that sale got the game and pass for $27

    • @IXNELLXI I already own the game so $27 isn’t much of a discount. It’s on sale on other platforms for $17.50 right now which is half off. It would be nice if we could get that on PS4 too for those who already own the game.

    • I hear that. I was looking at Xenoverse 2 the other day and its still 59.99 via psn not to mention all the additional content that are about $8/ea. Game is from 2016, its amazing how expensive digital games remain.

    • Agree. The sale really is meh. But that is Ok. I wasn’t going to buy anything anyway with Division 2 here and Days Gone around the corner.

    • Agree. The only game that I might buy is Moonlighter, the rest don’t interest me on the least.

  • A pretty lackluster sale tbh. How come you guys never put the big blockbuster ps3 hits on sale anymore like the far cry franchise or the splinter cell Series. They’re people here Playstation that’s willing to still play and BUY the old classics.

    • @magnificent-rich, just chiming in to agree with you and Mercenary09. I appreciate the Flash sales, but this one is weak. I still game on PS3, the only place for some of my fave JPRGs. I have zero interest in streaming PS3 games. For people who don’t care about PS3, remember that our investment in PS4 will probably be treated no differently in a couple of years.

    • +1 – more PS3 games please, and PS1/PS2 classics.

    • I have several PS3 games on my wishlist and would also love more sales.

    • +1 YEAH! you’re totally right.

    • Gotta love this one. “How come you guys never put the big blockbuster ps3 hits on sale anymore like the far cry franchise” The entire FC series is currently on sale for up to 80% off.

    • @MintberryChamp, You missed the point. We’re talking ps3 titles. BTW Far Cry titles for ps3 are NOT on sale.

  • No RDR2… big oof

    • Thank you man. I appreciate you chiming in lol. I still game on ps3 too but I noticed Everytime they have something on Sale for Playstation 3 it’s always smaller titles not the BIG Third party games.

    • Yeah it’s so weird! It’s almost like PS3 is super outdated and you can already get most of the games for dirt cheap so they don’t focus on hobos who won’t buy anything unless it’s $3!

    • You’re joking right? RDR2 is still a top shelf game and still doing well in sales. They don’t need to put it on sale LOL!

  • $30 for Tetris Effect……still kinda high. Let’s hope I get a discount code. Or if the demo changes my mind.

    • Yeah, I would love to get Tetris Effect for $20. The demo was only available the weekend the game came out. If you load the demo, it will not go beyond the title screen. The demo cannot be played…but it was amazing

    • I agree . I have it in my wishlist. If I can get massive games like HZD for $20 on sale, this should go down to 20 also. MH is 50% off ! You can only go 25%?

    • Tetris Effect is definitely worth $30.

    • I suppose it only makes sense though, it being the most overrated game in years.

    • Oh and, just for the record, Sony, limited time demos are MORONIC. I’ve seen this only for Tetris Effect, and EA games. EA hasn’t been doing so well lately, so you should do the opposite of what they do, I’d wager.

  • I could get all these physical for cheaper…c’mon sony, wtf.

  • Not the sale I was looking for

  • We the people of Playstation Nation demand a FLASH sale of PS3 and PS Vita, PSP games, since you pull the plug on our beloved PS Plus+ . So let’s get going?

  • Still waiting for metal slug and samurai showdown anthologies to go on sale for psp/vita.

    And Stranger of Sword Revisited

    And Damascus gear

    And the Armored Core titles

    And the other half of the ps1 titles we don’t get on sale 18 times a year, like VANGUARD BANDITS

  • Pretty weak offerings.
    There isn’t a single title from my wishlist here.

  • I like to take Adventures with my Vita.

    Would like to see some Vita games on sale.

  • The only time when I am about to buy something from the Flash sale and there isn’t a single Anime game. Whatever, at least Tetris Effect is on sale.

    • I was all excited when I read the intro, that Tetris Effect was on sale. Finally (not that it’s been out that long) I could pick it up for the $19.99 it was on sale for at GameStop in December. But then I scroll down the tinyy list, and see it’s $30 bucks. Make it $20, and watch those digital copies fly off the shelf, baby! I’m sure plenty would agree.

  • That’s it? Where’s the rest of the list?

