Days Gone: A Deep Dive into the Farewell Wilderness, Pre-Order Bonuses, Special Editions

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Days Gone: A Deep Dive into the Farewell Wilderness, Pre-Order Bonuses, Special Editions

Take a closer look at the breathtaking beauty — and unrelenting savagery — of Oregon's High Desert after the pandemic that killed the world.

Traveling the abandoned highways of the Farewell Wilderness is deadly. You’ll pass through thick forests of ponderosa and pine (filled with wolves), venture into naturally formed lava tube caves (filled with Freakers), ride up steep trails to snow-covered peaks offering spectacular vistas (mind the Marauders — and Freakers — and cougars). Riding the broken roads through Days Gone offers landscapes that change quickly and dramatically, a living, breathing world — filled with things trying to kill you.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Oregon’s High Desert, scarred by ancient volcanic activity, shaped in modern times by a dubious history of mining and logging, has long been a recreational area for outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike, camp, fish and backpack. During the pandemic that killed the world, tens of thousands of survivors fled into the wilderness not realizing that it was no safer than the homes, cabins, truck stops, saw mills and small towns they left behind.

Freakers, drawn to mass graves dug throughout the Farewell Wilderness, were everywhere. Swarms of Freakers, Hordes of Freakers — all looking to feed. Throw in marauding groups of human enemies looking to rob and pillage everyone in their path, wildlife — infected or not — starving for food, and crazed cultists terrorizing anyone who won’t join them — and our love letter to the region begins to sounds more like a eulogy.

Today, in the first of a series of three videos, we offer you a look at the Farewell Wilderness, the setting for Days Gone, a unique landscape that is as beautiful as it is dangerous.

Keep an eye on the PlayStation YouTube channel over the upcoming weeks for more videos highlighting other key features in Days Gone.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Head over to your favorite retailer and pre-order the game now. At launch you’ll receive a voucher to unlock for the Drifter Crossbow and upgrades for your drifter bike’s Nitrous, Gas Tank, and Shroud early in the game which will help you survive as you ride the broken road. As an added bonus, pre-order from PlayStation Store and you’ll receive a Days Gone Sawmill Dynamic Theme immediately after pre-ordering.

Check out the video below to see these bonuses in action.

Special Editions

In addition to the standard edition of Days Gone, we are proud to offer a Collector’s Edition and a Digital Deluxe Edition. The Digital Deluxe Edition features a digital mini artbook, digital soundtrack, three additional drifter bike skins, and an additional early skill unlock and theme. The Collector’s Edition features everything from the Digital Deluxe Edition and a Collector’s Edition Statue, set of patches, six pins, four Decals, a Steel Book, physical soundtrack and a 48 Page Mini-Art Book by Dark Horse Comics.

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  • When will I be able to pre-order my collectors edition?

  • This made me more excited for Days Gone! :)

  • Super hyped to finally play this game! Glad that it’s not coming out the same day as Anthem as well.

  • What’ the price of these other editions? It’s not in the blog post.

  • Two questions

    1) Will the EU have this or will it be different? Our God of War CE was dumbed down and stripped of a few goodies which was such a gut punch yet it was never addressed why. Yet we paid more for ours then the US

    2) As a steelbook collector can you guys and any other company stop making boring ass steelbooks. Seriously people are sick of a steelbook where the artwork is worse then standard box art, it’s supposed to be better with a unique image that would want to make people pick it over the standard version. Even if you copied the box art here people would have been fine with it. Red Dead did it recently, Spiderman, God of War, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and so on…a boring background and the games logo/title is not going to cut it so please change this or at the least say in the future things will change and you’ll tell someone high up at Sony so they don’t ruin the Last of Us 2s steelbook or Ghosts of Tsushima. Thank You.

  • Wow a long spell of silence and then it’s out in 3 months! What’s up with that?

  • so we get the standard, digital deluxe and collector’s? EU gets the special edition which is everything the CE has, but without the statute…… why don’t we have that option for physical copies? I don’t wanna download it and I don’t really want the CE edition statue…..

  • Looks awesome! Will there be dlc that allows me to play as Jay and Silent Bob? Or SoA characters? ;)

  • Awesome!! day 1!!

  • It’s absolutely criminal how much Bend studio has been wasted during the last three generations of consoles. Their mastery of dual-stick controls and online multiplayer tops the list of all-time most talented groups of developers.

    They should be making SOCOM, right now.

  • Is Sony ever gonna change up their collector editions?

    Genital Giant statue, mini art book, and stickers are what we always get, do something different.

    • THANK YOU. I could not have said it any better. Such a let down/disappointment. Be creative as these opportunities/new IP’s don’t come around too often and items in collector editions should include memorabilia that directly correlates to something in the game. What makes the items nostalgic. At least store the items in a collector’s box. I returned the Last Guardian because I thought the packaging was authentic wood and was going to place it in my office. I cancelled it at Gamestop once I saw it was a cardboard box.

  • Also for the next youtube vid try to have marketing focus on the exploration & secrets of the world. Would like to appreciate the places and items found through fun exploration similar to the witcher & fallout. Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge let down as far as rewarding exploration. Did not feel like a true and deep rpg like i’m hoping this franchise is.

  • Can’t find it on Bestbuy (Canada), I’m new to PS4 and whole Collector’s Edition things, are these US only?
    Really wanted Days Gone’s Collector’s Edition and I don’t want to miss on The Last Of Us Part II one if it gets released.

  • Eh I was hoping for the best but everything they show just looks boring. Another generic zombie game..sorry I meant freakers, ugh. The bike handling looks so basic, combat is flat, it’s all around bland. There is a reason this was delayed so often and it shows. Who knows maybe they will impress but right now, this close to release…. doubtful.

  • Hello, very excited for this. The pre-order bonuses apply to all stores? Amazon, too? Because I don’t see in amazon the pre-order bonus.

  • Could they not have at least added the Freaker bear plush to the collector’s edition that they were selling at pax? Lol

  • Nice, I’m super excited for Days Gone. Looking forward to it since the first announcement.

  • cant wait to play this i mean **** was blown away back in 2016 i think with famous 10 min gameplay!!!

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