Xing: The Land Beyond Hits PS4, PS VR February 12

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Xing: The Land Beyond Hits PS4, PS VR February 12

Embark on a memorable journey in the Afterlife in this atmospheric puzzle-adventure from White Lotus Interactive.

In 2012, we set out to create a world for players to connect with in a personal way. Xing: The Land Beyond is an atmospheric first-person puzzle adventure game set in the afterlife. In death, you will find yourself on a journey across a series of mysterious lands filled with the thoughts and personalities of those long lost. We are pleased to announce that Xing: The Land Beyond will finally be launching February 12.

Follow forgotten stories, collect artifacts, solve puzzles, and discover secrets as you make your own adventure through the mysteries of The Land Beyond. It is an understatement to say development on Xing has been an incredible journey for us, and knowing that our adventure is finally coming to a head fills us with emotion.

PlayStation VR

Alongside being optimized for PS4 and PS4 Pro (with multiple graphics settings to maximize fidelity and framerate), Xing has 100% support for PlayStation VR. All content is available to be experienced on your television or in your headset, with either DualShock 4 or Move controllers.

If you are looking for a challenge of the mind or an immersive dive into the stories of the dead, Xing is the adventure you are looking for.

PlayStation Exclusive Content

Our PS4 fans have been anticipating the release of Xing: The Land Beyond for quite a while, so we are pleased to say that there will be new bonus content available on PlayStation exclusively! That’s right, we’ve added a whole new mini-level just for PS4 fans, complete with a new story and puzzles. This is Agnirok:

It is tremendously exciting for us to finally join the PlayStation family — I’ve been following this blog, as well as other PlayStation communities, and have found nothing but optimism and support from their members. It is heartwarming to see such excellent communication between developers and gamers.

The wait is finally over. The definitive version of Xing: The Land Beyond arrives for PS4 and PS VR February 12. See you on the other side!

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  • This looks to be a great showcase game for the VR. This type of adventure experience is exactly what I’ve been missing on my PSVR. Looking forward to it!

  • Looks fantastic, will be getting it on release.

  • Can’t wait to claim this on PS Plus and never play it!!!

  • Excellent news! And I love that you can play through the whole game in VR (or traditional)! I assume you could stop and save your progress and switch to the other mode at nearly any time?

  • The Land Beyond is one of those titles that almost instantly transports you to a different place through its amazing visuals and soothing

  • The first time I went to PSX I spent most of my time playing an early demo for Xing and chatting with the environmental artist about game design.

    I’ve followed the development for the game, and I’m so excited that VR compatability was implemented! (One of my first questions while playing was whether or not there would be VR support.)

    The game looks gorgeous, and I still have canvas art of a screenshot from the game (signed by the artist) in my room. :)

    I will be purchasing the game day one! <3

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