A Mighty Q&A – Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

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A Mighty Q&A – Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

New info surfaces about the upcoming generation-spanning Power Rangers fighter.

We sat down with Steve Kuroki, VP of Creative at nWay, to learn more about Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, up for pre-order at PlayStation Store starting today.

What is Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid?

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a brand new console fighting game featuring the Power Ranger heroes and villains where players fight head to head in online and offline battle modes. The game uses traditional fighting game inputs that players are familiar with. Players create a team of three warriors of varying play styles and roles to battle their friends or other players online.

How is this game different than other fighting games out there?

First, this is the only Power Rangers fighting game on the PS4. We have given each character’s animation a lot of TLC to make sure they stay authentic to the source material — details that the biggest Power Rangers fans will care about. This will also make the game not only fun to play, but also fun to watch. Also, we are adopting an online-first model. This means that we want the game to feel alive and have longevity. We plan to do this by regularly rolling out new content — new characters and new stories — as well as host special events, missions, and online tournaments. To support a healthy online competitive community, we are lowering the barrier to entry with a starting price of $19.99, allowing more people to join the matchmaking pool.

We just celebrated the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers — what characters do you plan on featuring in the game?

We have shown Tommy, Jason, Gia and Lord Drakkon thus far. We plan to announce other fan favorite characters in the roster as we get closer to launch, so stay tuned!

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

What type of battle mechanics can we expect to see implemented in Power Rangers: BFTG?

The controls are similar to a traditional fighter — something like a Dragon Ball FighterZ or Marvel vs. Capcom series, so you can expect battle mechanics in the team-based fighting genre.

What was the development process like? What engine is the game built on?

We use Unity. We have a lot of experienced developers with a fighting game background on our team, so we can do a lot of fast development, get it into the hands of the designers and playtesters, and iterate on combat very quickly. We’ve also brought onboard Justin Wong to consult and help tune our game. With Justin’s experience as one of the most decorated fighting game pros, he’s helping us make sure this game stands on par with the other top competitive fighting games out there.

What game modes will be available at launch?

At launch, the game will feature online Ranked and Casual matches as well as a Story Mode. We will have more to share about the story in Story Mode later, as I know the Power Rangers fans would want to know.

Are there plans to add any DLC to the game? If so, what kind of content will be available?

Absolutely! We have 25 years of Power Rangers history to tap into and every fan has a different favorite Ranger, so we want to keep adding more and more warriors to the roster. We really want this game to have a long life, so in addition to new warriors, we also want to add new stories to play in the arcade mode.

When can fans expect to get their hands on this game (and for how much)?

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will be coming this Spring. The Standard Edition is $19.99 and the Digital Collector’s Edition is $39.99.

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5 Author Replies

  • It amazes me how this brand survived this long..

    Good strategy on the price tag

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Hopefully we’ll get Lord Drakkon in all his forms.

    • So far Lord Drakkon (in his base form) and EVO II character skin is confirmed. There’s always a possibility that we add other forms in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Hi,

    Any news on if cross-play will be added to the PS4? It looks like the other platforms will all share cross play and cross progression. I’d prefer to play on PS4 b/c I have fight sticks and generally prefer the platform, but the lack of cross play is really making this a tougher decision that it would have been.

  • waitwaitwait…there’s a power rangers fighting game coming out? oooooh, this sounds interesting

  • Hopefully there’s a good mix of villains too. There’s quite a few of them that would make excellent characters.

    I’m very happy that they’re not just harping on MMPR like most of the mainstream PR stuff does. As a long time fan I’m happy to see stuff from other seasons.

    • The full roster will contain a variety of characters that include a mix of both villains and Rangers, touching 25 years of Power Rangers history! We want to make sure fans are able to experience all the characters that we have in store. Make sure to stay updated and follow us on social media: Twitter – @Battle4TheGrid, Facebook/Instagram – @Powerrangersbattleforthegrid, Official website- battleforthegrid.com

  • Hoping we get some sick themed Power Rangers Battle for the Grid fightsticks from Hori, Razer, Madcatz(maybe) around the time the game releases, or after season 1 pass characters start releasing. Also, are you looking at 4-6 month season length if only 3 characters and stories and skins with it to keep the game updated with new content at least twice a year? Also, what is the super bar implementation like for the game, as the gameplay trailer doesn’t seem to show one anywhere, or is it just not rendered yet? Loving the look, speed, and that it’s Unity engine. Is it at least Unity 2018 versions 2 or 3, or what version is planned for launch?

    • We’ll look to keep the game as fresh as possible through multiple DLC releases. Expect to see more gameplay details as we get closer to launch (Spring 2019). And yes, we’re using the latest version of Unity.

    • I’m happy to hear you are on Unity 2018.3. Is there a chance that you’ll be showcased or featured at GDC like Legacy Wars was when I got to play it and discuss it? Also, is there a potential chance at a later point for console physical releases? I’m guessing that the health bars are currently a placement until a finalized UI can be ironed out, and also have a power bar added in for supers, and potential character link combos similar to 3rd strike cancels that used bar, or not that in depth of yet? Also, where to contact you for bug testing, or play testing, as I’ve been a tester for various mediums for over 20 years now? Thanks for the confirmation of version of engine. I am hoping that you are going to make sure primary focus is gameplay, and not online, where that for those that don’t want to play online, can just disable any frame buffering and have a smoother offline vs experience for local tournaments.

  • So basically this looks like an amped up version of the mobile game …. I am ok with this.

    • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will feature a brand new combat system (similar to MvC/DB Fighter Z) built from the ground up, and is not a port from the mobile game, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

  • Will it have a Platinum trophy?

    • We’ll have trophies in the game :)

    • I know it will have trophies but please give it a Platinum trophy as well. Every game can have one if you just ask for it. There’s a large group of people who care more about a game if it has one.

  • $26.99 for standard and $53.49 for deluxe here in Canada.. Damn exchange rate

  • You mentioned story mode will story mode be the only single player mode or will it be a story mode and a seperate arcade mode where each character gets a seperate ending like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and other fighting games?

  • When will it be on ps plus lineup?

  • Will we get to see any characters from Ninja Storm, or will the roster mainly be from Mighty Morphin? And can we expect to see large scale megazord fights in the game?

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