A Closer Look at Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown’s PS VR Modes

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A Closer Look at Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown’s PS VR Modes

Step into the shoes of a fighter pilot — or just take in an airshow — in Ace Combat 7's immersive PS VR Modes.

Aces! It’s almost time to suit up and return to the skies over Strangereal. When Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown arrives on PlayStation 4 it will feature several gameplay modes and campaigns, including a campaign designed specifically for PS VR.

Ever since the announcement of PS VR, series producer Kono-san has been interested in doing an Ace Combat game in VR. His main objective for this mode was that he wanted the player to experience every facet of the VR Mode through the eyes of the pilot. VR has the ability to simulate the experience of piloting a fighter jet and we’re pleased to say that team at Project Aces has succeeded on every level in this regard, from the moment you see your cockpit to when you shoot down your first bogey, everything feels smooth and responsive.

Before actually boarding your fighter jet, the Project Aces team placed a tangible importance on convincing the player that you’re about to experience something wholly unique in an alternate reality. You’ll get an up close and personal look at your aircraft, see your maintenance crew wave you off into the wild blue yonder as you approach takeoff position, and experience 360 degrees of freedom as you fly above the clouds.

The PS VR campaign features a dedicated single player mode that’s totally different from the main story campaign. Your mission starts in the year 2014, five years prior to the events of Ace Combat 7. You play as the legendary Mobius 1 fighting against the insurgency of Free Erusea. To say anymore would be spoiling things, but expect some callbacks to Ace Combat 4. ;)

The biggest difference when playing in PS VR is the amount of awareness you have to exhibit. You’ll constantly be looking around your cockpit to note your position and the position of your bogeys — make sure to watch your six! The other benefits of the PS VR cockpit view include seeing your ammo count, radar, flares and damage done to your aircraft.

Immersion is the name of the game here! Indicators, gauges, switches all move in real-time as they would in an actual aircraft cockpit. Same goes for the pilot, you’ll see his hands grasp and move the stick as your jet accelerates and decelerates or moves left and right. Your pilot’s legs move left and right as you yaw with the pedals and you’ll notice other small details such as the pilot’s oxygen mask.

Need to take a break from all the dog-fighting action? Take in an airshow. In the Airshow Mode, you’ll stand on the deck of a carrier as several aircraft perform death-defying maneuvers overhead while classic Ace Combat tracks blare in the background. Which maneuvers will they perform? That’s up to you; you’re the conductor of this heavy metal orchestra.

All this and more is included with Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown when it arrives on PS4 this Friday. See you in the clouds!

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  • So the VR Mode campaign is the only part that can be played in VR? While it’s cool that it’s specially designed, I wouldn’t be able to help feeling a bit disappointed that I can’t play VR multiplayer…

    • You can play in regular or psvr. I downloaded the pre-order and it gave me 2. One is for vr the other is regular. The VR mode is called Skies unknown and the regular is called the unforseen war.

    • @BigDaddyShayne Nope ”Unforseen war” is an old ace combat game you get as a bonus. The VR in this game really is just a small mode and can only be found inside ”Skies unknown”… I really wanted to play the whole thing in VR. I bought it and I can confirm that although fun, the VR mode is really just a small side thing…

      I really hope they patch it later and let us VR dogfight and VR campaing. Kind of a let down at the moment…

  • So is there a free flight mode in VR?

    • Yes there is a free flight feature. You will also be able to take off and land from an airstrip AND a carrier #calltheball

    • Loggedi into my pc to drop money on this. Glad I decided to google. I would have almost been as disappointed like as I was with Gran Turismo Sport….

  • All this work for three levels is such a lost opportunity.

  • Sigh… waiting for a deep discount or them selling it separately… I don’t tend to care for flight sims in 2d but oh man the star wars vr is one of my most played VR things when i just want to burn 20 minutes, that or thumper.

  • Definitely a let down :( I was planning to get the deluxe edition on day one then cancelled my pre-order a few weeks ago when I learned that vr mode was just some extra junk slapped on. Looks like a repeat of gran turismo and a huge missed opportunity, at least I found out before paying this time. And seriously, even if the graphics kinda sucked, I would have been totally fine with it if the entire game was vr.
    I’ll probably get it when it hits $15-20 though, unless the reviews are really, really terrible

  • More PSVR please :-)

  • There is a deal breaker here – is thrustmaster t16.000 supported on ps4 ace combat 7? Wont be buying the game if it makes me downgrade to hotas 4…

  • *Of course* the VR mode is in addition to the main game. What did you guys expect? Watch the video. It is rather touching just how much extra work (redesigning the insides of cockpits etc) they did for the VR campaign. It looks super-fun and very fast, very immersive.

    My only disappointment: that I sold my PSVR some months ago. This game plus Dreams were the ones I was most looking forward to with VR, but this game has taken ages to come out, and Dreams is MIA atm. Shame.

  • We need Socom to be remastered with online play

  • Well as the flight gods would have it ..my pre order came in the mail today and yes I tryed it out and yes it’s FREAKIN AWESOME… wondering about free flight is that a pay to play or do i have to wait till friday to play it .I see it but it is greyed out and clicking it does nothing ..just wondering ??? Cheers !!!

  • Hey everyone I am new to Ace Combat can I get some help please.. How do I get a target lock on the bogeys

  • 1st. To the guy that said there are 2 copies of the game, one for regular and one for psvr called unforeseen war is wrong. Unforeseen war is an older Ace Combat game that we got for free. It’s not vr mode. Just wanted to clear that up. As for VR being just an add on, it’s a pretty dam good add on and it’s worth buying. Yes it’s only 3 missions, once you beat all 3 you unlock free flight which you can just fly around in VR. You also unlock air show which is pretty cool in itself. This is probably the best looking and immersive VR game to date. I am sure they will add more VR missions to the game. They will probably add VR multiplayer at some point as well. Every is loving the VR in this game and the only problem people have is that’s there is not more of it. That’s a good problem to hear for a developer because they know we want more of it. Added more will increase sales.

  • Please patch this game to allow VR in all modes! Losing some graphics over the immersion is a trade-off I (and probably a lot of VR owners) am willing to make :) Just the few small VR side missions are really nicely done. I’ll pray to the PS God for it to happen lol. (Turns to an old PS1 system, submits wish and offers cookies)

  • I guess the big devs I finding it hard to shift into the VR world…. They keep giving us these little frustrating teasers.

  • VR -Total disappointment! Love the regular campaign but was disappointed with the fact you have to complete the missions in VR to get to the free flight mode. How can they not know that the very few VR owners out there bought the game for the free flight and we should not have to get sick to get there. Hey programmers how bout throwing a patch out there so we can enjoy our VR just like you promised

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