Lemmings Comes to Mobile Devices Today

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Lemmings Comes to Mobile Devices Today

A new adventure with thousands of levels, innovative controls and adorable characters

Lemmings: A cute, clumsy and clueless species of green-mopped creatures on a journey home, in desperate need of help. For over 25 years, players have answered their call, with millions playing the puzzle game that became a pop-culture phenomenon.

We cheered when we saved them, cried when they died and as a schoolkid back in the ’90s, my classmates and I seemed hell-bent on killing the poor things in the most barbaric way possible. Kids were cruel in the ’90s. We had no internet.

Now it’s time for a whole new generation to save/slaughter those adorable critters once again, with a brand new Lemmings game out today, designed specifically for your mobile device.

And here’s a fun fact: did you know that Lemmings is officially part of the PlayStation family? It’s true — originally released for the Amiga, Lemmings was published by legendary Liverpool studio Psygnosis. The company later joined PlayStation and went on to create classics such as WipEout and Colony Wars. And it all started with Lemmings!

Wanted: A new home

As our story begins, our cuddly friends find themselves homeless as a result of an environmental catastrophe. No, this time it’s not our fault.

The Lemmings take to the stars, exploring the universe to find a nice, cozy corner somewhere where they can put their feet up, kick back, have a cup of tea and wait for everything to blow over.

Of the 18 quintillion locations out there, they have an uncanny knack of ending up in places full of fire, razor-sharp saw blades, bubbles (trust me, bubbles are the worst) and other hazards that promise to push you to the limit and have your Lemmings pushing up daisies.

Conquer levels and put your Lemmings to work, converting hostile planets into beautiful utopias, where your Lemmings can earn some much needed R&R.


Mobile friendly design

We’re all passionate gamers but mobile gaming allows us to indulge in our passions when more traditional methods are not available. Standing in a packed bus, sitting on the toilet, pretending to listen to your partner and so on.

We took the Lemmings experience that people know and love and re-engineered it to make the most of smartphones and tablets. We’ve designed levels that are played in portrait orientation, as this is the most comfortable position to hold a device with one hand.

We worked tirelessly on touch controls, removing secondary elements like camera control and making it as simple for players to assess the level, plan a strategy and execute it.

It’s the Lemmings game you know and love, redesigned for the best experience on your device. Under your direction, they’ll dig, climb, build, block and fall through levels, with an ease of control that is both fun and challenging.


Infinite possibilities

Lemmings utilizes procedurally generated content, carefully curated by our design team.
Our game features more levels than every previous Lemmings game combined. There are thousands of levels in the game already and we’re only just getting started.

Levels are grouped into an ever-expanding universe of worlds, with each having its own distinct visual theme. As well as Earth-like planets with land, water and plant life, you’ll encounter unusual locations like a seaworld that becomes a Lemming water park, a planetary disco ball and even a meatball planet. Watch out for that one, it’s spicy!

Meet the tribes

On your travels, you’ll encounter and rescue a variety of unique Lemmings, each with a distinctive look. These are the tribes, groups of themed characters with big rewards for players who can complete them. More and more tribes are coming soon, themed around seasonal holidays, pop-culture events and more.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Lemmings is out now on mobile devices. The game features in-app purchases but can be played entirely for free.

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  • And why is this on playstation Blog?

    • From the post: “And here’s a fun fact: did you know that Lemmings is officially part of the PlayStation family? It’s true” I’m guessing that’s why :)

    • Your answer is in the blog post if , you read it.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. I don’t care if it’s God of War, Horizon, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, or any other Sony Gaming IP. PlayStation Blog is no place for information about iOS and Android games.

    • I love this climate of “It doesn’t interest me, so it shouldn’t be here!”…oh wait…no, I don’t love it at all.

      Look, again, you don’t have to like it, but for someone not into it you sure are spending a lot of energy repeating your disdain. I think we all get it.

      I, for one, welcome PlayStation experiences wherever they may be. On a home console, or on that thing that’s ALWAYS with me…my phone.


    • I like the game i have nothing against it and i have it on my phone. But this is Playstation Blog about Playstation machines let it be hand held or console Sony blog. I have never heard of playstation phone but seems the fan boyz already own that some how.

  • My mom said I can only get it if it’s on Vita.

  • looks like fun. I’ll give it a try. Happy holidays everyone!

  • Sounds like it’ll have a bunch of freemium bs. That means the game design will be terrible so it “encourages” people to pay money. No thanks, hard pass. Now if it were on Vita, then maybe for them trophies, but we all know that ship sailed years ago.

  • Part of me wants to download it so i can play another Lemmings game but i dont wanna support Sony making phone games aha. Shouldn’t have killed the Vita.

    • No part of me wants to download anything Sony does on iOS/Android. The 3G Vita is still the best Mobile device I have ever used. If they want my money on Mobile, they either need to support Vita, or bring out a new PlayStation Phone in a handheld form factor.

  • I don’t want to see this kind of content on PlayStation Blog. If you want to post anything regaurding Mobile Games or Devices, it needs to be related to PlayStation Vita or a new PlayStation Mobile device.

    Sorry, but putting PlayStation Games on Android/iOS is just flat out disgusting.

    Build a new PlayStation Mobile device, that runs on a unified OS with the Home console, and has a shared library. Basically PS5 runs games at 4K/60, PS Phone runs games at 720p/60, just like PS4 and PS4 Pro, but Mobile and Home instead of two Home device.

    • A counter to your comment above:

      This is PlayStation related, so your exclusion of other devices outside of your preference simply seems shortsighted. You don’t need to like it, but I’m almost certain there are plenty of other posts on the blog that don’t pander to your interests…yet…you can ignore them.

      Personally, I already own a phone, so having PlayStation experience with my on a device I use regularly…that we all use regularly, without feeling like I need to buy a proprietary device that only does games, is a blessing. What’s more, I already have several great PlayStation mobile experiences available to me; Uncharted: Fortune Hunter, All-Stars Island, Run Sackboy! Run!, Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus, Bentley’s Hackpack, and my daughter LOVES PS Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour.

      Again, not everything is going to be for you, but you can just as easily ignore those posts that don’t align to your interests.

      Have a happy holiday!

    • The PlayStation Vita is finished. Nintendo has rebranded the 3DS/2DS line for children as a stepping stone for the Switch. Microsoft wrote off $7.6 billion after their Nokia acquisition flopped in 2015.

      And you want Sony to make a mobile successor to complement the PS5?

      Love it or hate it, Android / iOS are here to stay.

  • I don’t play games on my smartphone because that whole ecosystem of games seem to only have F2P games. I could but I choose not to because I don’t want to be a participant in what I consider an unethical business model.

    If they want me to play this Lemmings game, and it requires touch screen, they would need to put it either the PS-Vita or Nintendo Switch if it must be played with a touch-screen.

    Also, it would need to be something I can purchase, and not have any in-app purchases.

  • I am wanting more, this is fantastic! Thx!

  • read this and thought it MUST mean on the Vita.

  • This game is PAY-TO-PLAY. $7 for 2 hours is total nonsense! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! also I thought this blog for PlayStation games not all of Sony interactive …

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