Editors’ Choice: Why Marvel’s Spider-Man is One of 2018’s Best Games

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Editors’ Choice: Why Marvel’s Spider-Man is One of 2018’s Best Games

Insomniac Games’ web-slinging masterpiece is one of the best titles of 2018 -- and perhaps the best Super Hero game ever.

Joyful movement can raise a game’s quality to lofty heights. That’s why it’s so impressive for Marvel’s Spider-Man to swing in and make the core act of traversal a constant wonder. The game is one of 2018’s biggest hits because it layers satisfying combat and a sincere story onto the foundation built by Insomniac’s jubilant web-swinging.

Swinging from webs in Marvel’s Spider-Man is intuitive and freeing. Simply holding the R2-button turns every movement into a ballet of blue and red. If you can imagine a complex, death-defying route between skyscrapers or across rooftops, you can execute it with finesse. This experience would be entertaining even if Spider-Man were swinging through an empty city, but Marvel’s New York is brimming with colorful characters, engaging activities, and enough hidden collectibles to make Comic-Con’s merch section envious. The city that never sleeps, indeed.

The story the writing team has spun is compelling and authentic. The game stars a full-grown Peter Parker, whose daily battles range from the Super (Kingpin, Rhino, Electro and the rest of the Sinister Gallery) to the human (having a job, paying rent, and maintaining healthy relationships). Parker’s human flaws – including his complicated relationship with Mary Jane – make him a relatable and likeable hero. The overall narrative’s twists and turns are enough to keep even the most casual Spider-Man fans coming back for more.

Dealing justice as the heroic web slinger is a triumph in combat design. Players battle crowds of thugs, juggling deadly targets like musclebound bruisers and punks armed with rocket launchers. It’s a gleeful experience zipping between enemies, webbing them to walls, and flinging objects like manhole lids and mailboxes. A suite of gadgets and skill upgrades evolve the crime-fighting experience, offering advantages like sticky Web Bombs and the ability to disarm crooks from afar. Stealth sequences are also liberating, with Spidey’s mobility enabling him to dart through the shadows and satisfyingly web enemies to nearby surfaces.

Marvel’s New York is the ideal playground for fighting crime and free-wheeling exploration. The amount of collectibles, side missions, and emergent vigilante opportunities is plentiful without being overwhelming. You truly feel like a Super Hero when you’re swinging along the tops of skyscrapers, receive a police radio call, then swoop down to stop a gang of goons from stealing a car or committing a robbery. Challenge missions like hunting down Black Cat’s calling cards and tackling Taskmaster’s trials also flesh out Spidey’s original universe. Even smaller collection-based objectives, like finding Peter Parker’s many stashed backpacks, provide novel nods to the prolific character’s legacy. Who doesn’t want to discover a fan-made Spider-Man plushie?

The many strengths of Marvel’s Spider-Man coalesce into one of the best Super Hero games ever. Even better, the adventure continues with worthwhile DLC story chapters that feature the likes of Black Cat, Hammerhead, and more. Whether you’re a devout comic book reader, lover of Marvel’s cinematic blockbusters, or just a fan of amazing video games, don’t miss one of 2018’s masterpieces.

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  • Marvel’s Spider-Man is the best game I played this year.

  • I am big fan of spiderman. And spiderman is the best superhero game I have ever played. Insomniac made my dream come true by showing best spiderman. The Game Play, The Graphics, The Music, The voice acting, The Story, The Emotions . Everything is so perfect.

  • Fortnite is the best game I played this year

  • God of war ‍♂️

  • Spider-man is honestly the best and my most played and favorite game of all time

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of my 2018 highlights, I really enjoyed playing this game, it reminded me a lot of the 2004’s Spider-Man back in PlayStation 2 era with very improved skill set, better enemy A.I. , more detailed NYC, amazing suits – but it misses the symbiote suit which is my favorite – outstanding story and combat, most of the time I use to swing around the beautiful NYC roaming and exploring, Marvel’s Spider-Man proves that superhero games are not dead yet, though a great developers are might be up for the job, and “Insomniac” did a very excellent work creating this master peace, and looking forward if there will be “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” or we may finally get a decent X-Men game.

  • In my opinion, I didn’t like the game. And after playing thought it was over hyped

  • Definitely my personal GOTY.

