Firewall Zero Hour Gets a New Map and More Tomorrow

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Firewall Zero Hour Gets a New Map and More Tomorrow

Put your tactics to the test on Containment, the new map coming to Firewall Zero Hour. Plus, new clothing and weapon camos, and more.

Hi guys, it’s Shabs here from First Contact Entertainment — the developers behind Firewall Zero Hour, the PS VR-exclusive 4v4 tactical shooter.* Hope you guys are all getting ready for the holidays. The team here has been working hard on a special update for you!

Firewall Zero Hour DLC #3 launches tomorrow, featuring a new free map to play — Containment — plus new skins, trinkets, patches and more at PS Store for purchase!

The addition of Containment brings Firewall Zero Hour’s map count up to 10 maps. Containment is set in an infectious disease lab, tucked away in the remote hills of Greenland. It’s a massive facility that researches viruses and stores deadly bacteria code. Be on the lookout for a number of unique areas within the lab where epic showdowns can take place. The variety of engagement distances put your Custom Loadouts to the test. As a defender, my current favorite weapon for Containment is a silenced XMR-90 so I can engage corners tightly without giving away my position.

2018 Ornament Trinket

The festivities don’t stop there… don’t forget to pick up your free 2018 Ornament Trinket** for Firewall Zero Hour, which is free for PS Plus members starting today! This festive ornament will class up any weapon you equip for the holidays. You have until January 5 to grab it before it’s gone forever.

Included in DLC #3, we have a number of new clothing camos, weapon camos, trinkets, and patches for purchase hitting the store. Check them out below:

New Clothing and Weapon Camo patterns:

  • Hologram
  • Banana
  • Amphibious
  • Dark Carbon

New Trinkets – Available as a pack:

  • Pigskin
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer Ball

New Patches – Available as a pack:

  • Medic
  • Samurai
  • Triggered

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the Containment map, and everything else in DLC #3! We’ve been listening closely to our community since launch, and implemented several updates to the game along the way. We’ve improved things like matchmaking wait times, squad matchmaking capabilities, weapon offset options, and anti-aliasing options for PS4 Pro. We’ve heard your requests, and think you’ll be glad to hear that tomorrow’s update includes several other game experience improvements, such as:

  • Addition of implementation to deal with idle (“AFK”) players
  • Addition of Contractor eye movement in the lobby
  • The Taylor X-75 CQB weapon is now fully auto!

Also, in case you missed it, we recently launched Firewall Zero Hour DLC #2 on November 20, which features a new Contractor named Nash and can purchase her from PlayStation Store! Her skill, Binary, allows for Double C4, and so far, we’ve seen you guys having a ton of fun with it, taking down Door Blockers left and right! In case you were wondering–the Binary skill can be equipped to any Contractor once you’ve reached level 45 and for 35,000 Crypto. Within DLC #2, we also added 3 new weapons that can be unlocked at the following levels and Crypto expenditures: the Spitfire (Level 15 / Crypto 24,000), the XM-R 90 (Level 30 / Crypto 42,000), and the G6 Commando (Level 30 / Crypto 42,000)!

As stated before, we are committed to supporting Firewall Zero Hour long-term with continued updates and DLC. Have an awesome holiday season of gaming, and I’ll see you online, Contractors!

– Shabs

*An internet connection is required for all modes of Firewall Zero Hour, including Single Player Training Mode. An active PS Plus membership is required for Multiplayer Training and Multiplayer Contract modes.
**2018 Ornament Trinket available only for active PS Plus members

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  • Hi Shabs,
    Looking forward to jumping onto the new map when it arrives.
    I think the biggest gripe for everyone right now is the sudden closing of lobby when the host player leaves. Is there anything in the works to fix this issue? making another lobby player host or even getting sony to fund dedicated servers?
    A few more questions.. any plans to increase the “official” level cap? And any chance of getting a crossbow with exploding arrows in the weapons mix?? ;D

    • Aw man. I know we all have our suggestions for weapons, but wouldn’t any more weapons shooting explosives be toxic? The grenade launchers are annoying enough as is when facing a team full of them.

    • Yep. Explosive darts/arrows is probably a show stopper. How about regular darts with 1 headshot shot kill. Or making the knife throwable with the same effect. But I guess I’d prefer new game modes more than new weapons. The devs for zero hour are the best.. I’m sure they’ve got something in the works.
      But the afk/host dropout/level glitch def need fixing.. afk resolved with this update. 2 to go :)

  • On top of host migration how about multi-round matches? That would dramatically improve the play:wait ratio that I think has an amplified effect on VR.

  • Thank you Shab and the team for the DLC and this great game. Just one thing, can we remove the red psn names from above enemy players?

  • Can you PLEASE make solo training playable offline. Thanks.

  • First off, let me thank the devs for their time , effort for creating a masterpiece of a game that’s truly revolutionary!
    Everyone knows host migration is the golden horseshoe. Not gonna waste my time w that.
    What this game really needs, to take that next step is more game modes. Team Deathmatch and Free For All. Just hear me out…

    • I get it, you don’t want to split the player base and I get that this game is basically Rainbow Six in VR and not Cod or Battlefield but like it or not TDM and FFA are the standard in many FPS and they usually are the dominant game modes. We should have a TDM and FFA mode on Firewall because it will keep us engaged for longer periods of time in Firewall. Currently, you join a lobby, wait for it to fill up then u wait again thru the loading screen and then u play 1 time only and if u die early in the match u have to wait possibly 3-5 minutes for the match to end and then wait thru the loading screen again and then wait thru the menu and if someone leaves now ur waiting even longer then the match starts again and its the same process. Too much waiting to play 1 life.

    • This game is BEAUTIFUL and the most fun I’ve ever had gaming… When u actually get to play. The current mode we have teases u with 1 life. U play in very short intervals so ur never really gonna have these long drawn out amazing shootouts. I’ve been in many matches that ended almost instantaneously in 20 seconds which is ridiculous. There’s an itch to go out there and play and continue to keep playing. Having a TDM and FFA takes longer and therefore is gonna keep us out of the waiting lobby because we won’t be making as many trips back to the lobby which will help minimize the host issue.

    • Aww, man…I feel bad for you.

      But don’t worry, once you’re able to play other games besides this one you’ll discover that there’s A HUGE amount of games out there that are REAL “masterpieces” and superfun to play. You know, like…for real.

      We were all inexperienced once. One day you’ll be able to play more than 1 game and you’ll see that the gaming landscape is full of truly remarkable (and fun) games! ;)

      Happy Holidays.

  • When is the update hitting the UK still no sign of it

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