Anthem’s Open Demo Takes Flight This Weekend

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Anthem’s Open Demo Takes Flight This Weekend

Personalize your Javelin, embark on Expeditions, and more in the Anthem Open Demo starting today.

It’s finally time to get hands on with Anthem. The Anthem Open Demo is from February 1-3 and it’s your chance to jump into a javelin and explore the beauty and chaos of the world you’ve heard so much about. If you’re wondering what the Open Demo experience is like, take a second to check out these four things you can expect from the Anthem Open Demo.

1. You’ll Get to Visit Fort Tarsis

The demo starts in Fort Tarsis, the walled city that you call home in Anthem. It’s your hub for everything you’ll need between missions — it’s also a space where you are protected from dangerous forces that torment the outside world. In Tarsis, you can visit the Forge and customize your javelin with loot you pick up on missions. You can also head to other locations in Fort Tarsis – like the Enclave, the Bar, and the Arcanist Lab. This will be where you get to know the characters of Anthem, and many of them will be around to chat, though their contracts (special in-game missions) will not be available.

2. You’ll Get Your Own Javelin to Personalize (Two of Them, Actually)

In the Open Demo, you’ll start out as a level 10 pilot with a fully equipped javelin of your choice. You can unlock a second javelin of your choice (either Ranger, Colossus, Storm, or Interceptor) at level 12. Your level will be capped at level 15 for the Open Demo. Since you have access to the Forge, you’ll also be able to personalize your javelins and change your loadouts to equip any new gear or weaponry you get on missions.

The earn rates on XP, Items, and Coin have been adjusted to give you a full Anthem experience over the relatively short timeframe of the Open Demo. You’ll also be given some Coin in the demo so you can have the chance to purchase and equip cosmetics.

3. You’ll Embark on Expeditions

In the demo you can head out into the world, completing missions and discovering some of the secrets it holds. You’ll meet the Arcanist Matthias, part of an order of researcher-monks charged with unlocking the mysteries of the world, who will send you on a three-part expedition to track down a shaper relic with mysterious powers. Explore, fly, and swim in Freeplay and take on emergent challenges as you travel through a section of Great Falls Canyon and some of the surrounding areas. You’ll even get to delve into one of the Strongholds, high-level dungeons that require a full squad of Freelancers to complete.

4. You’ll Encounter Unfriendly Wildlife

Whenever you venture into the world of Anthem you can be sure that you’ll encounter beautifully dangerous wildlife. You might be hoping for a grabbit sighting but don’t let your guard down — there are living, moving threats that can come from all angles.

These creatures don’t care if you’re in the midst of a Mission or casually exploring the world in Anthem’s free-roaming mode Freeplay, they’re poised to make you have a no good, very bad day — and cause major damage while they’re at it. You may encounter wyverns, vicious flying creatures, will attack anything they come across, raining fire on their prey from above and leaving you desperate for a way to douse the flames and regain your health. Oh, but if you think that’s terrifying, just wait until you meet an Ursix.

This Open Demo will give you an amazing look at the full Anthem experience, so mark your calendars for February 1-3, and get ready for the full game’s release on February 22!

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  • Hopefully it can actually be accessed for people whom care about this game. EA game though so probably bargain bin for many after the microtransactions are fleshed out.

  • Do you need Playstation Plus?

  • Nope, no plus needed. Just a Online-Multiplayer game like the rest of them.

  • Taking bets on how few players make it past the first loading screen.

  • It’s another game from Bioware and EA. $60+ game with Freemium game’s micro-transactions..

    Let see how long these “games as a service” will last.

  • You guys are pathetic for posting a 72 hour demo after the clock has already started.

  • 8:15 AM Saturday morning and the game still is having server issues, I’ve had to close out the game twice in less then a half hour and as I’m writing this I’m closing it again for the third time. Still getting stuck on infinite loading screens and loosing connection to their servers. I thought Bio Ware said this was all fixed. So glad I didnt spend money on this game for launch. Maybe two or three months down the road when it works well I’ll pick it up. Besides that Gameplay is fun, few minor tweaks I would make to when you launch your javelin to fly, I would make it go up not forward right away. Also fix the walking in the town, footsteps sound like your have four legs for how fast your walking.

    • It has been fixed. It’s been smooth all weekend. None of the server issues or rubber banding that was present last weekend. Lots of people are sailing through the demo without issue. Might just want to check on your end just in case you have bandwidth/connection issues.

    • Lots of connection issues for me as well. Initially couldn’t enter freeplay, then when I finally got in, I couldn’t leave. Got kicked back to the title screen several times. The game even crashed to blue screen 4 times. Friend of mine had the same. Things were a lot better though when we switched to a private session instead of public.
      I probably spent 2hrs ‘playing’ during the afternoon (‘playing’ in quotes as probably half that was spent in loading screens) and got nothing to show for it. No XP, no gear, no progress at all.
      A shame, as I did enjoy the game, especially when playing with a mate.

  • People complaining about EA and microtransactions but most games have microtransactions now days not only EA games. lmao

  • Size??? that is really matters

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