    Must be my browser again…

  • When does it start? Did I miss it somewhere? The store isn’t showing anything…

  • Another awful sell….Xbox get my money this week again.

  • I do not see anything that I like, but I love the fact that Sony is letting us know in advance. You can prepare as a buyer. Please continue to do this for us Sony. Thanks!

  • In kind understanding to the sales PSN has every period to please us playstation jerkies ^_^
    If we could maybe during the summer get licensing to discount ubisoft or capcom cause I liked when i was able to get mortal combat XL for a cheap price and be able to play original titles with newer graphics ^_^ huge playstation fan but again want to spend my money with awesome titles not titles just for the young scene/crowd..
    Sincerely Herosun

  • Probably as cheap as EDF5 will ever be without having to wait years. I’ll take it.

  • You just need to take 35 more dollars and 99 cents off that Fallout 76 price.

  • Flash Sale is not what it used to be. The listed games are cheaper else where.

    Monster Hunter World was $15 and Fallout 76 was $20 on Newegg. I don’t know if Fallout 76 is even worth it at $20 at this point let alone $36.

    Developers of Darksiders 3 thought going dark souls will boost their mediocre sale numbers :?

  • This sale is a bad joke.

  • Seriously? THIS is it? This can’t be all that’s going to be on sale this weekend! The Xbox Games Store has had plenty of more stuff on sale! Specifically on EA games like The Sims 4, which has stuff like the Cats and Dogs bundle and even the Get Together expansion pack on sale there! Something that I at least have been waiting to be on sale for months now! Why the heck are we STILL NOT getting those deals on the PlayStation Store while Xbox players get all the awesome deals there?! Why can’t we get in on those discounts?!

  • Also, for anyone interested.. Chasm is cross buy with Vita.

  • What games are discounted at 60%? I can’t see no one.

    • There is ONE. Sprint Vector is 60% off, but that is IT.

      Makes me wonder why thy don’t just take a $10 game and make it $2 and say SALE UP TO 80% off!!!!!

  • I think there should be a “last hurrah” sale for PS3 and PSVITA since they (after this month) will no longer be offered for sale,, so we can snap up some great titles or allow us to unlock those titles for keeps…

    • To my knowledge, the PS3 and Vita games will still be for sale in the future, but those gaming devices won’t be a part of the PS Plus monthly offerings. If someone can correct me on that, feel free, but that’s how I understand the situation.

  • Really disappointed by the selection, quality and diversity of recently sales on PlayStation.
    More noticeable is that the efforts on sales have been dropping drastically on general occasion outside the halfway and end of year holiday sale. When we talk about Flash sale, it used to be hundreds of unique titles to choose from and now it’s no where to see.
    Everytime you only work with big or certain publishers, so the selection is more or less always the same and all with similar prices.All those same game with different package name padded list, confuse consumers and all without adding any values to the game.Not just Flash sales, psplus essentials, double discount, publisher…all those sales share same issues and clearly show what PlayStation is foucsed. No more we love Indies thing, the push for Indies games are no longer exist in PlayStation. There’s no need to bring on other consoles name but we can all see what’s happening and the shifting is obvious.
    Also feel bad about no happy lunar new year sale or even a post or anything mention the biggest holiday for many from PlayStation.

  • Where are these sales? I am not seeing this on the store.

  • One day, I’d like to see an all-DLC sale, especially for some “forgotten” games like Killzone: Shadow Fall. It’s a great way to get people re-invested in those older games.

  • Kinda weird that the Flash Sale is so early this month.. The flash sale on PSN usually happens the 3rd week of every month… Here’s hoping we get a “Valentine’s Day Sale” next week like we have in previous years that focuses on Co-Op/MP games.

  • Got Moonlighter and The Sword of Ditto. Chasm is also a great game. Thanks.

  • Is Chasm on sale on Vita. Showing up as $19.99 o. Store and only PS4 shows flash price?

  • This is a Flash Sale? Sony is really losing the “hearts and minds” leading up to next gen. Hubris led to the PS3. If it leads to the PS5, Sony is screwed.

  • @MintberryChamp, We are talking about

  • Ahhhhh yeah, while of course everyone else is having massive Lunar New Year sales right now, the PS store barely has anything. Kinda stupid if you ask me.

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