  • I’ll be rapping it up here by saying thank you to Marvel for getting alongside with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac for creating this awesome game they developed for us Spider-Man fans, we hope to see more content in the near future besides the three part DLC. Have a good and positive day. Keep saving those innocent pedestrian life’s from thugs on the streets this was Gerrinical, I wish you all gamers the best. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • The only problem I have about the DLCs is that they were too short, I wanted more of a story in characters 1, 2, and 3, but I gotta admit 3 had the longest story so I was happy about that. I hope that Insomniac will add another DLC soon with different characters we might not know and new villains that Spider-Man mostly encounters though out his superhero lifestyle.

  • The DLC “The City That Never Sleeps.” The first chapter, “The Heist” was dynamically good I was really curious who would appear besides Black Cat and I got what I expected like the comics you read, the shows you watch about Spider-Man I was hyped and ready for more to see what was next for Spider-Man and how he is going to take part alongside Black Cat and other characters they involved though out the story. Chapter two and three were amazingly written and fun to enjoy!

  • Simple question because it’s PS game

  • Spider-Man is definitely the best

  • For me FIFA 19 is the best game of the year now

  • Red dead redemption 2 best game of 2018

  • Justo this God of War, Spiderman-man and Red Dead Redemoticón 2. Fckoff Fortnite!

  • Spider-Man was great albeit it felt a little rushed. I think it needed more interaction with the world, like destructible environments and more diverse side activities.

  • Spider-Man is the only thing I’ve seen in 4K (movie or game) that’s actually made me feel like the extra resolution and HDR add to the experience. Simultaneously it’s also the only video game I’ve ever played where I wish the detail during the cut scenes was dialed back a bit. I don’t need to see every pore on Doc Ocks face during a close up.

  • Just Cause 4 was my favorite game I played all year

  • Spiderman

  • i can’t play any videos on you tube on my psvita’s browse!!

  • Detroit become human was and still is my favorite game ♥️

  • In my opinion, Spiderman 2018 was a very good game. But I still prefer Detroit:Become Human.

  • Spider-Man is the best. The 3.3+ million copies sold in the first three days. The game is just solo good. It is definitely one of the best

  • In my opinion the best awarded 2018 game should be rdr2


  • SONY WHY SPIDER MAN DLCs are not free

  • Spider man and fifa19

  • Spider Man is certainly the best game of 2018

  • SuperSmash Bros Ultimate is my GOTY My Top 3 for 2018 would be

    1.) Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    2.) Forza Horizon 4
    3.) Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Spider-Man was the most game I wanted to play of 2018 and it didn’t disappoint me greatest game I played in 2018 insomniac can take my money big promises for the second game

  • The way they made it feel to every web-sling to punch to kick insomniac made sure to make everthing have a feel to it the interactions between the characters the relationship between them and the decisions peter makes you can feel the decisions he makes through out the story everyone knew right from the start that octavious was gonna become doc ock but the relation ship they have to where you don’t want him to become doc rock and insomniac put in so much care into the game they wanted it to be greater then the other spider-man games before it and they made this spider-man greater then the other ones

  • Spider-man and God of War are tied in my first place for best game of 2018.

    But I’m tired of seeing blogs here claiming “Spidey is the best super-hero game ever.” That seems a bit off. Spider-man is very good because it borrows/steals from so many games, especially Batman Arkham Asylum. If any super-hero game deserves to be called best, it’s Batman Arkham Asylum.

  • Certainly my favorite game of 2018! As a matter of fact my second favorite of this generation right behind Uncharted 4! And I gotta get me one of those Spider plushies!

  • Loved spidey.This and web of shadows is my fav spidey games. Loved the fact subtitles are in everything cause im deaf and a lot of games dnt do it. But only thing didnt like was no symbiote suits or stan lee’s grave not added but everything was fire. I hope they make another but this time make miles playable so we can switch off plus his spidey verse outfit. The one with the hoodie, shorts& sneakers. Plus spidey’s symbiote suits, all the variaties. Great game please make more but i dnt wanna keep crying too emotional. Lol

  • How a game can be THE best of the year, if it includes main missions such as: You walk as a secondary characters on the streets to buy food or medical supplies and suddenly there is a military checkpoint in an urban area. So instead of taking slightly different and longer path, our hero decides to go straight and sneak behind all of these soldiers.
    10/10 mission design and best game of the year.

    • This. I mentioned in my earlier reply that the game felt rushed. It needed more thoughtful missions and structural interaction. Still, it is a great game. The graphics, swinging, and superfluous battle mechanics make up for its shortcomings. I look forward to a sequel completely living up to its potential.

  • Best Marvel game yet

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