Season’s Greetings 2018 From PlayStation.Blog and Friends

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Season’s Greetings 2018 From PlayStation.Blog and Friends

Our annual tradition continues with a fresh batch of holiday cheer from our friends across the industry. Best wishes to you and yours during the holidays!

What a year 2018 has been for video games! Looking back on all the awesome games that released is always fun, but we get a little sentimental thinking of all the hard-working, talented people who brought them to life.

Speaking of those creators, we’re back with a treasure trove of colorful, clever, and heartfelt holiday cards from our friends in the video game industry. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of cocoa, and bask in the good cheer…

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  • Happy Holidays to you too Justin, Sid, Kristen, and everyone at PlayStation Blog!

    • Back atcha, bud. Big thanks to Colleen and Tim for working behind the scenes to bring this post together this year!

  • Merry Christmas everybody!

  • And a Happy Holiday Season to all of you as well! Thanks for making the games that keep us entertained all year!

  • Merry Christmas Everyone and have a Happy New Years see you next year 2019 is big for the PlayStation 4.

  • Great collection of Holiday Greetings. Absolutely love Quill!

    Thanks to all of the developers out there, on all platforms. Have an incredible Holiday and New Year. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year!

    P.S. Please bring even more PSVR content in 2019.

  • Happy Hanukkah, Merry Xmas, and have a great Kwanzaa.

  • bah, humbug.

  • Quick, find as many references to the number 5 as possible!

  • Happy holidays fam!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Best wishes for the New year. Hope everyone has a fun gaming filled holiday!

  • Happy holidays everyone! I love this post every year thanks for doing this it’s so cool.

  • Always love these! Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Is that a card for a new Chocobo’s Dungeon game? Please tell me that game is coming west.

  • Thanks Playstation team! Happy Holidays!

  • I love this post every year. Always so great.

    Happy Holidays to all members of the PlayStation Blog, the hosts, commenters, behind the scenes folks. Everybody.

    (Except Tom Gilmore because you’re not real.)

  • I, too, love this annual post. Not just for the sentiment, but the beautiful, creative artwork.

    Merry Christmas to all that observe and Happy New Year.

  • Thanks Playstation Blog team for always keeping us up to date with all the Playstation news we could ever hope to use! And of course, thanks to all of the devs who make any of this stuff even possible!

    To you and to my fellow lovers of games, Happy Holidays and see in you in the new year!

  • Watching The Game Awards, I actually got emotional to see all the great games of 2018 get recognized. But, when God Of War won GOTY I reflected on how far Playstation has come and this industry as a media. These games are the epitome of entertainment and the people that make them are truly wizards, as far as I’m concerned. Its only getting better and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings ;). #VR2iZRL

  • London Studio just became my favorite studio! :D

  • Happy Holidays to everyone on the PS Blog team as well. Great post with a lot of fantastic cards. Always like looking at these every year.

  • May some one help me with a 10 % discount code Ty guys

  • And of course happy holiday’s and stay safe enjoy

  • what a year 2018 has been for PS!!! Unbelievable year. GoW is my GOTY! I wonder what Naughty Dog has cooking for us next aside from LoU2.. notice the card with the deer? could they be working on a deer simulator lol or a wildlife simulator?

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! So many good games to look forward to 2019! Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and Nioh 2!!!!!

  • I hope everyone has a great holiday, and happy new year! :-D

  • 2018 was a blast. Can’t wait to see what PS brings in for 2019. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all.

  • Happy holidays to gamers and makers of games… this has been a great for games…
    Can you post downloadable hi-res cooies of the pics? I would love to use them in all my greetings :D

  • The Konami ones are blasphemy guys, c’mon now.

  • Konami and EA cards match the quality of their games… The rest look nice.

  • Love these kind of compilation posts on the PS Blog

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